March 16, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller on Wednesday hump day, March 16th, 2022. Glad you’re with us. We’re going to set up the rest of the week and kind of take a helicopter approach today. Let’s zoom up and zoom out so that we see some of these aspects and energies that are affecting us right now in the sky.

Quick little announcement first and a shout out a happy birthday. Shout out. Stevie McGuire is one of our 1 0 1 course students. She got a reading from me back when I was doing them and incorporated several of the things that came up in her reading that were pretty obvious from her chart. And one of those is blending.

Art and astrology. So she has given us a birthday present from her on her birthday. It was yesterday and she, uh, there’s an announcement on our Facebook page. If you’d like to go check that out. Subconscious mind mastery and fun astrology podcast listeners on Facebook, her website is I E Y E like your eye that you see through, I

And right at the top, you’ll see the tab that says custom birth chart. Art. I could not think of a cooler present to give someone including to give to yourself, especially in these times when we need some self care, she will paint you a custom birth chart. How cool is that. And for her birthday, she’s giving us a 10% discount.

If you will type in fun astrology and all caps, one word, fun astrology at the checkout, you will get a 10% discount. And actually you get three of those per email, a very generous gift. If from somebody who has been living her chart. And if you have a special birthday coming up in your family and want to give an amazing gift.

Wow. What about a custom birth chart hand painted by Stevie? All right. Let’s take a look at kind of the rest of the week. Zooming up in the fun astrology helicopter today. The moon entered Virgo at 1:00 AM, and that is sign EF because Virgo is where it will be in the later degrees of Virgo on the full moon.

Which is early, early Friday morning. So your best full moon viewing will be Thursday evening, no other major aspects between now and then, but I’m already seeing some writeups online about this full moon and a couple of interesting things. One is of course, it’s going to be opposite Neptune because the sun and Neptune are so close together.

The moon will be opposite that, but the big one that everybody is kind of pointing out is that it’s in Arine to Pluto. Now I also would mention that it’s in a Rine to the north node, which then makes it a carmic grand trine in earth signs, Pluto in Capricorn, the moon in Virgo, the north node in Taurus.

Now we’re catching this 48 hours or so before it happens. So you have two days to bask in this applying energy. When we say three 20 in the morning, that will be Eastern time us on Friday when the full moon occurs. You know, what I really like about this is that it is not disruptive energy. It’s calm earth energy.

So this full moon is going to be one to really BA in. It shouldn’t be as nervous even the though it is opposed to Neptune. We’re not gonna get all freaked out about that now. Some people are looking at a Sesqua square to Venus and Mars certainly acknowledge that that is a minor aspect and it is a negative aspect and it is to two planets that have had a significant voice in the chart, as we know over the past month.

But let’s just hold that that’s muted. If you will, Venus and Mars have their hands full because they’re marching towards Saturn in Aquarius. So maybe they won’t even look up and notice that the moon might be connected a little bit. We kind of got that drift from our conversation with Marilyn Michelle yesterday.

Didn’t we, that really Venus has been trying to hang on through this. Poor thing. It’ll pull away here before too long. But right now those three have got their hands full in the sign of Aquarius. And yes, we should be watching that as they March towards Saturn. But for this full moon on Friday, let’s just keep minor aspects minor.

The other minor aspect is the same as Sesqua square with Uranus and the moon. So let’s acknowledge that there are some triggers and some things that could be possible, but let’s also stand in that we have a couple of other things going on. First of all, mercury is moving toward Jupiter. We’ll talk about that when we get back on Monday, but that’s actually another positive in my book because they’re applying in Pisces.

So could it be maybe. Let’s hope let’s put it out there in the world that these sides that are involved in this conflict might sit down and have a productive mercurial conversation that could lead to PI in peace. Let’s say that Jupiter is humanitarian and it offers an olive branch. The other thing from our helicopter perspective up here that we have to take a look at is on Sunday because the sun enters Aries at 1130 in the morning, Eastern time.

And this is another big one. And it’s applying or moving, obviously toward the sign change, we’re getting stronger. It’s starting to feel some fire. You might think, well, we don’t need more fire right now going on. Well, what we do need is direction. We need course. We’ve been drifting a little bit watery and airy over these last couple of months.

We’ve been without some of that fire and we need fire to move things forward. So maybe one of the things that some fire could move forward is some kind of cease fire or peace treaty. And I know it could go the other way, but let’s stand on the positive side and in your life and mine, if we’ve been feeling a little bit wobbly here over the last couple of months, yes.

We’ll get some direction in our and clarity. He, in our own life too, and the juice to move some things forward. If you felt stuck, maybe we’ll get unstuck as well. And then as we previously mentioned on Monday mercury lines up with Jupiter. So let’s just hope for positive outcomes. Good communication, new directions, moving things forward.

Peace on earth and a grounded, earthy, full moon on Friday. When I kind of retooled this podcast a couple of years in, I made a commitment to myself that when I needed time, I was going to take time. And I realized yesterday that I need some time. So I’m going to ask you for the next two days off, let’s reconvene on Monday.

So, because the next big thing ahead of us is the full moon let’s end with. Oh.

Happy hoing on Friday. Be sure to listen to Delia and Marilyn Michelle, I’ll leave you with a lot of content to digest between now and then have a great rest of the week. And I’ll see you back Monday.