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January 31, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fund astrology podcast Monday, January 31st, we’re going to turn a page as Bob Seger would have said back in the day and start a new month tomorrow, but we have business today. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. I have a special announcement for those of you in our 1 0 1 course. We were supposed to do a live last week and I’m going to address that at the.

Today. So let’s get past the astrology and then I’d like to talk to the folks in our course for just a second, we’ve got an apology, an explanation, and a plan. So we’ll talk about that at the end. And actually what happened there might actually kind of fit what’s going on in a macro to, in, in some kind of way, because it covered some of the bases that we are dealing with in the astrological chart right now.

Particularly when we compare the chart to the headlines, which we’re going to do today, we don’t do that a lot. But when you have as vivid of an example, going on in the world, that matches the chart, oh, you have to take advantage of that. And we do, and we are going to take a look at that together here in just a second.

Let’s set the stage. We are waking up this morning to an Aquarian moon. It moves in at 4:42 AM. Eastern time. And of course the sun is also in Aquarius. It’s at 11 degrees today. So that’s going to be key to what we’re talking about across this whole thing today. So moon in Aquarius, sun in Aquarius, and the big astronomical event and astrological event happens tonight slash tomorrow, depending on what time zone you’re in, we have a new moon.

Eastern or Atlantic time zones. It will be just after midnight, 1245 Eastern time. So as you back that up, obviously, if you are in central mountain or Pacific or Hawaii, then it’s going to be before and it will end up being a Monday new moon. Now what’s our big Aquarian mantra. Don’t tell me what to do and tuck that away for just a second.

We have a mercury retrograde. And we have a five degree. Capricornian Mars. That’s the other key Mars moved into Capricorn last week, as you remember, and just as it did, look at what is already taking place, how you fit this together is so classically perfect. That we just have to take a look at it now, ground rules.

I am not taking a position on this. I’m just quoting what’s going on in a very important area of our world, because I believe that conservatives and liberals and independence and libertarians, and everybody have astrological charts. And I want to be able to talk to all of y’all that’s Texan. All of you, everybody.

All of y’all, but I want you to see what’s and feel what’s going on here compared to the astrological chart. Don’t tell me what to do. The moon just moved into Aquarius. We have Mars. In Capricorn, we’ve been talking about this for the last two weeks or more. Really? It goes back to early December. When I started talking about that Aquarian, we had three planets in I’m sorry, three planets in Capricorn, three planets in Aquarius, three planets in Pisces.

That’s the whole picture. Moving from the stodgy old, what doesn’t serve into the new also Mars moving into Capricorn, challenging the authority. Challenging the status quo, challenging what doesn’t serve. In Canada right now, there are over 50,000 trucks that have converged on the Capitol. They are following this chart to a T.

So the energy that is permeating, the macro is being picked up by these people who are saying enough is enough Aquarian. Don’t tell me what to do. And as they marched toward. Mars was already moving into Capricorn and the moon was headed toward Aquarius let’s March on the Capitol Mars in Capricorn to challenge the status quo, Justin Trudeau.

And remember he comes from a political lens. About a mandate. Don’t tell me what to do that these people are willing to go without income for an unforeseen period of time in order to make their point mercury retrograde. And I saw some headlines from yesterday in the Washington post. Very much bucking against this mood.

And the headline Siemens shifted over the weekend from just the event to then the sides. The polarity started to develop the people that were on the supporting side and the people that were on the antagonistic, non supporting side and the social media war of words began. Now here’s another one yesterday at 2:31 PM.

Eastern time as these trucks were pulling into. The sun squared Uranus. And over the weekend, they smuggled Justin Trudeau out because they feared for his safety. I have not seen that there have been any physical threats, but I totally get it. 50,000 truckers is intimidating enough on any front. And when was the last time you saw about a 300 mile long convoy of trucks heading to a national Capitol?

Is that not the sun squaring? And one other thing. And then we’re going to wrap this up tonight at 10:25 PM. The moon squares Uranus. So this is passionate, very passionate. As we take a step back from this. And we think about some of the things that we’ve looked at on the big picture. And this is some of the recordings that I have in the freebie section of the fun website.

We talked about the macro and looked at a lot of these aspects going forward. As we move into 20 24, 20 25, a lot of this energy shifts, Pluto leaves, Capricorn and moves into Aquarius. Saturn leaves, Aquarius and moves into Pisces. Way on down there, Neptune leaves, Pisces and moves into Aries, and that’s going to create a whole nother dynamic.

