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March 14, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Let’s get another week kicked off Monday, March 14th, 2022. Thanks for joining us. I’m Thomas Miller. Glad you’re here. If you didn’t catch it yesterday, I released an interview, really a conversation with Delia golden about some of the world events. I’m going to do this with each of the three people that we have to doing readings for us at fun. Marilyn Michelle will be up next and then Laura Taft probably in a week or so. And just wanted to get their perspectives on some of the angles and aspects of what’s going on in the world. So that is available from yesterday. If you’d like to catch that to my great surprise, and we did not have notes when we sat down to talk a mercury theme about communication emerged from our conversation.

We have a fairly light week in the sky this week, few aspects that we’ll talk about along the way, nothing super big. The moon entered Leo yesterday afternoon, about three 30 Eastern time there. It still is today. By now the moon at eight degrees, as I’m looking at this from this mornings about seven 30 in the morning chart is spraying off several negative aspects.

For example, it’s square to Uranus. It’s opposite Mars, Sesqua square, the sun and Neptune 130 degree aspect there. And it’s trying to Chiron and also in a Quin UNS with mercury. Did you know that’s how you’re supposed to pronounce it? I learned that from Steve’s, uh, Steve for endless sky book, Quin S Quin S not Quin conks, Quin S anyway.

how did we get off on that? So the moon is throwing off some grumpy emotions right now. Bottom line. And this was discussed last night on our healing convergence session that we did on our Facebook page. So if you’re not part of that, you’d like to be, come join us. Subconscious mind mastery and fun astrology podcast listeners group on Facebook.

And you, you can watch the replay of what we were talking about. But one of the things that I think is going along with the energy right now is not astrological. I mean, we’ve picked the astrology of this apart, Mars and Venus that conjunction that tight conjunction as it passed over Pluto was very, very strong.

But one of the themes or topics that came up last night was just the angst that everybody’s feeling. And a lot of people are feeling a heaviness right now about various things. It might be the uncertainty of our future. It might be that you filled up your car this weekend. A myriad of things that could be causing just angst and turmoil, you know, for one thing, just the planet itself as an energy body did not get to rest from the last episode and rolled right into this one.

So we’re all coming on the heels of tension and already fatigue, but here’s one thing to keep in mind. We focus on the energy of the sky, the energy of the heavens. Well, right now, Millions of fellow humans are sending fear, dread sadness, loss, panic, fighting uncertainty, all of that kind of energy up into the sky, into the energetic universe.

So what we do on our a little eight o’clock thing on Sunday nights is just try to send love to them and to the universe itself, just to put love out. And I think that’s one of the things that we have to realize is that as we are feeling this angst, we are also connecting empathically with the angst of these precious people who are fighting for their very survival and for their homes, people who have in the last, since the 24th lost relatives.

Lost dads, lost kids, lost wives, lost their pets, lost their homes. All of that collective energy is there to be picked up. Now, like I said, that doesn’t have any astrological tie, but then when you look at the moon, which is also our emotions and you see it throwing off a spray of basic conflict intention, and when one of those is an opposition to Mars, Then you know that we’ve got some tense air coming from our most representative emotional planet, the moon.

Course, basically better dubbed luminary than planet, but you know what I’m talking about, we also have the ongoing square with Saturn and the nodes of the moon. And today we have applying the sun will be sex tiling to the north node and training to the south node later today. That will be at 10:43 PM tonight.

So there’s just a lot of punch right now around karma Saturn on the nodes, the nodes and the sun. Chiron today is in a Rine with the moon. So these are all pointing to carmic business, being done on planet earth. Now the moon is active today, throwing off this big spray of aspects, but tomorrow in the morning, about the same time, 6 55 tomorrow morning, the moon goes on a long void, of course.

So it will be 18 hours. That will be void, of course, until it moves into Virgo. At 1258 or basically 1:00 AM on Wednesday morning, Eastern time. So the moon is super active today and then super quiet tomorrow. The thing that I’ve got my eye on is that opposition tomorrows. So we’ll see how that goes. Of course that’s basically for most of today, but then it will weigh away a from that exact aspect.

So we’ll see if there were any triggers around that. Everything else is pretty much as it has been. And the rest of the energies are pretty much stable for the rest of this week. All right, you guys have a good one. We’re going to keep our eye on everything and update as needed or warranted, or at least the regular time tomorrow.

Have a great day sending love and peace together world.