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Saturday October 2, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in it’s Saturday. It’s the favorite day of the week? Yes, Stephanie’s back. Hi girl. How you doing? Tom is so happy to be back with you. And I’m excited to talk about the moon in Aquarius. Oh gosh. We’ve got two signs left. We’ve been almost all the way around. We have Aquarius today, Pisces next week, and then we have some questions that you’re starting to work up as well for the week after.

Yes. Yes. Thank you so much to the listeners. Who’ve left us their SpeakPipe questions already, which you can send that way or via email to Thomas. And I’m really excited to address those. If you have a medical related question or you’d like to know what astrology says about a purse as situation or a condition that you have.

Throw it at us. We’ll see what we can do. We’re not going to diagnose, we’re not going to treat, but we can explore the stars. All right. Fair enough. Now, one other thing, Stephanie, if you don’t mind, when we get finished with this, I’d like to do another podcast with you and we’ll just release it as a separate podcast today.

Maybe a little bit later than this one. So they’re separated a little bit, but would you tackle a listener question? I love that. Yes. You have amazing listeners. I do. I do. And one of them has a birthday today and she has a question related to her birthday. So we’ll do that as a completely separate podcast.

Okay. Yeah. Sounds great. All right. We’ve been anticipating don’t tell me what to do about my health.

What do you have for Aquarian moons, Aquarian, suns, and Aquarian rising. Yes. Yes. The individuals. So, all right. These individuals specifically, when it’s in the moon sign of Aquarius, they’re going to have a vital force that distributes itself a bit radically. So it’ll be like power surges and power outages.

And their life force flows readily into their mental body or their minds, which gives them great aspirations and imagination. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus in modern astrology and Saturn and ancient astrology. So these are innovative, independent, altruistic, progressive cerebral people. And as you mentioned earlier, they’re rebels at heart.

They are a fixed air sign, so they need a health routine to have predictability reliability and that strong mental component to satisfy their active mind. Areas of health focus for them are the lower lakes, including the calves, Achilles tendon ankles, and peripheral circulatory system. Mostly the venous circulation, which is co-enrolled along with beingness, the retina of the eye blood oxygenation curl with Gemini and the electrical system of the.

Korean men, natives are incredibly sensitive to barometric changes and EMF or electromagnetic fields along with all Aquarius sign and rising natives. Interestingly enough, more so than any other Zodiac signs. So these individuals really need to rest their. And remove themselves often from EMF fields and over overly heavy social influences.

So things like excessive cell phone use being around a wifi router. Most of the day, fluorescent light use crowds, sudden noises and chaos tends to deplete their vital for. They’re the ones who are going to benefit the most from taking a vacations or electronics, they take vacations. So break from all technology and getting out in nature to unplug.

So as he also, co-wrote the oxygenation system of the body. These people need fresh air daily. So when you’re getting that technology break, go out there and take a quick walk, even if it’s just a five or 10 minute break and that’s all you can get, it’s going to really do wonders because it helps provide that extra oxygen, sunlight, circulatory, since stimulation warmth, and that EMF.

And it can also help a cold extremities and a DEMA or another word for that is swelling or fluid buildup, which can happen quite often around their ankles. They’re very prone to that. And then it can also help prevent varicose veins, which is something they’re also prone to. I want to mention though, it’s important for them to take precautions when doing any physical activity and not to overdo it.

They’re prone to experiencing the unexpected. That little Yuron is not in. Interesting also that these aquarium and natives and Aquarian sentiment and rising are prone to less mineral absorption than other placements. They’re the ones who will often crave salts. And as we know, that’s a mineral that helps conduct electricity, pretty fascinating.

And then iodine and magnesium. So they’re going to do really well with taking a little bit more healthy salt in the. So I like to recommend, you know, a Himalayan or a Celtic, sea salt from a clean, reputable manufacturer, and then taking magnesium daily. So please, of course, like always mentioned check with your healthcare provider before you try anything.

Um, but I recommend taking magnesium glycinate, G L Y C I N a T. And that form has a glycine, which is an amino acid, and that can really help with just any anxious, tension and anxiety in general. And I take 600 milligrams daily once again, speak with your provider, but this kind of really help with any unexpected muscle spasms or cramps, um, and Aquarius in general, they can often be susceptible to this.

It’s interesting since I’ve started taking the magnesium, I haven’t had any muscle cramps or those Charlie horses, uh, since doing so. And I used to get those a lot and those are really painful and uncomfortable. So just an important tip there for these individuals, also eating lots of mineral rich foods and herbs can really help support the mineral balance and strengthen their nervous systems.

So I have mentioned this for a couple of other moon placements, but for these individuals to take a bath with these three things, Epson salt, dead sea salt and magnesium flakes. So these have all three minerals that they’re going to need and really help give them that, uh, boost and, uh, very soothing for the body and any muscle cramps or special.

These individuals are also prone to anemia. So eating plenty of blood building foods, such as beets, seaweed, Sesame seeds, raisins, lagoons, and dark leafy vegetables, such as spinach or collard greens can really help and support that. Red, red blood cell building component of the body. Other useful herbs to, to further support circulatory, heart and blood health are Rosemary safe.

Nettles Jiro Dulce. And my favorite is Hawthorne. Quarian moon, natives, and also crane sending rising natives. They need to feel part of something bigger than themselves, and that they’re contributing to the collective, or they can be somewhat prone to depression. They’re really philanthropic people and they have an immense intellect that they want to share it.

