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April 28, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller on Wednesday, April 27th. I wanted to tell you about a cool little thing in the sky here. I have my chart set to five 18 this morning in Asheville, North Carolina. So obviously you’ll have to adjust that to your own time perspective, but here is what is in the sky up above the horizon at five 20 in the more.

And actually, as I kept playing with this, I’m going to release this the night before so that if those of you who hear it can get up in the morning to go out and see this, it’s going to be incredible. This is from highest up, down toward the horizon Saturn highest point up next, Mars. Next, this is a wild next Venus.

Then Neptune, then the moan then Jupiter. If you’re an early riser, poke your head out. That is a planetary display. It’s funny. If you look ahead in the chart to, I believe it’s the spring of 20, 24, about this time of year. Everything is going to basically be stacked right there in Aries. I mean, it is like so tight.

We’ll have this again, where you come up in the morning and you’ll see everything. It’ll all be there. Everything that’s visible. So obviously you won’t see Neptune, but you’ll see the rest and it’s going to be quite a show. So let’s break that down again. Saturn then Mars, how far apart are they? They’re 15 degrees apart.

So you’ll see some spread there. And of course, Saturn being much fainter, then look down toward the horizon 13 degrees. So if you want to see what about half of a 30 degree sign is look at the difference between Mars and Venus. You’ll see Venus. It will be variable. Then come down to the moon at 26 degrees Pisces, and then it will be basically conjunct this morning with Jupiter.

Now this will hold today. Tomorrow. The moon will not be part of the party. In fact, after a two and a half hour void, of course it moves into Aries at 1209 this afternoon. And up in that bunch that we were talking about, Venus is sitting right on top of Neptune. So if you wanted to know where Neptune was, look where Venus is.

They’re both at 24 degrees. They can join exactly this afternoon at three 11. Now, yesterday we talked a little bit about money and food. Didn’t we two things that come under Venus’s Tara. And sure enough, the stock market got its third shellacking in four sessions yesterday. There’s no doubt folks. And I have no idea how it’s all playing out, but there’s no doubt in my mind.

And this is just my opine. So take it for what it is that things are moving into position. What position? I don’t know what thing. I don’t know, observe, we did a thing on our Sunday night last, uh, this past Sunday statement that I heard Bob Proctor say, and I heard it with such fresh ears that it really permeated my consciousness.

Observation is power judgment is weakness. Say it again. Observation is power judgment is weakness. When I heard that and it sank in through and into my consciousness. I just kept saying it over and over and over because I wanted that to just roll off of my tongue. The way Bob Proctor said his mentor taught him.

Observation is power judgment is weakness. And I think all too often, we astrologers would do a lot better to observe and look at possibilities, allowing consciousness to move freely, to expand or contract without having all the answers all the time. Observation is power. And what this gives us is the ultimate thing to observe Psalm 19 one, we are observing the very finger of God in the sky showing us the.

Observation is power judgment is weakness. Let’s observe. Then we can be wise. So keep our eye on money and on food. That’s wisdom. In fact, let’s take this observation one step further leading this parade in the morning sky, our Saturn and Mars, the first two up the ancient astrologers would have called them.

Malefics they realized that when these two shows. That challenging things happened often. Then look at the metaphor. This is so obvious. Then we have Venus Neptune, the moon and Jupiter. Wow. What a special day in the sky? What a special moment in this. So Venus and Jupiter, the, to BeneFIX and all of that energy, Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter, beneficence, energy, loving energy, spiritual energy, expansion, energy, good things.

Come to those who wait and who practice their consciousness, energy, bringing up. Could this be the picture of challenging times that lead to transformational times that lead to higher consciousness that lead to everything is far better than it was before? Well, that’s exactly the pattern of the last two Saturn and Pluto conjunctions that have happened in the last 1000 years.

They don’t happen very often. And when we started talking about Saturday and a Pluto back in 2019, one of the obvious patterns was that things always turn out better in the end, but there are challenging tunnels to go through. Well, here is that picture in this morning’s sky and so vivid and so bright.

You can go out and look. Now two other aspects. Let’s talk about very quickly. When you look up there and you see the moon and Jupiter together, know that below the horizon. If you look down into the ground, there’s the north node of the moon and they are sextile to the north node. And if you look up way up in the sky and you won’t see it because it’s not her point, it’s an intersection.

But if you looked up way over your head and then over to. Setting sun over toward the west, the setting sun horizon, the opposite of sunrise up there about 45 degrees or so would be the south node of the moon that infamous south node in Scorpio. And know that the moon and Jupiter back over there, that you look back at our trying to the south.

That’s the moon. That’s our soul. That’s our subconscious mind. Do your spiritual work. Do your consciousness work and your soul will be transformed and you will have blessings to. And then as you look up at the top of the stack again, and you see Saturn’s sitting up there on top of all of this, know that it is squaring, those same nodes of the moon.

So as you look at the collection of planets, know that this is serious business, this is karmic business of the nth degree. Our collective will not escape it, nor will we, so we might as well work with the energy. So as you look up there, just say, I’m here. I’m listening. Teach me, show. Enlightened the way, what a beautiful, beautiful picture starting at about five 20 this morning.

And of course you can work that out with your own time zone. Let’s get out of here so we can go look at the sky, see you back tomorrow. We’ll talk about it. What it looked like. I’m Thomas Miller. Thanks for listening. Let’s go out and make it a great Wednesday.