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Introducing Fun Astrology Blog

This will be the new home of astrological content, the “Fun Astrology” way! Short, fun and relevant. What you have come to love on the Fun Astrology Podcast, you can now enjoy reading and for reference. Podcast transcripts will appear here – unedited, so the best transcription may have a few boo-boo’s in them. Please forgive. Priorities have to be sorted and “good enough” here will suffice.

Another objective is astrological learning. A few years ago, there was a great website called Astro Codex. It had great information and many people subscribed and followed the site. Then, it disappeared. I hope to re-create some of that resource here for you to use and enjoy.

Astrology is only as good as people can understand it. And that is the mission here. To take the mystery, confusion, and vastness of what the planets are trying to tell us, and reduce it down to something we all can understand.

“The Heavens declare the Glory of God.” – Psalm 19:1

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