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October 31, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

You guys have been so amazing. Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes and gifts and everything that you guys have done. Thank you so much. We had a great time on Level Up last night on Facebook or the podcast. Um, fun Astrology podcast, YouTube channel. If you didn’t catch that live last night, certainly invite you to have a look.

If you’re not a member of our Facebook group, you can certainly join us. It’s the Subconscious Mind Mastery and fun Astrology podcast listeners on Facebook. If you’re not there, it’s the Fun Astrology podcast channel on YouTube. Also, we have the Discord Channel Fun astrology podcast there. So we are every.

Hi everybody. It’s Thomas Miller on Halloween, October 31st as we close out the month of October. Also would like to extend a welcome if any of you are listening, or merry if you are listening from the Be Free with Mary TikTok channel. Would like to welcome you to the podcast. Here’s the deal. It’s been fun.

Head to take the weekend off, uh, God, a little overextended and haven’t been feeling so well over the weekend. So scrolling through TikTok. So here comes a video talking about how astrology shows up in the Bible and early church history was a great video. In fact, I’ll put that one first and then the response video.

So I just responded and say, Hey, we do a daily podcast over here. Very Christian friendly. In fact, you guys know my favorite Bible verse, Psalm 19, one. The heavens declare the glories of God. Well, you’ll have to watch the video to see what she did with that. This is somebody who totally gets the platform of TikTok.

So if any of you are listening, Mary, your listening, welcome aboard. We do. We welcome everybody. And this is a very non-threatening podcast that honors and respects the Christian belief system because that’s what I came. And just as you acknowledged in your great post, we take a look up in the sky and see what God has in store for us today and for this week.

Now, the big thing that we were camping on last weekend happened yesterday. That, of course, being the Mars retrograde today after a very quick 30 minute void, of course, the moon moves into Aquarius at 11:42 AM Eastern. , and this is kind of a catch our breath week. So if you have some questions, go to the fun website and leave them up at the top, that SpeakPipe up there.

You can hit that and record your voice anonymously if you would like and leave a question because we have a catch our breath week this week. Really following the moon through the signs. It will be through Pisces and then into Aries by next weekend. The other key date is next Saturday the fifth, two things that day.

First of all, the sun will conjunct the south note of the moon, thus peeking the moon wobble. So we’ll be in that last thrust of the moon wobble phase all of this week. And then the second thing is the Venus opposition to Uranus. How far apart are they right now? Seven degrees. So we will be in that opposition all week.

Definitely. that will be applying waxing building all week. Now, this is probably our theme for the week actually, because as we are sitting under this energy of both the moon wobble and a Uranus aspect, we realize that strange things or unexpected things could happen. And here we are. I mean, here’s the headline that I opened up this morning from the Daily Mail that says that Brazil’s veteran left.

Luis Lula DeSilva urged for peace and unity after being elected president on Sunday by a hair’s breath beating his far right rival in a down to the wire pole that split the country into, and you don’t have to dig too far before you see cries of election fraud. The stuff of moon wobbles, the stuff of Uranus surprises that which rules technology.

So it will be interesting to follow this through one week and a day ahead of our own elections. So we just have to hang in there, folks, because this is the little rolling phase that we have to get through, and that’s really the energy in the sky right now that’s supporting. Is the sun is getting ready to conjunct the south node of the moon in Scorpio.

That brings up all the old stuff to be dealt with and examined and sandwiched right between them right now. In fact, in a midpoint position is Venus. Sitting right there in that scorpion energy. So whatever it is, it’s going to be deep and it’s going to be interesting, and it’s going to possibly be passionate, and I wish you a great ride through and we will get there together.

Oh, go to the fun website and check out that bar at the top. If you don’t have any Christmas plans, you’re gonna be alone this Christmas. Come join us in North Carolina. We’d love to have you got a cool setup. We talked about it in our Level Up meeting last night, but the information is on the fun website right up at the top.

Have a great day. I’ll see you back tomorrow.