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February 17, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast for Thursday, February 17th, Friday, February 18th and Saturday and Sunday….Hi, Thomas Miller. We have one big event over the next four days, and really, even other than a moon change on. It continues on because the planetary structure that we have right now is pretty much what it’s going to be for a while.

So we do have one big change and that happens tomorrow. So let’s just hop over today, Thursday, and let’s talk about tomorrow and then I’m going to leave it with you for the weekend and take a little extra day off because we will have already talked about everything that there is to talk. Now got a little extra noise in the background.

I’ll tell you why, because it is such a beautiful day in Georgia. I am recording this actually on Wednesday evening, such a, I mean just delicious weather that I through the back doors open and I threw the side door open and the van is completely open. So if it feels like you’re right here at the campsite with me, you are welcome aboard.

In fact, I’m going to go look tonight. You ought to check this out in the Southwestern, Scott. You can see serious really, really well. It’s probably about, I don’t know, 20, 25 degrees up off the horizon. You can get one of those spotting apps for your phone. I use one called star map 3d plus, and it’s a really good one for spotting, things like that, but serious is well, the author that I’ve narrated all the audio books for Fred.

Believes that it is a very high consciousness environment, even higher than the plates and the Pleiades are right up. So you go serious Orion’s belt and then play at ease and you can see it all in that Southwestern sky. If you have a clear sky tonight ought to be gorgeous. Okay. Let’s talk about, see that breeze it’s coming through.

You hear it in the microphone. Uh, it’s that perfect temperature where it’s. Totally room comfortable to be outside. And then the breeze just has that little edge of chill to it. Ah, it’s so nice. Okay. So we have a Piscean sun change Friday morning at 11:43 AM. Eastern time. Now we’ve been talking about Pisces now we’re there for 30 days.

All of us, the sun, our radiant shining out is Piscean beginning tomorrow. For the next 30 days. So the first thing is an awareness of where is Pisces in your chart? What houses, house or houses does it rule? Are you a Piscean rising, for example? What degree do you have Pisces on the mid-heaven? What degree?

What planets are in Pisces, whereas Neptune in your chart, because it is in Pisces transiting, but where is it in your natal chart? And you could also be looking at where is Pisces relative to your sun, moon and rising sign. These are all very important synthesis points that you could go back and relisten to that list.

Even writing it down and capture all those elements so that you have it right there with you. This. And the reason that I’m saying is the next 30 days are going to be extra, extra powerful and special is because of Jupiter. The ancient ruler of Pisces and Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces are both in Pisces.

So right now, as of tomorrow, we will have three planets in Pisces that we’ll stay until March 10th. Now mercury will enter Pisces on March 10. And mercury is like that driver over in the right hand lane, you know, that speeds up and then slows down and then speeds up and then slows down. That’s mercury.

In fact, when you see one of those drivers just go, ah, mercury, because mercury is getting ready to speed. And it’s going to enter Pisces on March 10th, all the way from one degree, Aquarius, it it’s buggy and we’ll put it that way. So from March 10th, until March 20th, when the sun moves into Aries, we will have mercury in Pisces as well.

So this is going to be really key as far as intuitive communication, those 10 days. Of course, we’ll talk about this in three weeks when we get there, but those 10 days in mid-March are going to be highly, highly communicative as far as hearing from your intuition. Another interesting thing about when the sun moves into Pisces to kick all of this off at zero degrees, that’s according to what I’m looking at 1143 in the morning, Eastern time, my chart is set to Atlanta.

The sun will be in the 10th house, right at the cusp of the 10th house at zero degrees. I’m looking at a whole sign chart now. So the end grass into Pisces in 2022, after all we’ve been through. Is in the 10th house of basically you would say career, but what if somebody doesn’t work? What if somebody, you know, is staying at home, raising children, they don’t work.

They work harder than 10 of you up at the office, 20 of you. So what if, so, what if you don’t have a full-time job? You know what, if you’re traveling around in a van, you know, but it’s what we do to make our impact on the world. That’s what’s represented in the 10th house. So when the sun moves in this year, it moves in, in that house in the 10th house.

I just think it’s super significant that we’re getting less little morsel from the universe saying that the Piscean characteristics of spirituality. Higher consciousness, the subconscious and subconscious mind intuitive impulses reaching beyond the physical, into the nonphysical are all represented as the shining out of this.

Does this mean that angels are going to be riding down from heaven on chariots in sometime in March and sweeping assault now, you know, better than that. But what I do think it is really cool that the universe just gave us this little morsel of alignment to say, we are moving in a higher consciousness direction.

If we choose. Now what’s on the other side of Pisces. What’s on the other side of all of that, that I just mentioned lies, deception, confusion, misalignment addiction, escapism. I mean, I said deception was just pointed out pure outlying falsification becoming so withdrawn that you just drown it all out. So I think the big question here is where’s the alignment going to be?

And that’s what we will be unpacking all the way through Pisces season. So get your points that we talked about, know where all of this is in your chart, because we’ll be spending quite a good bit of time as the various aspects, hit the sun and hit the other Piscean planets as they are doing. Even right now, we have a mystic rectangle with this ingress.

We have the moon, the nodes of the moon and Neptune. Could it get any more clear? We are on a spiritual journey. And as we’ve been talking about, since December back in Capricorn season, we’ve been moving from the old, into the revolutionary new, and now for the next 30 days, we’re going to focus on moving it in to our spiritual.

That’s going to be an amazing journey and I can’t wait to make it with you. So let’s spend the weekend meditative. Let’s take three days and just go with them. Let’s do some Piscean water evaluation, deep inside, go all the way down. It represents the depths of the ocean dare to go there in your soul. And that we’ll see you back on Monday.

I’m Thomas Miller. Let’s close out the week. The way we began it. I love thanks for listening.