May 2, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome into the fun astrology podcast for Monday, May 2 and boy, we turned a leaf. We had an eclipse and we started a new month since we’ve talked last. How did the eclipse go for you? Hi, Thomas Miller, by the way. Thanks for watching. We also had another down day in the stock market and a lot of people attribute that to what happened over the weekend.

So I’ve got several thoughts. Boy, we’ve got a lot to talk about today. Might take today and tomorrow to set up the week and the month because I really do. I’ve got a punch list here, so let’s go all the way back to the beginning. Thank you for those of you who came into the fun astrology 1 0 1. We put it on sale on Friday and a number of you jumped on that.

So we’ll just keep the price where it is for a few more days. So if you are still interested, go ahead and check out the fun website and you can jump in there at a steeply discounted price. We’ll call it the anti-inflammation slash eclipse slash mercury stationing retrograde slash Jupiter, leaving Pisces sale.

How about that? And there, we just set up the first half of the month, but we’ll come back to that in a second. I want to stay on this linear path that I’ve kind of mapped out. So the next question is, was the eclipse earth shattering for you? And like I said, as of the market action on Friday, we were thinking, oh my gosh, the sky is going to fall over the weekend.

No it didn’t. And we are all still here. Right. In fact, the whole week, really. So I know a number of people I’ve talked to you and I’ve seen your posts on Facebook talking about the energy of the eclipse. God. And what I experienced was quite mild and actually quite . And I have that stack of planets in Scorpio.

So it definitely was on the slate to be one of those areas of the chart affected by this. And that brought me to another, just in general thought, because I know with what we’ve been through in the world and where we are today, that we look at these aspects and a lot of them are triggering fear. Anxiety, axed anticipation and even dread over things coming up that might be hitting our charts.

I go back to what Paramahansa Yogananda said. Give me the most, an auspicious time in astrology to launch any. And I will make it successful. In other words, he was, he was recognizing exactly the energy and the surfing of the energy and that we are conscious creators over it. So yes, absolutely. These aspects affect us and they affect life on planet earth and we have co-creative abilities.

So this weekend, for example, with an eclipse coming up, knowing that eclipses can have rattling energy. How did you set your intentions? And it all starts right there. And in fact, we probably need to do some subconscious mind mastery podcasts on intentions, because I think that’s something that a lot of people still have trouble understanding and grasping that whole concept.

So check over on subconscious mind mastery and you can search the podcasts for the keywords of intention episodes that we’ve already done. And I think I’ll start doing a few more because that is something that we really need to be paying attention to, especially with everything going on right now and in the world around us.

All right. Let’s take a look at some of the other things happening this month from a big picture on May 10th, big day, big, big, big day, probably the biggest day of the month. Mercury at home and Gemini stations retrograde also that day, Jupiter leaves Pisces all the way until October 28th. Got to say, I have really enjoyed Jupiter being at home and Pisces.

So we basically have a week left and then it will be in fires. So we’ll see how this reacts because Jupiter is fire, right? Remember Jupiter rule Sagittarius. It is a fire planet and it will be moving into Aries. The fire easiest of the fire on May 10th, where by the way, add another little date to the.

The ruler of the Ram will move in there on the 24th. Mars leaves Pisces for Aries. So we will have expansion, Jupiter and conflict and turmoil, Mars in Aries by the end of the month, you know, and I looked at this chart. I wasn’t so rattled by this weekend’s energy of the new moon and the eclipse, but now you want to get excited about an ASP.

See, there’s one that we need to be doing some subconscious mind mastery by the end of may. So we’ll get that going. I am going to get on it and see, this is where I think that we have to look at what’s going on in our own lives. That’s how we synthesize things individually. And then we take a look at what’s going on collectively and collectively we’re sitting with a madman with his finger on nuclear weapons and the planet of expansion moves into Aries ruled by Mars.

Then two weeks later, Mars moves in what kind of energy is that going to create for all of us, including the nutcase. So, see right now we already need to be praying for peace. We’ve got a month to lead up to this and by the way, let me plug our healing. Convergence would love to have you join in on this.

Part of our Facebook group. So you have to be in the Facebook group. Well, not really, because now we’re doing it on YouTube, but on Sunday nights at 8:00 PM Eastern, we’ve been doing this since August and it just keeps rolling and continuing is we get together for about an hour between eight and 9:00 PM.

And send loving, healing energy up into the sky. We connect with each other. There’s been a group of people that have been in part of that. And I know the time may not be convenient for everyone, but if you can join us, we would love to have you. And if not, you can watch the replay and just do the energy on your own schedule.

It’s not bound by time or space, right. So we’d love to have. Be a part of that, if you would like, and we’re going to crank it up during may, because as we look at this aspect, yeah. There is potential expansion of tension that could happen, but let’s do everything we can. To offset that side of the energy.

And while we’re talking about the Ram, let’s talk about today’s aspects. First of all, this morning at 6:46 AM. The moon moves into Gemini of course, ruled by mercury. I wish we had time to kind of elaborate on that. Maybe that’s where we’ll pick up tomorrow, want to get the rest of these aspects. So, you know, what’s going on, but the communication, the knowledge, the mental activity, obviously picking up.

Venus enters Aries at just after noon Nuno 5:00 PM. Eastern time, 12:05 PM. Venus moves into Aries men. I’m picking up on a couple of things. Mars, semi squaring, Pluto, the seasoning at 10 49, because I’m really looking at. Pluto and Saturn being in this semi sextile 30 degree aspect to each other. And I hate to leave this on a cliffhanger, but let’s pick up there tomorrow because I think there’s a lot that we need to unpack.

And I know this is getting a little more complicated than what we normally do. But just realize we have this big picture. The month of may is going to evoke quite a bit of changes in the chart structure. And some of these become a little bit more complicated. So stay with us. We’ll sort it all out 1 0 1 course on sale.

If you’d like to get in and learn the language yourself and how to synthesize these things at fun, Thanks so much for listening. Have a great day. See you back tomorrow.