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September 28, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the Fun Astrology podcast for Hump Day Wednesday, September 28th. Thomas Miller, thank you so much for joining us. We’re gonna take a listener question today about when you have two oppositions, two square, well, four squares. In other words, what’s known as a Grand Cross, two T Squares sitting on top of each other?

How do you interpret that? We’ll talk about that in just a second. Let me mention again, Kristen Lawhead has put together these really cool lunar weekly calendars that are going to be posted every Friday for the following week in our Discord channel. They’re free to download, free to access, and the Discord channel is free to join.

So just search up fun astrology podcast in disc. Now today’s sky. For those of you in the United States, you hopefully slept through . Today’s aspect, Mars trining, retrograde Saturn, the two maleic planets kissing in the night. Hopefully you didn’t have bad dreams and hopefully you weren’t awakened. When did that happen?

Oh, yes, it happened at 1 48 this morning, Eastern time. Some of you were up, I’m sure. Heck, that’s not even 11:00 PM on the West coast. Not to mention our friends in Hawaii, , who are probably having. But look, these are two significant planetary energies right now. This is an air rine, so Mars and Gemini, trining retrograde, Saturn in Aquarius at 19 degrees.

Six minutes now before you’re pulling the covers back up over your head and determining not to get out of bed today. You know these don’t have to. The Blues Brothers of trouble. Oh, they can be. They are very capable of such, but in our lives, they don’t have to be. Now, from a macro or a mundane, worldwide or countrywide perspective, yes, these could be some trouble.

You stay more with the shadowy sides of the interpretations. Right now, a lot of conflict. Mars in Gemini division, Saturn in Aquarius delays. This whole market thing is very Saturnian restrictions, takeaways, et cetera. Could it also signify war? Hmm. You’re dealing with the God of war in a favorable aspect.

With Saturn, I’d be a lot more concerned if it was a square. This is more of a wake up call, but let’s focus individually. What does this mean for you? And. Well, if you are feeling some internal conflict or if things are not moving as fast as you’d hope they would be. This is an error trying. It’s pointing us to new ideas, new thoughts, new technologies, new takes on things, new ways of communicating with yourself and maybe not so harshly.

It’s also kind of an interesting blend of thrust Mars not yet in retrograde, although it is in the shadow, but using that power, that force of Mars. Against that retrograde Saturn, which is nothing but the brakes, slam on the brakes and delays of things. So if you’ve had a project that just hasn’t moved forward as much as you wish it would have, this would be a great time to try to push that thing forward more.

Right now, use that tailwind to get it going. Remember whenever these aspects come, We as conscious creators have the choice of which side of the aspect we are going to play with. That’s why living according to your soul’s path and purpose is so important. because then these things don’t have to whack you upside the head to get your attention.

They already have your attention. You can choose. Saturn is Lord karma. Mars is power. Is there something in your life that needs to be rooted out? What about a habit that doesn’t serve you anymore? What about an activity that doesn’t serve you anymore? Air, Aquarius, Gemini. What about thoughts that don’t serve you anymore?

This is a purg. Get rid of them. All right. I spent more time on that than I intended to, but I think that is a very important aspect, especially since we are talking about in ancient astrology and classic astrology. Classical astrology, the two maleic. It is something that gets our attention and it is something worth paying attention.

Now we have a great listener question. Let me play you the question now. We’ll talk about it tomorrow and that way you can spend some time thinking about how you would answer it. Hey, Tom, hope this isn’t too much of a new question. I do not know what to make of a double T-square in my natal chart. Well, no question at all.

Around here is a newbie question. We love ’em all and we take them all. I think Robert Glasscock and I may have covered this. If not, it’s on our list, so we’ll get his take on it as well. This is a great question. So think of how you would answer Justin’s question. Now, we’re not going to get into the individual placements.

We don’t go into individual charts here, but just in general, how would you answer about what he’s saying? Two T squares combined. Technical term is a grand cross, but basically it looks like a square in the chart and it’s all square aspects. And then of course, two oppositions as you connect the diagonal corners.

How would you interpret that? What does that mean? How does that amplify the energy? There’s a real key point that you have to dial into on interpreting these, and we’ll talk about that tomorrow. Great question, Justin. Thank you so much. Hope you have a great day. Be thinking about Saturn and Mars and choose the higher ground.

Wake up this morning and say what if up.