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October 25, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in. It is Eclipse Day, Thomas Miller. Hi, on the Fun Astrology Podcast for Tuesday, October 25th. Thank you so much for stopping in here so we can talk about this Marvel in the sky. So, as we mentioned yesterday, this is a partial solar eclipse occurring at Two Degrees Scorpio. It peaks at 6 48 this morning.

We gave the times yesterday. I’m not going to regurgitate that. I did want to go back really picking up about where we left off yesterday. And talk about prior Scorpio Taurus eclipses and give you some dates so that you can reflect back and see if there were correlations. Like what I pulled out yesterday.

So the prior eclipse to this was this year, 2022 in April and May in Taurus, Scorpio. So right there is your six month spread between the spring eclipses and the fall eclipses of this. . Now let’s zoom back to the last one in this aspect. And remember sometimes you’ll have these dances of retrograde where you might have one sign, one part of the year and another, another part of the year.

Or you might even have one, like what happened last was October of 2014 and in October of 2014. We had a lunar eclipse in Aries and a solar eclipse in Scorpio. Before that, we had a partial solar eclipse in April of 2014, and then right before that we had a lunar eclipse in Libra. So I don’t want to go, I don’t wanna get in the weeds here.

I want to give you the years, particularly on these older ones, so you can think back and say, well, what did happen in 2000? We also had a couple in 2013. So what happened then? And even add 2012 to that little mix. So 2000 12, 13, 14, because we did have a solar eclipse in November of 2012. You could think about what happened.

Really? That’s a 2013, 14, but late 2012, 2013, 2014, anything in. Let’s hop back prior to that 2002, 2003, 2004. Same thing, late 2002. Anytime in 2003, 2004, think back. What happened then? Oh, actually we also had one in early 2005, so that was a pretty broad span. Now let’s take a step back and I know for some of you we’re getting into natal chart territory here, but let’s go back 19 93, 94, 95, late 93, all the way through 1995.

Anything in through there? Let’s take one more step. Same thing, 19 84, 85 and into early 1986. Anything in through there? A lot of you saying, I was just a thought back then. , you were incubating back then. I get it. So that gives you a walk back through time that you can look at your own path and see if critical key things happened during some of those points.

As I look back, 19 84, 85 was when I started my own television production business. 19 94, 95 was the beginning of the end of my first marriage, which I now know is very key in my story that I’m using today. So as I walk that back, started my own production company. Moved into part of my story, which is very alive today, 2002, 2003.

Nah, I’m not locking onto anything in there, but 2013, that little knock knock as I was getting ready to mount a bicycle. That said, email Fred Dodson about narrating his audiobooks. So that’s my little walk back, at least over the last, what, 35, almost 40 years of eclipses. All right, anything else that we should put our energetic eyes and ears on for today?

Not really. The moon, as we said, moved into Scorpio this morning at three 18. The Eclipse peaks at 6 48. Clear sky the rest of the day and all the way through tomorrow. When? Tomorrow, late night, almost before midnight, 11:36 PM Mercury Trines, Mars. That’s an air trying. So there is a big heavy factor of effective and powerful communication.

It’s just awfully late at night. So be sensitive, . When you say what you say, maybe put it in the applying part in an email before the day ends. You’ll be in that nice juicy waxing energy and you’ll get it in there. All right, have a great one. We’ll see you back tomorrow and we’ll continue the conversation on the Fun Astrology podcast.