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May 3, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast for Tuesday, May 3rd, Thomas Miller. Thank you for stopping in. We’re going to continue kind of our conversation basically from yesterday, picking up where we said we would. And what I’d like to do is focus on Saturn and Pluto here for a bit. So we have Pluto at 28 degrees Capricorn.

If we move over to Aquarius, there’s Saturn at 24 degrees. So that puts the two of them at a 30 degree separation. That’s called a semi sextile. It’s basically considered a favorable light favorable aspect, like think about half of a sextile, 30 degrees instead of 60 degrees. Now put your thinking cap on, because I’d like to stretch your imagination a little bit.

Let’s go back to January of 2020, both of these on Brays. We were calling them the karmic blues brother. We’re sitting at 22 degrees Capricorn. That’s where they conjoined. So it’s taken all of this time until now, before they have been in any other kind of aspect. Do you see where I’m going with this? So they can joined in January of 2020 in on January 12th, then COVID hit boom, the whole world.

Pivoted. And remember, that’s only the third time that that alignment has happened in the past 1000 years. And it matches the pattern of that aspect. Well, after January, 2020, they started to separate Saturn, eventually migrated over into Aquarius where it has been moving methodically slowly, and both of them doing their annual retro grade dances until now we finally are approaching another aspect of these too.

So think about it like over the last couple of years, they’ve been on their own. Now they’re starting to come back together again. That’s what I have my eye on Pluto currently is in retrograde. So it’s actually moving back towards Saturn’s degree. Remember, Pluto is at 28. Now it’s moving backwards. Saturn is at 24.

Saturn goes retrograde June 4th. So we’ll then have both Pluto and Saturn in retro grade. And actually what happens is Saturn comes back toward Pluto hits the same degree, although 30 degrees apart, and then even moves past it. So we’re going to have this exact semi-circle. Twice later through the rest of this year.

I’m sorry. I know this is kind of a mind bend. I’ll be showing you this on the YouTube channel. If you’d like to see it, go check out the fun astrology YouTube page for today, and you can get a look at it, but this just put my little antenna up. That may be some other things that were part of the Saturn Pluto conjunction might move into a phase two or a second layer, if you will, just considering the possibility.

Another thing that’s significant is as we move toward the fall. So in other words, as these two retrogrades mature and move towards stationing direct again in the fall, the rest of the chart spreads out a lot more. So the energies will not be as stacked up in two or three signs as they are right now.

Now, can I bend your mind just a little bit more? Remember the two degrees, 28 and 24. So let’s just think of later 20 degrees, because this is going to get too complicated if we try to be precise. So what else is in later 20 degrees in the chart? And this is where, because things are stacked up in two or three signs that we have some sextiles and semi sextiles coming from these two plans.

And the first one we have is really a combination because it’s Neptune and Jupiter in the later degrees of Pisces. So Saturn is in a semi sextile to Neptune and Jupiter. Pluto is in a sextile to Neptune and Jupiter. Next Saturn is squaring the north node of the moon. Pluto then is training the north node of the moon.

And in about 10 days, the sun will be moving right into that same configuration. So it will be squaring, Saturn training Pluto. Now you could go in and you could synthesize every one of those characters and that really should be done, but let’s just look at this broadly. What we’ve just mentioned are all of the outer planets except one Uranus.

So we have Saturn and Pluto. Neptune and Jupiter and the north node of the moon, all intermixed, all wanting to work with each other, all in some kind of favorable aspect that is except Saturn’s square with the north node. And let’s not forget that it is also square to the south node. Okay. Let’s put all of this together.

I’ve just thrown a ton of astrological terminology at you. Let’s turn it into some plain English. Could this be another one of those signs in the sky, those subtle little things that the universe is trying to show us. If we have our antennas out that Saturn and Pluto who are known for shifting eyras from one old stodgy Pluto at 28 Capricorn era into a new reality.

The shifting completion, starting a new era of moving from Pisces to Aries, Neptune, and Jupiter. The very consciousness of the planet is getting ready to wrap up this cycle Pisces and move into a new cycle. The new birth of. But before it can do that, the old structures have to fall Pluto, Capricorn, Saturn square, the nodes, the south node in Scorpio, all pictures of moving the karma from one old structure that doesn’t want to give up into a bright new realm of reality.

Could that be what this chart is trying to tell us right now? I think the possibilities are very strong that it is. Wow. I kind of blown away putting all this together. If this didn’t make a lot of sense visually, or you couldn’t picture it in your mind, come over and check out the YouTube channel. We’ll do it again.

Of course is still on sale. If you want to catch that fun, have a great Tuesday. I’ll see you back tomorrow for hump day already.