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January 28, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

TGI Friday and welcome to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller in here to close out the week on Friday, January 28th. If you are sensitive to voids, of course, moon’s well, you’re going to be sensitive today because at 1:59 PM. So two o’clock this afternoon, east coast time, the moon goes void. Of course, for a big one 14 hours all the way until four o’clock tomorrow.

When it finally moves into Capricorn. So a long Sagittarian void of course this afternoon. And then tonight the one that we talked about yesterday, mercury in retrograde conjoins Pluto. And certainly because of that position, that Pluto is in, as it is returning to that spot where it began with the United States in 1776, Pluto is in a sensitive spot in the chart.

It is just shy of 28 degrees. And that 28 degree mark is where Mars is exalted in Capricorn. And of course, Mars has now entered Capricorn. It has made its way all the way to almost three degrees in today. That Mars is in Capricorn. Venus is in Capricorn. Pluto is in Capricorn and mercury is in Capricorn, lots of Capricornia and energy in the chart right now.

And of course, two of those are in retrograde and one of them is out of bounds. So not only is it Capricornia and stacked with a big old stellium in there right now, it’s a wonky stellium to boot. I was thinking about that Mars out of bounds just yesterday. In fact, reflecting on some things and.

Wondering where that’s been showing up. I’m not sure that I’ve got a good lock on where it’s showing up. And so maybe that’s a good thing. Knock on wood. It’s not out of bounds for much longer. We talked about the impacts of this. Look for learning. Look for knowledge, look for new thoughts. Look for a communicated message from the universe to maybe pop around the side of a wall or out from behind a tree and surprise you a little.

And maybe it does end one path and begin another. And if it does let that be okay. Now another quick chart check you could do on your own chart, where is Capricorn and what house are all of these planets in now that they are transiting? So find two degrees. Capricorn that’s Mars, 11 degrees. That’s. 26 is Pluto and today mercury, and find where those points are in your chart and look at those houses and look at those other aspects to other planets and see if anything shows up.

Now, if you’d like to learn all of this from the course that I put together, the astrology fund astrology 1 0 1 course, wait until February 3rd. If you want to buy it now, go ahead and buy it now. And I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I will refund you the difference of the price, but on February 3rd, it’s going to go on mercury turns direct sale.

So I’ll get you covered one way or the other. You’ll get the sale price. If you just have to have it. Get it. Now, if you want to wait just a little few bit here and celebrate mercury turning retro grade by getting the course. You’re welcome to do that too. Now tomorrow, another big deal in the chart. Let’s mark this 3 45, a M Venus turns direct.

And remember, we were talking about this just yesterday. In fact. Venus slowing down so much right now that all of these Venetian characteristics are amplified. So if you have a big venous placement in your chart, you’ve got a Taurus rising Libra, rising Taurus, sun Libra, sun Libra, moon, Taurus, moon, any of them.

You get the idea, or if you have strong venous aspects in your chart, maybe Venus is right on top of your son. Maybe you have Venus conjunct or square Saturn in the seventh house, whatever it is that you might have some Venusian energy in your chart, then it would be worth realizing that that can be very amplified for you now also for all of us collectively the areas around money and love.

And our beauty and our home and our, uh, our creative, beautiful security. If you will, that security that we put in our established places, spoken from the guy who now lives in a van, never an established place. Maybe there’s some volution energy coming through there as well. So not only do we have powerful Venetian energy right now, we will have direct Venus energy after tomorrow morning.

And then about 20 minutes after that, the moon ends that long void. Of course, we mentioned yesterday and moves into Capricorn. That’s at 4:08 AM Eastern tomorrow, then on Sunday at two 30 in the afternoon. The sun squares Uranus. Now, this is interesting. We were talking about Venus training Uranus two days ago.

Now on Sunday, the sun, and even we could say now the sun is applying or moving toward that aspect, which crescendos at. Sunday afternoon, expect the unexpected. And yes, it could definitely happen in the areas that we’ve been talking about. It could happen around mercury and Pluto in your life. It could also happen around these Venusian areas that we’ve been talking about, or it could be some spark of illumination that causes you to look at one of these areas.

And with those themes in the chart, especially that theme of Capricorn with that big stellium, you’ve got so much energy and capital. Look at things that don’t serve you anymore. What could change? What could you modify? What could you let go of or just pure Plutonian death and transformation out with the old end, with the new breathe, that Aquarian energy and create something new to move you toward your true self.

That is the weekend’s energy. And I will see you back here on Monday. Have a great weekend. Take care. Sending each of you. Lots of. Thanks so much for listening.