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February 16, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

(Howl) Welcome into the Wednesday, February 16th, full moon fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller here coming to you from the woods of Georgia. We’re going to get the van rolling back into the podcast of where I am and where I’m going and what I’m doing. I came down here to Augusta Georgia, because it’s not too far from the storage unit in Hickory.

It’s about three hours, but it’s a way where I could get away and I’d wanted to come check this town out. Anyway. I have been here before, but it was a long time ago. It was in the spring time and I just remembered how beautiful it was. Yes. I will drive by the Augusta national golf course at some point. I know I won’t be able to see in there.

I know I won’t be able to get in, but what I did was thinking about is if there’s a no fly zone there, I have my drone with me and I could just hover it right up to the top of the trees. Be real in obscure. Zoom around and look around, down in there a little bit. Don’t think if it’s not in a no fly zone that I might try to do it, we will see it, but I will not violate the FAA.

That’s for sure. All right, van life enough. Let’s talk about the sky above us for today, but I am going to bring the stories back in. It’ll be fun. Oh, I did the video yesterday. About this on our Facebook group, page, subconscious mind mastery and fun astrology podcast listeners on Facebook. If you’d like to join over there, I am going to be dropping stuff in there.

And as I expand out to other venues, I will let you know here. The full moon is in Leo at 1156 tomorrow morning. Eastern time. It is at 28 degrees, Leo. Exactly. So if you have anything, any angular points is your a. Or your mid-heaven at 28 degrees. Well, those points and also your or Napier could also be affected as well at 28.

In fact, the Nater, which is the cusp of the fourth house, we’re talking about the angular point that begins the fourth house is at 14 degrees. Leo, the moon will be at 28, so it’s almost right there. The reason I say this and I was that’s where my eyes fell. As I was looking at the chart was down at the bottom, basically the south pole, if you will, bottom of the chart, I was looking right around that fourth house cusp because the moon was at 28, the IC, the Nater in Cola quail.

I was at 14 and I was just thinking, Hmm, that has something to do with our ground. And our structure because the cusp right there, almost a Virgo, we’re two degrees away from Virgo. So there’s this Leo expression moderated by the Virgo temperance. And you can say particularly related to your soul, the core, the guts, the subconscious of your soul also because we’re right there at the fourth.

Could also be home and family, your roots, where you are, where you’re making home, how you’re expressing home could also have that little bit of balance between a little bit of flash and flair, but also this much needed stability that we are anchoring ourselves to in the world. Right. Well, let’s take the opposite of that because this is a full moon, the sun and the moon are opposite each other in the chart.

So that puts the sun right up there on the mid-heaven and it’s in Aquarius. So we’re talking about astrology, we’re talking about your career advancing. We’re talking about new era’s new ways of doing things. In your career and misses one of the things that I’ve been on for the last, I don’t know, five or six years just intuitively and who would have known that it would have turned into this about branching into new areas, taking on things that I didn’t know how to do.

One of the things that I did in North Carolina is some infrastructure work. I wired everything where I wasn’t having to just be in this spaghetti Fest all the time in the. And I got the television set that’s in here wired, not with TV. I don’t watch it. One channel is the computer that I’m recording this on and right behind that is the astrology chart and the audio books that I’m now recording on.

The second channel of HTMI is the stock market charts. That’s me. You want to watch, somebody says, Hey, Thomas, you want to watch some TV? Yeah, we’ll watch some astrology charts or we’ll watch the stock market. That’s those are the two channels out here in the woods, but that’s what I did and wire this up.

And both of those represent both channels, represent new income streams that were created in the last 18 months. That’s an Aquarian signature. New innovations, new ways of doing things, learning new skills, learning new techniques. If you are stuck in yesterday’s newspaper or blog posts or social media posts, I would encourage you to really take a look at what can you do that aligns with your.

Can be of service to the world. And if you have to learn something new in order to do it, I would get busy on it yesterday, especially under this kind of configuration. Plus the cool part about it is it really flows with this model that we’ve been on since early December, really of Capricorn old stodgy, move on, identify things that need to be revamped.

What needs a new coat of paint in your life? Move that into Aquarius. Come up with the radical new invention. And then move it into Pisces, make sure that you bless it with that spiritual energy that is so alive in Pisces right now, the intuition, the perception, the insight, and don’t let the shadow side of that.

Pisces, Neptune get ahold of you because you’ll start popping open bottles and pills and stuff like that, and go down bad paths. And that’s the other side. That’s the deception side is just as alive right now as the inspirations. Choose inspiration. Right after that almost high noon, full moon. We have a void, of course, that goes until just 3:45 PM.

Not very long, three hours, 45 minutes, basically. And the moon moves into Virgo, which I am really glad for because I’m using today’s energy to blast out a bunch of the rest of the audio book that I’ve been working on. And then I’ll use the energy to Polish it and get it out. Now that’s using this. And Fred will be happy.

I hope you guys have a great day. Have a wonderful full moon. Let’s do it again all together now. (Howl)