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September 26, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome into the Fun Astrology podcast. We’ve got a new week, and this one is kind of like a firecracker to get the whole week started because Monday is the day with the most aspects all week. Hi, Thomas Miller. Thanks for stopping by. We are talking about Monday, September 26th to get the week started, and yeah, this is kind of a front loaded week as far as aspects go, and we.

Starting the week right on the heels of last night’s New Moon. If you didn’t get a New Moon ceremony in, well you still have time. Or if you’d like to join our Facebook group, we did one last night on our newly named Level Up. What we’ve been doing on Sunday nights that we called Healing Convergence now is just taking another fresh approach to it, level up.

We did a new Moon ceremony last night as well, so you could catch that if you’d like to, uh, look at the replay. It’s also on the Fun Astrology YouTube channel, along with all now of, well, almost all getting them in there, Robert Glasscock. Old soul, new soul astrology podcasts are also in the YouTube channel now, so really a great collected resource of materials there for you to just enjoy a bunch of astrology.

Now, one other quick one before we leave the moon, Kristen, over in our Discord channel Fun astrology podcast, discord has created these really cool weekly lunar calendars. They are available for free download if you just joined the Discord Channel. You’ll have to search it up. Fun Astrology Podcast in Discord.

Sorry about that, but I wanted to get all of that in. Now you’re brought up to speed. Now, these aspects of today, so the first one is early, early 1 45 in the morning already happened by the time you are hearing this. That’s Eastern time. By the way, financial alert here, Venus Trining Pluto. In fact, if there are planetary themes this week, Venus.

Is one, Pluto is another. Whenever those two come together, if you are into financial astrology at all, your ears perk up. You could look at it as a potential pivot point. And we have another one really in there too. And that’s the sun opposite Jupiter today at 3:33 PM So as far as the markets are concerned today, you’ve got a couple of pivot points.

So maybe the downtrend reverses, I don’t know. We’ll see. There’s so much selling pressure right now. But we do know that the planets influence the markets, so there could be a little pivot there. Let’s talk about us though, because that’s the more important thing. Venus, in the last couple of days of Virgo, it enters Libra on Thursday morning early.

Reaches across the chart today and looks at Pluto in Capricorn, in retrograde, and says, Hey, let’s work together. So when you blend those energies just in your own mind, especially those of you who are in the 1 0 1 course or you’ve been listening to this for a while, when you think about blending those two energies, what are some things that come to mind?

You might even want to pause the recording and get your thoughts together. No, because this is how you start to really put the synthesis of these things together. Well, first of all, who’s dominant here? Obviously Pluto sitting in a very strong position in Capricorn that we have talked about so much that so much transformation has happened when Pluto has been in Capricorn.

Here we are again triggered by the Saturn Pluto conjunction back in January of 2020, and this is an error shift, right? So Pluto definitely has the bigger hand. So we’re talking about transformation. Now it’s trying to do it in a positive way. It’s a trying, it’s really the most favorable of the favorable aspects.

Venus, what does it cover? Well, our relationships, absolutely our money. Absolutely things beautiful in our lives. Our home, what we call home, consider home. So we’ve talked about Level Up or I love the term, what if up to just raising the vibration on something. If you took those areas of your life and you thought, what is something that I could do today or that I could start today or a new phase in my life, turn a new page.

To up my game in those areas, or like we love to say, living on my highest timeline. Or you look at it analytically and you say, how am I not living on my highest timeline in one of those areas? That was one part of my meditation yesterday as I, uh, just, uh, had hit me while I was walking down the stairs and I thought, Ooh, this is good.

I’m going to do this. And I played with how can I be on my highest timeline personally? and professionally, and that’s a perfect exercise for that aspect. Maybe that’s why it came to mind one day ahead of the exact point of this. Get out your journal and take a look at how can I up my game, what is keeping me from being on my highest personal?

And professional. And you could say personal, can I started to subcategorize it? You bet I did. And you could think of, how am I as a husband or a wife, how am I as a mom or a dad? How am I as a whatever? Fill in the blank. Realize that the discipline, the consistency, the integrity of Virgo and Pluto’s transformational power both are with you right now.

You have a tail. Catch it. Now we mentioned also the sun opposite Jupiter. Let’s go ahead and cover that one and then we’ll swing back on the other one other aspect of today. So think about that one. What is the risk of an opposition when JU is involved? Jupi is all about expansion. What is expansion gone too big?

Individually, it can be pride, ego, overexertion, putting too much of yourself out there. What areas of your life are too exaggerated right now? And that could be positively or negatively too. By the way, too much fear. Of things going on around in the world right now, maybe not trusting the universe enough, trusting that you came here during this time for a specific purpose.

Maybe still trying to find that purpose or retool that purpose. If you’re later up in years and you’re saying, what is my next phase? But that strong opposing Jupiter right now, especially in retrograde, could be pulling on some of those emotions, creating uncertainty and. Let’s squeeze one more in here.

And that’s the other aspect of Venus. Back in the picture I said Venus and Pluto were prominent. So Venus on its way out of Virgo is conjoining retrograde Mercury. Which has just reentered Virgo, so these are two planets moving in different directions. This aspect happens basically at two o’clock this afternoon.

All the times given in the podcast are always Eastern. When I see this conjunction, of course, I do think from a market perspective sometimes, and I’m thinking, oh, don’t trade today. , Venus ruling money, mercury retrograde, crossing right on top of each other, moving in different directions of like, yeah, go play golf.

Also, if you are having some tension around your home, around your relationship, today would not be a good day to discuss it. I would just let these two pass and let Venus get on into its home. Sign of Libra and visit the conversation toward the end of the week. Do what you can to keep the peace that Mercury and retrograde could confuse things.

That’s actually an aspect to really respect right there in those areas. Watch Mercury and Venus going in different ways. Hey, we’re going to, I’ve got a great horror area, astrology question. In fact, a couple of things came up over the last several days. We’ll talk about that and I’ve got a question from a listener about a Grand Cross, so that’s what’s coming up in the days ahead.

Have a good Monday. We’ll see you back tomorrow.