So there’s a lot of shifting coming up down the line. But one of the things that we said is that when Pluto moves into Aquarius, one of the classic battles that is going to be staged is exactly what we’re seeing here. Authoritarian control meats. Don’t tell me what to do. And I think that this is only a precursor of, we will be seeing a lot more of this in the years to come also in these Robert Glasscock practicums that I’ve been doing, we’ve seen the Mars signature and Capricorn, and been talking about that on a macro level.

And there are going to be challenges to status quo. Now that’s a quick transit. Remember Mars is a trigger so that we’ve got the trigger in place here, but when you look at it on a solar arc chart where it’s very, very slow, Thematic, we have an upcoming aspect that indicates that there will be more challenge on the horizon and look at how quickly this popped up.

I mean, all of a sudden, we’re just seeing images of this convoy and it’s permeating social media and it came like out of nowhere, obviously the truckers knew about it cause they’re communicating on their own level, but those of us it’s like, wow, surprise Uranus. All right. That wraps us up for the podcast part.

I’m going to let those of you who are not in the course. Jump off here. We’ll see you back tomorrow. Thanks for this. Those of you in the 1 0 1 course, we were supposed to do a zoom live on Thursday night and I missed it and I apologize. I have felt terrible for the last four days thinking about this. And I am truly sorry that that happened not only once, but twice, because this was the.

Strike out. And it’s a two strike inning. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not going to give myself more latitude to have that happen again and take your time. And I respect that you set aside this time to be there, to hear astrology and it didn’t happen twice. And I am so sorry. Now, if you are in the course and I’ll check the registrations on this, but if you’re in the course and you are on.

I want you to go to the fun website. Pick one of the reports that you don’t have. One of the computer generated reports, and I will send you one, just send me an email and I will get that in your hands. That’s the best about the best I can do here to say, I’m sorry to put some skin on the table and to respect your time and to compensate you for that.

Now here’s what happened. I produce a radio show in Dallas. I have a critical piece of equipment that makes that happen. It failed. And I was sent into overdrive and I was in kind of remote area of Florida and I had to go drive to get one. And I was simply paralyzed to message out in the midst of that crisis.

And this has nothing to do with the van. This was all about a, an equipment failure, a piece of equipment completely failed. And I had three interviews stacked up on Friday for my radio client, which are kind of a big. So that was the, what was behind it now the plan. So obviously van life is still getting settled in, I’m not a pro at this.

I’m still a rank amateur and I’m getting it figured out, but I’m realizing that my schedule was full before the van and the van has added an extra element of daily to do’s because you got to keep this thing going and it’s, it’s like having a dog. It takes regular daily throughout the day. Maintenance.

So I’m getting all that still integrated. So what I’m going to do is deliver some videos to you guys, and this is something that all of you can have, uh, not just those of you that were on zoom. So this is a way that at least I can put some of the material out that we would have covered. Now, if you have questions, why don’t you do a speak pipe?

Ask the question, but state on there. Hey, this is so-and-so from the course, and I don’t want this on the podcast. This is a course question. And I will answer that either directly to you, if it’s private or if it’s something that you don’t mind me sharing to the group, we’ll make it public label it if you want it private.

So that’s how we’re going to get the train back on the tracks. We’ll get some videos dribbled out. These will be posted. And the course section of discord, they’re going to be a private link and they will be in the discord channel. So watch that I will put them in there when I get them. See, I have to go find wifi to do these videos.

So it’s going to be a little bit of a process. So let me work through the logistics of that, but I will get you some videos up there. This one. I’m going to be in Wi-Fi range for most of this week. Yay. Looking forward to that and we’ll get these up to you this week. All right. We will get that done. So ask me questions.

If you would like on speak pipe, I’ll get you videos and we’ll kind of recreate it where everybody can enjoy it and you can listen on your own. So again, I apologize for the miscue. The other one was of course, because of my kids, having the COVID and the baby is still not out of the woods yet, by the way, but reach out for your report.

If you were on zoom waiting and you got stood up, send me an email honor. Birth information and which report you want. I’ll get that in your hands. And then we will get some videos out this week deal. Alright. I think we’ve got enough energy to compensate this and we’ll get the thing back on the track. I appreciate you being in the course.

I love you guys. Thanks so much. And we will see you tomorrow on fun astrology to take a look at the sky.