January 27, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the Thursday, January 27th edition of the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller, coming to you from a rainy Florida panhandle. I think today it’s supposed to clear off, but it has been just a soaker and a place where I’m staying is a mud bog and I’m paying dearly for that mud. So on the trails of the van, Well tell you, sometimes you hit him, sometimes you don’t, but let’s talk about the sky today because there is a sign change with the moon that happens at tooth.

Well happened at 2 34 this morning when the moon slid into Sagittarius, while most of us were trying to sleep and that’s. It as far as any other changes in the sky. Now, the next aspect that is building, we mentioned it yesterday is that mercury tomorrow night will congeal join Pluto. So Mercury’s in retrograde, it’s moving backwards and it will enter.

Pluto sitting in Capricorn, barely moving itself. And those will conjoin at 26 degrees, 52 minutes. Now, the reason I mentioned that as we had a question from Sue faithful listener, Sue asking if I would talk about the Pluto return of the United States natal chart. So I realized that we hadn’t really camped on that.

We might as well, because the first of three this year, Is February 20th, barely three weeks away. So let’s talk about this for a minute because it is right around the corner. And the first thing we have to address is what is the birth time of the United States? Well, I think we could all agree that July 4th, 1776, the day that the constitution was ratified and signed would be the birthday, the day of independence.

But what time. There’ve been many people speculate on the time. And this is very significant because it determines what the rising sign is of the United States. And of course, what houses, all of these planets are. Well, I’ve been following Robert Glasscock in these solar arc practicum classes through Kepler college.

And he has rectified the United States chart, according to a very powerful rectification technique that he uses. And agrees with the Sibley chart Ebony’s or Sibley was said to have known that the declaration of independence was signed in the afternoon. I’m not going to get into the merits of that, but the rectified birth time for the United States chart is 5:10 PM.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. July 4th, 1776. So just so you know what I’m using and I’m putting that chart in the equal house system. So that puts Pluto at 27 degrees, 33 minutes. Now, if I set my, uh, transiting chart to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, On February 20th at one 19 and 14 seconds, I get the change to 27 degrees, 33 minutes, the exact return.

And because of Pluto’s retro grades in 2022, there will be two others in the course of the year. We’ll talk about those as they occur. Let’s just focus on one right now. So what does this mean? Well, one, it means we’re in it all. Second. I think a significant question is when did it began now? Typically I think you would keep tight orbs on returns.

So by degree, that might be two or three degrees. So that would put the return window into certainly 2021 sometime. I don’t know about a planet that moves around the chart every 247 years. Are we really going to squeeze that down to one or two degrees? Now, let me be the astrological rebel here. This would get me thrown out of most astrological conferences around the United States and around the world, but let me even advocate, I’m wondering if this wasn’t generating.

And if this Pluto return orb actually began, maybe even as far back, hear me now, try it on as world war II. Why? Because of the massive amount of changes that have taken place in the last 70 years in the United States. Well, let’s, don’t get bogged down in semantics here though. I’m just saying, try that on, but let’s take a look at where we are today, because certainly if we’re going to talk Pluto return, we can bring it right up to the now because we’re in it.

This is it. This is what it looks like. I think certainly you would have to look at the national debt. You would have to look at the January 6th incident in Washington, DC. You would have to look at the subsequent investigation. You’d have to look at everything that’s going on politically right now and saying is the United States in.

And in balance and in Zen and in Oman, or is it in conflict and turmoil and anger and disagreement? I ha I, you know, I have to say, I love my country, but I’m like that old ad when I was growing up of the Indian with the tear coming down his cheek, when he thought about the environment, that’s kind of how I feel.

Right. I’m sad that we are so angry. I’m sad that we don’t get along. I’m sad that we’re not taking care of the planet, the way that we need to. And I’ve been driving around the highways and byways of the Southeastern part of the United States, at least. And I’m just appalled, as I know you are wherever you are and how people drive and how they treat each other on the roads.

It is. I, I I’ve, I’ve not seen anything like it. Seriously. It’s increased. Now, where are we headed? And we’ve talking about mundane astrology here. So we’re talking about the entity, the corporate entity, the big entity of the United States and its people. And this is why I’ve been following the Robert Glasscock classes and they are open.

You just have to watch for when they renew the one that I’m in now we’ll be renewing in about two or three weeks, but what’s ahead. Is more challenge. At least that is if the charts that have brought us up to here continue to unfold in the predictive way. That has been the pattern so far and Robert Glasscock has been all over it.

So I think the Pluto return also encompasses things to come. Not only things that we’ve seen currently in the news in the United States chart, Pluto is in the second house. That’s the nations. My mom toured Europe right after world war two. Why? Because the U S dollar was so strong that you could go to Europe as an American and not only be celebrated as the Victor and the rebuilder of the world, basically after this gigantic world war, but also it was nickel.

Well today, they’re looking at replacing the U S dollar in ways that would basically tank the thing if they did. So there’s a long list of stuff that we could go through. But Pluto obviously is death and rebirth. So we’re going to continue to watch and see what unfolds of what continues to die and how it gets reborn.

But I think it would be safe to say, That that death and rebirth process is indeed underway. I think that’s enough for right now. And one reason is because there has never been a major world. Super. Significant like the United States that has had a Pluto return in modern history that we can pattern this after.

So we’re in new territory interpretively. We don’t know, we will write the history on this one because there hasn’t been one that we can parallel, but I can find if you know of one, certainly email me admin@funastrology.com and let me know, but I don’t know of a parallel that we can pattern after. And we will obviously continue to hope for the best days.

What could change the outcome, the collective whole becoming conscious. So please tell your friends to listen to this and subconscious mind mastery and all the other wonderful resources that are out there and available to raise our consciousness. Fred Dodson in his audio. That is the best solution.