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March 15, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller on Tuesday, March 15th, 2022. Thanks so much for joining us. Oh, I’ve got something cool. If you’ve noticed in the podcast player, uh, sequence. between the last time we talked and now I have released the interview that I did yesterday with Marilyn Michelle.

The second of our readers that we’re catching up with taking a look at what’s going on in current events and affairs and another surprise, another dog leg, another twist road, as I thought we might spend some time unpacking Pluto. We did. She did. And then the conversation turned to both Venus and Jupiter, which is especially interesting to me because one of the things that I kind of have been sitting with lately and was amplified by the Robert Glasscock, uh, past lives reincarnation event on Sunday, was to really focus on Venus and Venetian characteristics specifically.

TA, which is in my 12th house, which indicates past life in completions and also a south node sitting in Aries, putting the north node in Libra, Venus, Venus, Venus, Venus . And what we talked about is you’ll here in the interview. If you have time to listen is a Venus Jupiter theme emerged with Venus, basically.

Pointing the way, if you will, or becoming the enlightenment or the path through what we’re dealing with right now, but wow. To really say that, okay. Maybe what we need to do is sit with Venus in our chart. And one of the things that I mentioned is I couldn’t think of a better prototype of higher consciousness, which we have been talking about so much here than Venus expanded by Jupiter.

So I’m going to do some real studying and digging and embellishing on Venus because that’s going to be a, you know, how you do a keyword of your year on new year’s day or new year’s Eve, my keyword or theme word for the rest of this year, or at least not maybe word, but focus and embodiment is going to be Venus and Venus’s signs of Taurus and Libra.

The way through is the way of love. And we’ve been saying that in a lot of different ways here, and that message is not going to change. All right. Let’s take a quick look at today. Nothing else to report. pretty much seriously structurally the chart that we talked about yesterday, including the, of, of the moon are pretty much the same with two little exceptions.

One is that the moon goes void. Of course. At 6:55 AM this morning, Eastern time. And it stays that way all the way until one o’clock in the morning. So a big, long, 18 hour void. Of course we talked about it yesterday. The second little exception is that today, the moon itself. Is at the bending of the nodes of the moon.

So the moon is at a square 90 degree angle to the nodes. Now that’s not a big baked in theme. Like we would talk about maybe with the moon wobble, where the sun squares, the nodes. Because that’s a slower, even though the sun is pretty fast, it still is a slower moving theme. This one is a day long kind of thing here, here, right now gone in a few minutes, really?

Literally, almost, but with the moon, we look for triggers and especially right now, because everything is so tense. We’re just looking at when these tense aspects pop off the chart, we’re going to flag them and we’re going to watch them. Just observing the energy is too amped up right now. You know, I think anybody who’s trying to make predictions in amidst this energy would be like, uh, I don’t know, trying to call, uh, trying to trade a market when it’s volatile.

I mean, you’re going to just get chewed up like a buzz saw. That’s the way it is right now. There’s two much blended energy going on. So let’s think of it this way. We have Neptune in the, trying to the south node sextile to the north node, and we have the moon itself at the bending of the nodes. One tense aspect, one easier lighter aspect for us.

Neptune is revealing. Neptune is bringing it up from the deep. Neptune is allowing you to face the truth of the situation in that positive aspect, the moon, maybe emotions, or maybe some kind of trigger. That causes you over the next 48 hours or so to face something that might move you forward Carly, something from the past, something that you may have brought into this life, something created during this life, an opportunity to complete, but in order to complete it, you have to be able to see it.

So the illumination is there today, and so is. The wisdom of a path into, and through it, not much else to talk about today, the big themes we’ve already parsed and the movement of the moon is basically the feature. This week. We do have a full moon on Friday, and a lot of people are looking forward to this.

The sun moves into Aries on Sunday, and I say, the reason is because there no fire, there are no fire planets in the chart. Right now. Well, except the moon, but, you know, we can’t really count that because it moves so fast, but no big theme builders in fire. So when the sun moves into Aries, we’re finally going to get some bonafide fire back in our lives.

And in our. Astrological chart. So that happens Sunday. All right. You guys have a great day. Listen to Marilyn Michelle, if you can, and Delia, and I will see you back tomorrow, sending tion love. Why.