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October 15, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the Fun Astrology Saturday Financial Astrology Edition, October 15th. Thomas Miller, thank you for stopping by. Wow, what a ride this market has been this week. If you’ve been following it at all, you know how crazy things were. We’ll talk a little bit about that after we read the MMA Cycles newsletter together from Ray Mary.

This is a free weekly report that is on the website, mma It is written by Ray Merryman, a gentleman who has been doing both portfolio management, financial consulting advisor, newsletter writer, and astrologer since the early 1980s with his permission and blessing. We read this together, put a little interpretation in when necessary, and then some comments follow.

So the newsletter beginning October 17th, 2022, US consumer inflation, excluding energy and food accelerated to a new four decade high in September. The core consumer price index, which excludes volatile energy and food prices rose 6.6% in September from a year earlier. The biggest increase since August, 1982, the measure increased 6.3% in August.

The inflation report likely keeps the Federal Reserve on track to increase interest rates by three quarters of a percentage point. At its next month’s meeting that is taken from an article in the Wall Street Journal, published on Thursday entitled Inflation Sits at 8.2% as core prices hit four decade high.

Now the newsletter, this was the week in which the passive aggressive Mars Square, Neptune took place on October. Followed by the whipsaw like behavior of Moon and Gemini, and the sun also in an air sign, Libra, the C p i inflation report came out Thursday morning, October 13th, consistent with Mars Square, Neptune.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average first retreated over 500 points, a new yearly low, along with the s and p and Nasdaq, but then it’s sudden. Note that word reversed, Gemini, moon whipsaw and assertively charged up over 800 points. That was the first time in history that the Dow Jones Industrial average was down over 500 points, and then closed up over 800 points according to the Bloomberg News Service.

But the moon was still in Gemini on. And true to its whipsaw nature. The Dow Jones Industrial average was up nearly 400 points and then closed down nearly 400 points. As mentioned, new yearly lows were attained on October 13th in the s and p in Nasdaq too. Not only was Moon Square Neptune on October 12th, but the Sun and Venus were both in Arine aspect to Saturn on October 12th and 14th.

In fact, when extended out to October 17th through the 19th, Mars will make a grand trying to the sun, Venus and Saturn all in air signs. Normally we look for good news under an air grand trying, and maybe that was it with Thursday’s huge 1300 point rally from the yearly. Besides the United States, new Lowe’s were notched in the Netherlands, A E x, London’s FTSE, and the Zurich, s m i.

But the worst was in Hong Kong where the hang sing fell to its lowest level since October, 2011. Many others held above their Lowe’s of September 26th to October 3rd. That coincided with the year’s most powerful geo cosmic combination of Jupiter at the midpoint in a double semi square to the last passage of the Saturn Uranus Square.

That was also the end of the sixth planetary retrograde cycles that have been in effect since September 9th and 10th through October 2nd, and also corresponding to the Mercury retrograde period. Six retrograde planets at one time indicate uncertainty with a tendency for premature announcements or claims that need more time to think out Clearly recall the UK economic decisions and revisions that rocked the world’s financial system during that period last week.

Pluto also turned direct on October 8th, so now we have four planets retrograde until October 30. When Warrior Mars reverses, that will bring it back up to another overabundance period of five planets appearing to move backwards through the skies. Just a side note here, that’s Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, and Uranus, and we add Mars back into that on October 30th.

So the skies are not clear during this period with Mars Square, Neptune. It’s more like smoke and mirror. In other markets, Bitcoin tested the 18,000 level again on October 13th while Ethereum fell to 1192. Both remain above their yearly lows in June, but Bitcoin is getting very close to breaking to a new low crude oil.

Enjoyed a 23% rally from its low on September 18th to last Monday’s high of 93 64, before giving back about 50% of those gains into Friday’s. Gold and silver also pulled back sharply last week from its nice rallies between late September and October 4th, 10 year. Treasury notes dropped to 1 10 0 2. On the C P I announcement on the 13th, their lowest level in over 15 years.

