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September 21, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the Fun Astrology Podcast for Wednesday, September 21st. You wanna have a little fun today. Let’s take a listener question. This is from Emily. So I was talking to an Astr the other day who said he practiced Veic astrology. , I’ve always heard of vada astrology, but really never investigated.

So I went ahead and did a bunch of Google searches and thought, well, let’s see what my chart looks like in Vada astrology. And I believe that means I just cast it using si, which is what I did. Oh boy. Thomas, this aquarium sun. Scorpio Moon Taurus rising suddenly transformed into a Capricorn sun. Aries Rising, unfortunately couldn’t get away from that.

Scorpio moon. Help me, Mr. Wizard, please explain . I love that. Well, I wish I was a wizard, but, uh, we can explain a little bit, but before we do here, think of what, how would you answer, Emily? What would you. You might even want to pause this for just a second. Get your thoughts together. How would you answer this question?

Sidal versus tropical, and, yes. The vadix system basically branded as the main system adopted or created, originated in India. uses the actual position of the planets in the sky as they sit in the current constellations. That is what is called the Sidal Zodiac. Now, here’s where it gets more complicated, because there are different versions of Sidal, and I’m not going to go into those, but I’m using the Lahiri as a comparison here.

So to tell you today, . Interestingly enough, today if we were analyzing this chart for somebody born today, they would have tropical and sidal suns in Virgo. But here’s the deal, the sun is at 27 degrees, 41 minutes, let’s say later up this morning about noontime little afternoon, and in the Lahiri Sidal system, that sun is at three degrees, 31 minutes in Vir.

Now if I’m calculating this right, that’s a difference of 25 degrees, 40 minutes. So whenever we change signs, like we will do on Thursday, basically for the next 25 days. Now you will have Libras sons in Tropical, what we do and Virgo sons inside Ariel. So like Emily said, I ain’t no Capricorn. Like I said yesterday, don’t call me a Libra

I’m not. I’m not a balanced person. In fact, my moon is in Libra and I’ve said since I started studying astrology, I’d look at the moon. I’m like, that’s not. Yet it is a system that has incredible interpretive value, but does it have better interpretive value? And that’s where I would have to say no. I don’t think it’s better.

Robert Glasscock over on Old Soul. New Soul. We haven’t recorded this yet, but he has mentioned in the past why he uses the tropical system and why he uses the elements of it that he does, and if the predictive side of tropical western astrology was a bit lacking when Noel till re popularized solar arc progressions in the 1970s and eighties.

That piece of the comparison between the two systems. Somebody might have argued effectively that Vick was better than tropical Western if you were just using transits and secondary progressions. But boy, when solar arcs got re popularized, and I mean, I’ve seen Robert Glasscock, the man is like a classic pianist at the keyboard of interpretive skill.

When he is interpreting a solar arc chart, it plays the bigger themes of where we go in our life and collectively incredibly well. And so do the secondary progressions, not minimizing that at all. Just solar arc gives you some tweaks on the outer planets that secondary doesn’t. while secondary gives you some extra ooph on the moon that solar arcs doesn’t.

So you know the people that we study, Robert Glasscock, Steve Forrest, so many of the astrologers that you know and love and follow have all based their career on this system. If you went to India, you probably wouldn’t see many people practicing tropical Zodiac. So it does come down to preference. Now, how are the two styles difference?

Well, sidal is the sky up there as it is right now. Tropical, the one that we use fixes the beginning of the Zoia order to the spring Equinox, a fixed point in space and time, as you might say, . That was done basically back in the second century. And at that point, the sun in both systems was at about the same position in the sky.

So that calendar date and that astronomical date basically matched in both systems. But there is something called the pre-session of the equinoxes. and that means that the earth’s axis basically wobbles. And what that creates is a separation from that fixed point of one degree about every 72 years. So that’s why now we are at 25 degrees in a little bit.

So the tropical system brings a stability to the sky. So when we look at zero degrees Aries at the vernal equinox, it is what it was 2000 years ago. When you look up at the sky and you see the sun about 25 and a little bit degrees behind that point. Now that’s because of the recession of the equinoxes, the magic and the mystery.

And the wonder of astrology is how can you take tropical? And Sidal, and they both work. How can you look at whole sign houses, equal sign houses, plaus houses, coke houses, et cetera, et cetera, and they all work and all the sub varieties of veic, astrology as well. , and then how can you overlay secondary progressions, solar arc, progressions, and they all work.

So really, I think the broadest thing you can do is to be aware and learn a little bit about all of them, and then zone in on. What works for you, and that seems to be what some of the prominent people in our craft and field have done themselves. They know about it, then they hone in on the one that they prefer.

That works for them. All right, you guys have a great one. Great question, Emily. Thank you. See you back tomorrow. Have a good day.