Monday, April 26, 2021 – Fun Astrology

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Alright, let’s crank up a new week with a full moon Thomas Miller on the. Fun astrology podcast. Thanks for stopping by. We’ve got a lot to talk about because this full moon is loaded up. Thanks to for those of you who have stopped by the fun, new website, redesigned, and much more efficient, and all of the products are over there.

So a lot of you stopped by over the weekend. Thank you so much for keeping old uncle Thomas gainfully unemployed. I appreciate it. And I am so excited about that website because good things are coming for all of us. So the reports that are up there, I did a little feature yesterday talking about them, and then I added two others.

There’s a transit report and a compatibility report. If you’re in a relationship and would like to know how at least one interpretation of. The alignments of that relationship might be, or you’re exploring one, that compatibility report is for you. I’m going to be adding a lot of stuff there. So make fun, just a part of your web browsing on a regular basis.

And I’ll be announcing the new freebies in there as they appear. All right. Now let’s talk about today. We’ve got to put our roller skates on. So first of all, tonight, the full moon at 1132. Eastern PM time, right before midnight basically is what that is 30 minutes before midnight and the East coast.

There is a void of course, on that when the moon moves into Scorpio and that void of course begins at 8:03 PM Eastern time. So you can back your own time zones up from that. Now the moon will be in Scorpio. The sun will be in Taurus. They are opposite each other. Of course. And all the action in the world right now has moved from Aries to Taurus.

So what do we have? Let’s do the alignment right at the full moon point tonight. That will be the sun at seven degrees. Taurus, Uranus. Watch yourself. Watch out. Uranus is at 10 degrees, three degrees over then. Venus is at 15 degrees and mercury is at 16. And that’s all at 1132 tonight. I’m looking at the chart in that perspective.

Now, when the full moon happens, it happens in the whole sign chart with the sun in the sixth house and the moon in the 12th. Keep that in mind, the moon in Scorpio in the 12th is very much an indication of completions. You have to look that there is some massively significant energy around completing things, or at least shaking things up toward their completion.

The sixth house, the house of mentorship, the house. Traditionally, we would call jobs our job. What we do Monday through Friday also have health. But primarily the house of how we serve others and that can be through work or it can be mentoring, or it can be just taking really good care of our bodies, this physical thing that we came here to do this incarnation in and how can be of service to others ruled the sixth house by which brings mercury into the picture.

And mercury is right there in Taurus right now. So we have a whole podcast we could do just on the moon in Scorpio, because that brings up the depth. It also brings up the just probing intuition, deep diving, not leaving any cards on the table, but very significant that it is pointing straight across the chart.

How many times do we talk about opposites here? A lot, right? Opposite the sun. It always is on a full moon. But sitting right next door is Uranus. Shake it up Uranus. And remember we have this macro theme of 2021 that whenever we’re talking about anything, Taurus or Aquarius, we have to acknowledge the Saturn square to all of this.

Saturn is sitting almost plunk, middle, not quite 12 degrees out of 30. So three degrees off center in the middle of Aquarius. So it’s catching all of this. And it’s in a square. So this is really kind of an ominous position for all of this to be happening because we’re only a few degrees off from Saturn squaring, the moon.

So it puts Saturn in the bending position, which means that Saturn. Is over lording, this full moon and Boyd as he have a lot to work with, because like I mentioned, Uranus, you never can tell with Uranus. And then Venus is at home sitting right on top of Uranus. That’s actually expansive. That aspect happened on Thursday.

The market was up to new highs on Friday. There you go. There it is right there. That’s how this stuff plays out. And today we have Venus and mercury conjuncting. Actually the ex the exact conjunction was yesterday. But think about that mercury communication, Venus balance, or thrown into a challenge in decision.

What about your love life Venus in that Uranus conjunction has something happened to trigger something unusual in your relationship or in your love life? Did you try to talk about it over the weekend? And how did that communication workout? Because with mercury, it could either be phenomenal and you could communicate yourself right out of a potato sack.

Or if Saturn is sitting over there with his club on his shoulder saying, you still don’t get it. I’m trying to teach you a karmic lesson, but you’re too thick headed to let it get through. And I’ve even sent you the perfect relationship to do it in, but no. So bam here comes Saturn with his club and I’m not talking judgmentally there.

I’m talking from years and decades of personal experience of having been that person. The universe was saying, please, what you wake up? A lot of times, I think it still is. So that’s the dynamic of what we have going on and you can see why I was saying there is so much there to unpack and we are probably going to have to leave some of the scraps on the table because there is just a lot there.

And I want to keep this within our normal timeframe. Wow. What a day. All right. Go out and enjoy it. And we’ll see you back tomorrow and see what happens today. It’s going to be very interesting. Have a good one. Enjoy the full moon. Be sure to do your releasing ceremony sometime today. Perfect energy.

Perfect energy release, release, release.