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October 10, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the Monday, Monday, Monday new week edition of The Fun Astrology Podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you’re here. All right. First thing, business First, I want to thank you guys so much for the outpouring love in the Facebook group. You guys are amazing and I’ve responded in there, but I just wanted to say for all who shared the love of just concern and wanting to make sure that I was.

Thank you. It means so much and we are a family and I do appreciate it and we’re going to get through this. It is fixable and what this has pointed me to is go get it fixed so that I can be around for a long, long time. And able to run at full speed , which is what what we’re wanting. Okay, so that aside, I really do appreciate it.

I think we can get there to a solution and I am going to be working on it both for myself and for you. Let’s talk about this Monday. Monday, 10 10. Sky, busy, busy week. So today, first thing, kicking off the morning. All of these times are Eastern around here. Venus. Opposes Kyron. Now, Venus is in its own sign of Libra.

Libra. It’s been moving through quickly. It’s already halfway through, and that’s where on the other side of the chart. It meets the wounded healer, Chiron, which of course is in Aries. This opposition takes place at 14 degrees. And speaking of Aries, the moon is in Aries right now, and it at 10 o’clock this morning goes void, of course, where it will be most of the rest of the day.

It’s a seven hour void, of course, because it moves into Taurus at five o’clock. This a. So you’ve got that energy shift from S Fire to Taurus Earth. It also will put the moon in the same sign as the Uranus Saturn Square. And listen, I know you may not be into the financial piece of things that we talk about, really the Saturday episode that we did two days ago.

Was not heavily financially loaded. It was a lot more astrology loaded. And the big signature that’s going on right now, and we still have it through Wednesday, is Saturn and Uranus at the same degree in a square to each other. Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus with Jupiter at the midpoint of that square, which amplifies that.

This is the same square that’s been in place going back through all the recessions of the last a hundred years. And now for the next couple of days, starting this afternoon, the moon will be there with Uranus loading up the surprise factory. Also the sign of the financial markets and, and money in general.

So there could be some amplification around Muah. I’ve really been kind of preparing for this with all of this stuff that I’ve been doing financially. and what I would say is set intentions around your own money. Remember, we don’t have to play into the common collective mass consciousness energy. Here we are co-creators with highest source.

So you get in there and you just say what your Uranus money surprise is going to be. and how abundant it’s going to be. Not whether it’s how much money is going to come to you, right? . That’s the way to look at it. Okay, let’s have a surprise. And Saturn, it’s going to last forever. This is not money through your fingers, right?

And Jupiter, bring the wheelbarrows, load it all up with gold . You know, it’s like that’s the approach to take here. Okay? I’ve waited all this. This is a money shift. Thank you, universe. Thank you for the ideas. Thank you for the plans. Thank you for the ability to execute. Thank you for the past knowledge that I’m building on, and thank you for all these wheelbarrows that are going to be, it’s almost like think of little workman or your neighbors or somebody that are bringing these wheelbarrows into your home and just dumping gold bars right there.

Big pile of. . There you go. . See, we can do this. We don’t have to. Oh, this is gonna be bad. It’s gonna be no. Go the other way. All right, now tomorrow we have another one. This is tomorrow evening and we’ll talk about it more tomorrow. But the sun Rines Saturn, which of course is involved in the big square. So there’s stuff we’ll unpack on that tomorrow.

And then Wednesday is a big day. Actually, two more big days, I want to highlight this week. Wednesday is the big square between Mars and Neptune. Mars in Gemini, in the shadow getting ready to slow down on October 30th. Hmm. Where have I heard that date before? In Air Gemini squaring watery, Neptune and Pisces, which is in retro grade.

Know that we are in the applying energy of that big time today, tomorrow, and uh, then Wednesday it hits real early in the morning, 1:46 AM so it’s a today and tomorrow applying waxing building energy toward that aspect. We’ll talk about that one more tomorrow. We’ll kind of combine the Sun Saturn and the Mars Neptune tomorrow.

Then the other one that I wanted to mention just to put on your radar that you can stick under your. Is what we call the moon wobble around here. It was a term that somebody back in the 1930s came up with. Maybe as we, uh, as the week unfolds, I’ll go back and dig up the history on the moon wobble. I learned about it from some guy on Facebook, but basically it’s when the next aspect will be the sun conjoining the south node of the moon.

Whenever the sun either conjoins one of the nodes or squares them. Which happens just shy of every 90 days. It’s almost on a Mercury retrograde kind of schedule. But fortunately, these two have not coincided. , it ends up being something where things happen in the world. Typically, it’s kind of one big event or maybe a couple of events that you read about during the period.

Well, from the time of the exact conjunction. In this case, November 5th, when the south node and the Sun conjoin in Scorpio, we back up and there are two schools on this, so I’m gonna give you both options. One is you back up 21 days from that time. So that puts us to Saturday of this week. The 15th is 21 days prior to the Sun South node conjunction.

There’s another school that says back up 14 days. Well, that would be next Saturday. So let’s put it on our radar. We’ll watch and observe. But as we’ve been looking at this together, It is something that we have seen a pattern of things happening somewhere in the world, and it’s typically like earthquakes or you know, we had the big hurricane in Florida.

It’s that kind of type of scenario. And of course it’s in Scorpio, which is where the eclipse will be on the 25th. That’s the partial solar eclipse, and then the lunar eclipse will be on. Eighth, also under the influence or the waxing fading influence of this moon wobble. So we’ve got all of that ahead.

Fasten your seat belts folks of the time, since we started doing this together in early 2019, we probably have not seen a more significant period, eh. Those big aspects in 2020, but what’s going to unfold over about the next six or eight weeks is going to be really, really key, and we’ll be watching it from below as it unfolds above.

Have a great day. See you tomorrow.