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February 15, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

It’s Tuesday, February 15th. And you are with the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. Glad you are here. We’re going to talk about the Pluto return today. This will be a safe day. I think those of you who don’t like when I go off. Talking about current events. We’ll be okay. You can hang with it today.

I’ll let you know if we change that tomorrow. And thank you guys for good comments on iTunes. I really do appreciate that. I wish the other folks would have the guts to email me, but now they don’t. So that’s okay. They’ll go away. Thank you for your support. I do appreciate it. Let’s talk about the chart.

What’s going on. Nothing different from yesterday. Mercury is now an Aquarian mercury. The moon is a Leo moon about 13 degrees, middle of the sign today. And I thought we would talk a little bit about what’s coming up this Sunday, which is the first of three Pluto returns for the United States chart because of the retrograde shuffle.

There will be three alignments in 2022 at 27 degrees, 33 minute. And we’ve talked about this quite a bit, but we don’t have any significant comparison historically that we can look back at and say, ah, when a major superpower whose currency is basically the benchmark of trade. And that’s one of, I think the important things, because Pluto has a monetary component to it and Venus is sitting right next door on this.

But we don’t have that kind of scenario that we can look back and mark 250 years and say, ah, that is something that we might take a look at expecting one of the things we can for sure. Say, and with good astrological interpretation is that we are in it right now. Now the question I would pose is how long have we been in.

And that brings us, of course, to the question of orbs. In other words, how far prior to 27 degrees, 33 minutes of Capricorn, would this transiting Pluto have to be in order to be affecting the natal Pluto of the United States? Well, if we go back to ancient astrology and the roots of this craft, we find that astrologers usually considered 10 degrees.

So I checked my Astro gold settings. They were between seven and 10. So I like 10. So if we go back to where Pluto was at 26 degrees, 33 minutes, that date is March 26th, 2021. So that puts us within the 10 degree window of transiting Pluto affecting the United States NATO. But I’m just thinking and go with me here.

I’m, I’m playing out of bounds. This is Thomas out of bounds, but in playing out of bounds could a planet that takes 250 years basically to orbit the sun that in a return that we don’t have experience with that we could actually be talking about a much wider or. In fact, let me say this solar arcs, which we talk about in the 1 0 1 course are a form of progressed charts.

Bringing the chart up to date. A solar arc planet spends 30 years in a sign 30 years. Now I’ve observed that we can be talking a five year cusp there. In other words, it takes a while for the 30 year old sign to exhaust itself. And for the new sign to kick in, that’s just over 30 years. We’re talking about with Pluto over eight times that length.

So could we even say eight times five and five is just my number? That’s an observatory number, but could we say that we’ve been in some kind of influence of this very powerful return for 40 years, 50, 60. Where does that take us back basically to around 1960 now, obviously any country company, person, anything over 60 years is going to have had a lot of ebb and flow events during the course of that time.

That’s normal. That’s not what we’re talking about here. And we’re dealing with Capricorn. So we’re talking about structure. We’re talking about the foundation, the bones, not the skin. The Pluto return question would be more of what ground has been set during that period that might make a difference.

Especially this year, as we experienced these three exact aspects, that’s getting into things like cultural shifts, philosophical shifts, progression of the society, the battle that we’re seeing between the two political parties right now that is getting a chasm farther and farther apart. Et cetera, et cetera.

So I think we have to observe that. And the next thing we observe are there going to be shifts bigger than just those normal events. Again, changing the bone. And because Pluto is in Capricorn, I would be looking at a keyword of old structures, failed systems, all a garlicky, uh, the old saying absolute power corrupts.

Absolutely. Because if you think about what happened, the challenge to the British colonial rule and their taxation erupted in basically the explosion of the independence freedom movement that happened in the later degrees of. Going back to the 17 hundreds here now, obviously. And then that turned into an Aquarian fight for independence that went on all the way into the early 18 hundreds, because just like what’s happening now, right after the declaration of independence, just a few years, Pluto moved into a.

Different game. And I don’t know exactly what that old Capricornia and structure is going to emerge as being defined as I think there are pockets of change. Absolutely. But is it wide sweeping enough that it would be a tide that would carry things through to the aquarium fresh air that we breathe after those wars were over in the 18 hundreds, and this country started to expand westward and really.

Is that being replicated yet in this new era, if we’re right at the beginning of this Pluto return, or are we going to encounter some things this year that might trip that domino in Robert Glass Cox, solar arc practicums that I’ve been participating in, he has laid substantial groundwork to indicate that there might be events.

That certainly could move things in that kind of direction, but we’ll keep an eye on it. The first exact Pluto return will happen on Sunday. So the thing for us to do as conscious creators is hold the new in our minds and not worry about the mechanics of changing the bone. Let’s keep our focus on what the new dynamic and the new paradigm could possibly be, and we can help bring it right on in that’s what we’ll be focused on around here.

And thank you for being along for the ride. I’m Thomas Miller. Thanks for listening.