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January 26, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. If you knew that I was not having. Uh, just before this, I had a little mishap in the van and spilled a bunch of water, like all over everywhere, which, you know, one spill in the van covers everything I baptized Lord Jupiter.

Sure. Didn’t intend to, but it got the, got the leg started off wrong here. I’m sure there is some obscure astrological aspect. I could blame it on, but rather I’ll just choose my own clumsiness as the, uh, answer and we’ll have to be more. Let’s see if we can blame it on the moon. Ah, the moon is in Scorpio.

Of course. See there, we can do it where we can blame it on the moon. 16 degrees, almost 17 degrees Scorpio, moon when the water spilled. So, nah, there you go. I’ll use Scorpios. It’s your fault.

All right, let’s see. Besides the Scorpio moon today. We have, oh, I didn’t get mad at the water when I spilled it either. Did I know? Oh no.

What else do we have? We have mercury retrograde moving back toward Pluto in Capricorn. Those will conjoin in another couple of days, but that does put mercury and Pluto in a conjunction. Yes, it does. And we’ll call it an applying conjunction because mercury is in retrograde, moving backward. To conjoin Pluto.

So that’s an applying backwards conjunction if you will. And today that mercury is going to a trine exactly the north node of the moon and sextile the south node of the moon. That will happen at 2:28 PM this afternoon, mercury training and sextiling the note. For some reason, and this is just me. This is not you.

But you know, we really kind of have two sides to mercury. We have to talk about the communication piece. And we also talk about learning knowledge, the intellect, our knowing self for some reason. And this is just me, that second part, that knowing self piece of mercury is more prominent as I’m looking at the chart.

So maybe as mercury is in this aspect with the nodes of the. We might think about what could come into our knowledge, even perhaps through some outside communication about some little aspect or area of our karmic past or in some directional future. That we are to be moving in. Maybe you’ll get a little synchronistic signpost today.

In fact, what you could do with the day is remember when you were driving on a trip with your parents back in the 1950s, you saw those signs that there’s a name for them. And I forget what it is, where the sign keeps building up, building up for miles away. Boy, those places used to rent a bunch of land from farmers, I guess, but we don’t have those anymore.

It’s just kind of a one and done billboard, but you would always be looking for. Pointing to, well, you might look for things today, along the way, almost become childlike. Like a kid. There’s a synchronicity out there somewhere. And by golly, I’m going to find it. So let the universe speak today, let the universe communicate some knowledge about your path and be open to that.

Whatever it takes. The other kind of cool aspect we’ve talked about, and that is that Venus is training Uranus. Now this one is kind of interesting from an astrological interpretation or just knowledge perspective. So Venus is also in retrograde. So it’s moving backwards. It is at 11 degrees, 15 minutes as I’m looking at the chart.

Uranus is at 10 degrees, 50 minutes. So 10 that’s how many minutes Uranus would have to move in order to get to 11 degrees. It’s at 10 50 C. So we’re 10 50. There are 60 minutes in a degree. So we’re going to move Uranus 10 degree, 10 minutes forward. You really got to spill some water in order to get this this morning.

Okay. And then. Now Venus is at 11 degrees, 15 minutes. So we need to bring it back 15 minutes in order to get to 11 degrees. And then we would have an exact aspect. So that’s 25 minutes of separation. But here’s the deal Venus. Doesn’t get there. See, it’s slowing down. So between now and Saturday, it only moves 10 minutes.

So it stations direct at 11 degrees, five minutes. It doesn’t ever get there. So it will not exactly trine Uranus. This. However by orb, it is very, very close and it is slowing down. So we have a really unique dynamic in the chart right now are around Venus. So if you have Venetian characteristics in your chart, where is Venus, where is Libra?

Whereas Taurus, what is aspect in Venus? What is showing up in the solar arcs related to Venus? All of this is magnified in Europe. What general themes might we have show up money, love, relationship, beauty, harmony art. So those are some of the areas that might be affected in our lives by a Uranian surprise.

And remember, Uranus is in Taurus, which is ruled. Venus. Exactly. So this is a really interesting combination of earth and air. Almost a struggle between earth and air, because Uranus does not like being in that earthy Torian energy. And you know, this is interesting. Hadn’t thought about this. What is the market been doing over the past week or so going down, down, down.

But taking a look at the futures really quickly this morning looks like it might be a bounce, bounce, bounce. So Venus is stationing. All of these Venetian areas in our life are going to amplify and watch around the corner for a nice Uranian surprise. It could be there waiting for us. All right. We’ll wrap.

There. Want to keep them short here for the rest of the week? Cause I’ve taken some of your time already this week. Hope you have a great hump day. I’ll see you back tomorrow and we will do it again. If you are around any water today, make sure it has a sealed lid on it. See you tomorrow.