Now the next section of the newsletter is always the short term geo cosmics and longer term thoughts. and the first half of this section is dedicated more to mundane political, particularly around things related to Russia, Putin, even Donald Trump, et cetera. So I’m going to let you read that. If you would like go to the mma website and you can read that chunk.

I want to just stay with the market components of this and after that mundane summary, he says that it’s hard to imagine the global stock indices performing well during this. But as stated earlier, Mars Neptune is often a time of misjudgments. The lunar and geo cosmic landscape does not look that promising for equities.

This coming week, the Sun and Venus trying Mars on Monday and Tuesday, which appears favorable, but the moon in cancer and Leo is not so favorable. This is followed by the sun in Venus forming a waning square to Pluto on Wednesday and. Followed by Saturn ending its retrograde motion on next Saturday, October 23rd, then the eclipse season begins, and in the middle of that, Mars turns retrograde on October 30th through January 12th, a time when the aggressor tends to be the loser.

Traders need to continue being extra cautious right now through the election and even a couple of days afterwards for these are not easy waters to navigate whether we are talking about financial markets or world leadership. The most volatile time ahead seems to be November five through 11 election week.

This is a time for upsets, and I would expect the polls to misjudge the results. As economist, John Kenneth Galbraith once said, economic forecasting was created to make astrology look respectable . I think that’s about right, and it also pertains to election forecasting by the media and polling companies in 2022, and that ends the newsletter for this.

Now just a couple of comments following up on this. So I didn’t do a lot of trading myself this week, working on finishing an audiobook for Fred Dodson and then getting ready for the group coming this coming week up to the trip to North Carolina. So I was just watching, but I was sitting there with the laptop in hand as that CPI report came out on Thursday.

I was watching the s and p futures, and they went down just a, I don’t know, the length of a candle, a long candle, and just sat there and I thought, I looked at my screen to see if other stuff was moving or did the internet freeze up? No other things were moving. And it sat there for the longest time. And you’re thinking, oh my gosh.

They’re hitting the, they’re hitting the triggers. Were down that much. and it wasn’t that much, but then the big full impact of about 70 or 80 points down as that kicked back in. Boom. So here the market was open and trading, but it was down that much instantly at eight 30 Eastern time Thursday morning.

and that was one day, just one day after Saturn and Uranus separated from their lock of 12 days. The last 12, first 12 days of October. They were both at 18 degrees square Saturn and Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, and it traded down there for a while. I forget exactly how long, maybe a couple of hours, I think it was until about 11, but it started trekking back.

which is typical after you have a big move like that, you put the Fiac retracement on it, and then you start to measure where this is going to come back to, and typically 50%, 61.8%. I mean, there are a number of different targets that you would look for of this coming back up. So that was not an expected.

Then I went into the sound booth , and then I came out of the sound booth and oh my goodness, I wasn’t watching it while I was in here. That thing just took off like a rocket. . Now, let’s think about something between eight 30 when the report came out and the market took the nearly 100 point dive, this is the s and p, which would be nearly a thousand points on the Dow.

It’s not quite a one to 10 correlation, but it’s close. So here we go. Way, way, way down. We start to climb back up. Okay? That’s people bottom fishing. I mean, that’s a natural. But then all of a sudden at 11, so two and a half hours later, a ton of money comes into the market. . Now, if you know my overarching supposition and especially highlighted by Robert Glasscock and what we have talked about in old soul, new soul astrology, and also with everything that we’ve talked about with Neptune and retrograde and Pisces shining such a light on truth versus deception, seeing the reality of our world more and more through the lens of lies and deceptions.

Who would have two and a half hours to form a response with the buying power to raise the market almost as much as it went down. Who was doing that? Well, let’s pick who wasn’t. It wasn’t retail traders. You know where I’m going with this, don’t you, ? It wasn’t the international funds. They’re busy just trying to keep their currencies afloat.

Could it have been BlackRock, Goldman? Well, indirectly probably. Do you think all these trading desks at the 10 major market maker firms were probably on the phone with each other for two and a half hours? Absolutely. But who could come into the market with a game plan to say, okay, buy it now with this X amount of trillions, probably at least billion.

