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October 12, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the Fun Astrology Podcast, Thomas Miller here on Hump Day Wednesday, October 12th. Thank you so much for stopping by. Well, yesterday we had a Sun Saturn aspect in the sky. It was arine, which you know, we would typically say is favorable. However, yesterday afternoon the stock market took a 50 point tumble just triggered on a dime, which has a very.

Close signature to something like a Sun Saturn aspect. As a pivot at least. I had been recording with Robert for several hours earlier in the day, and I had sat down, had a little bit of lunch, and fell asleep in the chair. , which happens with this heart stuff. You just can’t hold your eyes open. I fell asleep and I woke up and the dip started six minutes prior to waking.

Oh well, and actually another aspect that could have had a hand in this too is the one that already happened at 1 46 this morning. When Mars squared retrograde Neptune, there is one more of note today. This one, mercury a fast mover. 3 23. This afternoon, mercury opposes Jupiter. Jupiter, of course, moving backwards out of Aries.

Soon, later this month to enter reenter Pisces, where it will stay for most of the rest of the year. Mercury now in Libra, Libra, both at one degree, cross the chart from each. Some of the things that Robert and I talk about don’t get recorded, and yesterday we were having a conversation about where we are currently and in light of exactly what we just talked about, some aspects involving the sun and Saturn that affects all of us from a karmic perspective and from the collective.

It’s a matter of are we having to be woken up? Personally, it’s really the same. , but Saturn has its ways of realigning us, especially if we’re not subscribed to or following our spiritual path. And you know, if you are and you’re really working on it and you are really in tune with this and you’re following like the stuff that we talk about around here, and you’re doing your journaling and you have some kind of regular spiritual practice.

then I seriously, honestly believe you can take the word maleic almost out of the astrological dictionary. Not that bad things don’t happen. They do, but we don’t live in this maleic controlled environment where we’re looking over our shoulder wondering if something bad is going to happen because we are creating our reality.

Well, collectively that’s not the case because collectively people, the group consciousness is the sleep. Especially now more than. So I just thought maybe we would in kind of a parlay, an extension of yesterday’s question about food. We talked about that in the sixth house. Let’s look at a couple of other things because I do want you to be aware, just a touch base, not to create fear, but to just for all of us to be aware of where these things are in the sky and we’ll talk about transits because there are two that are significant.

Pluto just this week, the past week turned direct. Pluto is at 26 degrees, seven minutes in Capricorn in the sky right now. If you want to put the chart up that I’m looking at, just go to July 4th, 1776, 5:10 PM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and you will see in the second. Pluto at 27 degrees, 33 minutes. It was in retrograde when they signed the Declaration of Independence, and now the transiting Pluto will conjoin that yet One more time in December.

Making it the third exact Pluto return aspect in 2022. But the fact that it just slowed down to turn direct, and that was just a few days ago. Pluto. For Pluto, that’s no big deal at all. So it is hyperactive, it is extra powerful. And I will give you a glimpse. I think Robert has made no, uh, bones about this.

He’s talked about it certainly in his practicum classes and a little bit on here that Pluto rules things. and we read the headlines. I mean, I saw yesterday all the headlines about the amplified things going on in Ukraine. I’m also seeing these protests in places like Iran and in various places in Europe where I’ve seen that people are burning their utility bills in protest, and other people and other countries are blaming the United States.

And then they’ll let you decide if rightfully. For their recessions, for the interest rates, et cetera. You have also in the chart right now, Mars transiting Mars is within two degrees of the natal position of the United States, Mars. And this year, between now and May, it retraces back over it again in retro.

and then turns direct and hits it again. And as we look at the archetypes of Mars, I mean just think, are we more on a path of the God of war side of Mars or the S power side of Mars to move forward and get things done and add beautiful power to a situation where are. . Now, those are two challenging aspects.

Let me point out one that is beautifully positive in my book in the United States chart, transiting Neptune right now in Pisces with Jupiter, just eight degrees way moving back toward Pisces from one degree er. Those two are going to get within about seven and a half or so degrees from each other before Jupiter.

MO turns around and moves back direct out of Pisces later this year. But as you’re looking at the chart, and if you put this up, you’ll see it, the transit of Neptune and Jupi. The two co rulers of Pisces, the sign of spiritual rebirth, the sign of intuition, the sign of higher consciousness, Jupiter, the expansion planet, Neptune.

Once the glasses come off, then you have beautiful intuition, beautiful perception, higher. in the fourth house of the homeland, and I know for everybody that is watching all of the things that are going on and we say, well, this is getting rid of the old Pluto and the later degrees of Capricorn so that we can bring in the new, you hear about we’re going from 3D to fived.

Well, there it is very picturesque as Neptune and Jupiter in the chart are shoulder to shoulder in the fourth. Of Pisces, and that’s your prayer. That’s your prayer that through all the challenges that we turn to spirituality, true spirituality in this country and in this world, it’s what we do on Sunday night.

In our now called Level Up meetings. So if you would like to join us 8:00 PM on either YouTube, fun Astrology YouTube channel, or the Facebook group as well. So I’d love to have you participate. Thank you so much. I hope this just helps give you an idea of kind of where we are on a macro basis. All right, we’ll see you back tomorrow.