So I recommend engaging something with the mind, like a public project or even something like volunteering can be really uplifting for them and also fulfilling their social needs because they are quite a social sign important though, that they have total freedom and they can make their own schedule.

They don’t really like following a typical nine to five and many love freelance work actually, where they can call the shots on when they. Or volunteer. These individuals are really open-minded and they have a wide variety of interests. So they’re the ones who are going to first embrace alternative health therapies, but also take into consideration Western.

So for them, flower, essences are incredibly effective. Uh, whether you want to say it’s a placebo effect or just the essences themselves. I’m not in a Clarion, uh, you know, mood, but I find them incredibly beneficial. So they really need to be using these to help support their unique systems. And the best ones for them are one is California, wild rose, and that encourages love and altruistic forces of the heart.

While minimizing apathy during challenges at two is quaking graph. For help with creating harmonious collective work that appreciates the individual identity as well as respecting the. And dill, and that can help with overwhelmed, due to access sensory stimulation and activity. And that last one, dill is what I actually use a lot for myself, because even though I don’t have an Aquarian moon, I find that excess EMS, um, or sensory stimulation can, can happen quite often for me.

Uh, quite sensitive empath and that’s our essence just somehow I don’t know exactly the mechanism of how it does it, but it just relieves it better than anything I’ve tried. And then a little magnesium too, which will calm my body down. So highly recommends that combo. I love the combination of these natural essences that you put at the end of these segments.

That’s just a great suggestion and customized by size. Yes, they can be customized. And it’s pretty amazing. There are so many of these amazing natural compounds from plants and flowers that really do have an effect on the body. And I, I personally have had a long experience with anxiety on an authentic.

I have had periods where I’ve been prescribed a Western medication. And by all means, I’m not hating on that. That can be very important time and place, but I’ve actually found more relief from these natural compounds then I have from those medications and no side effects. So that’s another big bonus.

Well, and I think we’re in an era where some of us have realized that taking as naturally good care of our bodies as we can, is of ultimate benefit. Now. Yes. And it’s empowering too. You can do what feels right. You know, if you feel like you need a little extra dill flower, essence, it’s not going to harm you.

You know, you can’t really like go overboard with the flower essences. So it was pretty easy and user-friendly true. And nobody will be telling you, you can or can’t have it, which is a good thing. A very Aquarian thing right there for sure. You know, I was, I was curious as you were mentioning the erratic ness and the barometric pressure sensitivity, and then the EMF, I’m like, I’m going to have to go look at my birth certificate and make sure that I was born in October goodness sakes, because this sounds so familiar.

I mean, it’s like, wow. Okay. And here’s, what’s funny too. Fred Dodson. I just did a recent interview with Fred over on subconscious mind map. And Fred talked about one of the things that he does to chill. You’d never guess this he’s Aquarian unplugs his wifi. It was what he said. I said, what do you do to chill?

I unplugged my wifi.

He unplugs his router. So he’s obviously feeling. Yes. Yes. I actually unplugged my router every night and I have noticed a big difference and I have Jupiter in Aquarius, but I don’t have any personal planets in it or, you know, arising in it, but I definitely feel it too. And I think we’re starting to find that a lot of people, regardless of whether you have an accredited placement or not are very sensitive to EMS, they’re getting stronger.

And I don’t think our bodies have caught up to be able to deal with that every day since it’s advent. So I think unplugging the wifi is really an easy thing that you can do each night and just let your body and your brain fully rest without any interference. And then the pressure sensitivity, the barometric pressure sensitivity is something I’ve had for years.

And I always get headaches typically after a front has passed and then you get that high pressure after it all. So I’ve never heard anybody else, like, just specifically talk about barometric pressure sensitivity. That was. Yes. I think this may have to do with the fact of not only them being an air sign, but, uh, you know, they, they have a lot of propensity with the mind and then they are sensitive to the external environment.

Uh, anything that onslaughts like with the brain and the pressure and things like that can really throw them. So, yeah, any altitude changes, you know, if they’re going diving, uh, that might be something they need to kind of take baby steps into and not just jump right into so they can acclimate. And the other thing that you mentioned spent quite a bit of time on was magnesium, and I’m taking that for my heart and what I’m doing a couple of years ago, I bought a water distiller and I distill all my water, but then it takes all the minerals out.

So I add minerals back. And one of the minerals I add back is liquid magnesium. It has tremendously helped me. And it’s like, excellent that you’re doing that. It is an amazing mineral. And I don’t think that we realize how depleted our soil and vegetables are of this nutrient compared to a hundred years ago.

And so we really do need to be adding it into our diet and supplementing with it. I also. Spray a topical spray that I will put on after my bath or shower that your body can actually readily absorb things through the skin. I don’t think a lot of people are aware of that either. Um, and so it can be a really quick and easy way to just throw some magnesium on, especially in an area or a muscle where you’re sore or feeling tension.

And they’re not that expensive. So. Uh, it’s just, magnesium’s a wonder mirror, miracle, uh, mineral it’s needed for over 300 processes in the body. So it’s crucial that we’re getting a good amount of magnesium at day. Great reminders. So thank you all you Aquarians for needing that in your body and for reminding us because that’s just good practice, Stephanie.

Thanks so much. Let’s conclude. And we’ll roll over into this bonus episode that we’re going to release today, and then we’ll see you back next weekend for. Yeah. So we’re going to talk about Pisces the last, but definitely not the least of the Zodiac signs. And thank you so much. All the listeners keep sending in your questions, really excited to see them and hope you all have a great week and we’ll see you back here next Saturday.