And we’ll make money at it. We’ll drive the price up, short-term spike, then we’ll liquidate, um, that would be either the US Treasury and or the Federal Reserve using printed money Mars squaring Neptune Lies and deception magnified both sides of the trade Gem. See with all this lying and deception that’s in baked into everything.

Now we’re going to have to really watch this in the markets because that scenario right there is always, has always been there, but it’s very real and prominent now that the government can control the drop of this thing. So when you have midterms coming up, let’s say that this thing had gone on unabated.

We absolutely could have ended in circuit breakers. The first one kicks in after a 7% drop, then 13%. But don’t we have, uh, let’s see, an election coming up now, we wouldn’t want these voters looking at their 401k statements in early November, looking at that kind of an additional drop in the balance of their retirement plan.

Now, would we smoke and mirrors if you don’t think this is. Wall Street and Congress working together. Have you read about the Speaker of the House and her investments? Her husband simply trading news that Congress can trade, but you and I can’t, and they’ve made over 140 million in public service. Well, now we can’t disrupt that.

Neptune, Pisces, Mars, Gemini Square, all of the above. So we just step in, buy it up with money that nobody else has, and we get out up at the top, thank you very much, your printed tax dollars at work. And see, what is amazing to me is that number one, people are not awake or aware of this. And then number two, we simply tolerate it.

If we, the people took this country back legally within the system given us, which by the way, we have an election coming up . If by watching television you weren’t aware, there would not be one incumbent reelected, did you realize that our country’s founders paid a per diem, not a salary, to the first few Congress?

The intention was come in and serve for a couple of years, then go back to your farm and your family and your home. We’ll cover your expenses while you’re here. Well, we’ve strayed a long ways from that, and again, we tolerate it and a bunch of incumbents will be sent back, and then we’ll cheer them at their reelection parties that night.

Guys, we’ve got to wake up. And when you see a movement in the market like that, you have to realize that’s not normal. We were and are being played. Now as far as what is ahead of us, if you would like to hear Robert Glasscock assessment of the upcoming eclipses, you can go to Old Soul, new Soul Astrology Podcast and listen, you’ll have to search them in.

They were posted, uh, probably in June or July, I think that we did a three part series on the eclipses that are in Old Soul New. Now I am looking at this with great interest, especially in light of what happened in the markets this week. If you were interpreting cookbook astrology or even cookbook financial astrology, You would’ve thought that there would’ve been a pretty good sized crash around the C P I.

In fact, so many people were saying it’s going to react strongly either way. Well, it did, and we got both ways, Mars and Gemini. But here’s an interesting astrological interpretation twist. Now listen, if you, if you’re into trying to interpret charts even for an individual, let’s say a couple is having a challenge in their marriage and they’ve come to you for.

and you look in the chart and you see something that should be cookbook, but one of the two partners is cheating. So the whole thing is kind of tilted well, does the cheating skew the chart or does the chart see the cheating ? You see what I’m saying? It’s like how do we see the impact of the lies and deceptions?

The Neptune, the Mars Square, Neptune? How do we parse that? Interesting question, right? Because if you listen to Robert, You hear that the astrology around these eclipses and for the next six months past, even beyond past them, could be very challenging. Well, is that cookbook or is that manipulated? Even Ray said in here, the polls may not hold up.

Well, what’s happening? I mean, you just saw them fleece the stock market. What else do they have in store? So once again, it will be the stock market this week might be an exact mirror. This experience might be like a fractal that things start to move in one direction, the natural course, and then we see things get reverse.

We’ve seen this in the recent past. We saw it this week. We may see it again, so we’ll have to see how are we interpreting. It really does present a dilemma for us trying to interpret this astrology when the government comes in and changes course manipulatively now, we’ll see. I don’t know, I’m just specul.

It seems a little too strange and odd for me. All right, have a great rest of the weekend. I’ll be back Monday and we’ll kick off a new week. Have a great day.