*Bonus* Saturday Oct 2, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to a special bonus edition here of the fun astrology podcast on Saturday. Now we typically release the medical astrology with Stephanie Vickers. We have already done that and it’s been out for a couple of hours. Now we’re coming back with a bonus episode and the reason we’re doing this today and not tomorrow, you’d say, why would you not do this tomorrow is because it’s a question about somebody whose birthday is today.

And I asked Stephanie to come in and banter about this with me. So Stephanie, welcome back. Hi Thomas. Thank you so much for having me on this segment. Well, let’s go straight to it. So this is a question about a specific birthday, but I we’re going to turn it real quickly into birthdays in general. Here we go, Thomas.

This is Laurie. My birthday is October 2nd, this Saturday, and I was wondering if it’s a good day for me to go to the casino.

I like her song. Don’t you? I love that. I love that shit. You know, I’m not a casino person, but she would be fun to go to the casino with if that’s what we’re going to do for the day. Yes. I think she would be bringing some great energy. Certainly some good laughs and good vibes. And boy, do we need that too?

So first of all, Laurie happy birthday. Right? So, yay. Yay. All right, so let’s take this question. So first of all, her birthday is today and Lori, I got to say without your natal chart, that’s just a little bit too difficult to answer, but we can talk about birthdays in general, because I think that’s a great topic and where else we can go with this.

Stephanie is this thing that I’ve been studying. On Saturdays, by the way, with Robert Glasscock, one of the best astrology teachers on the planet about what is called horror, airy astrology, where we ask the chart a question with the intention of getting an answer. Yes, I think that’s a perfect way to look at it and having a more specific question.

And I love Lori’s question. I love the energy that she’s bringing in. She’s quite like playful and cheeky and the way she says it. Uh, but I agree with you. I think we need a little bit more information. Um, but I think talking about solar returns in our birthdays would be an excellent topics that people would want to know more about.

So let’s just, first of all, talk about the birthday itself. So there’s not going to be any energy in the. Or transit’s really related to, well, there could be, I mean, look, for example, if you had Jupiter in your fifth house of speculation and it happened to be that Jupiter was transiting that at the time or Venus, yeah.

Maybe that could be something that you would think, okay. Casino might make sense or speculation might make sense. Whereas if Pluto or Saturn, we’re sitting on top of that fifth house now, maybe not so much. So I think one of the starting places, Stephanie, if we were going to answer this question, just by looking at the natal chart, what’s in the fifth house, what planets are there in the natal chart, and then what planets are crossing over it.

And I would be looking both at trends. And I’d also be looking at the solar arc and I’d be looking at the solar return. This would not be, uh, an easy question and then kind of put together a, uh, metric of whether or not this would be a positive or a net. Yes. I completely agree. We’d need to look at quite a few pictures here.

I also think that not just, um, like you’re saying Jupiter and Venus, I think looking at where the moon is as well can also maybe, you know, show like, are you going to be more social or are you going to be more introspective? You know, in what house that that’s transiting through for you is something to also connect.

Absolutely. Absolutely. You’d have to look at every aspect, especially related, especially as the, the aspect aligned with the fifth house. So are there squares or are there trines, is there an opposition? Is there somebody sitting over on the other side of the field? That might spoil your party or just take a hundred bucks and have fun.

And when it’s gone, it’s gone, right. You know, it’s your birthday, go do what you want to do. If you want to go to the casino, go. What she’s asking is while I come back with sacks of money,

Now there are questions that we can ask the chart. And I’ve been in this class where this is the third, one of these that I’m taking. So five weeks per class, this begins week 11 of these studies that I’m doing. And it’s just been fascinating. Robert is such a great teacher, but. Parameters, you don’t just throw a question at the chart.

And that’s the first thing to point out is that it’s not like a divination tool of pulling a card or something where you just like you roll the dice and say here, show me snake eyes. If I’m supposed to marry this person, you know, or something like that. Right? No, it’s not like that at all. But with some rules that were actually laid down by William Lilly back in the 16 hundreds, And the way that he puts it is phrase a question that is worthy of presenting it to the heavens.

And I think that’s a really cool dynamic as you think about, is my question valid enough, important enough that I’m going to ask the stars, the planets above for advice on my question and with that, you can. Now what is not a valid Horbury question is will the stock market go up today or not? Yes, there is today in my lucky day to gamble, not so much a relevant Harary question because it’s not about the business of predicting.

Now you could actually ask the question. You could ask a yes or no question to the chart. Will I be successful if I go to the casino for my birthday? Yes or no. And I can tell you, Lori, how you would interpret that you would look at, I, Robert uses the equal house system. You can use whole sign. Ah Placidus yes.

A lot of horror areas, strong astrologers use rigor, Montana. So whichever of those house systems equal as is good. I’m starting to use that now for this at Robert’s suggestion. And he learned it from Linda Goodman, who still is the most. She wrote the most popular astrology book ever published. She’s not with us anymore, but you can take that for what it’s worth.

Here’s the formula. This is going to get a little complicated. Stephanie, tell me if this is too much, but basically you look at what sign is ruling the fifth house. And you look, you find the ruler of that sign. Okay. So let’s say that it’s Aries, that’s Mars. And then you look at the other side of the chart opposite.

The fifth is 11. You look at the ruler of the 11th house. That’s going to be Libra in this case, Venus. And you look at the chart and you ask are Mars and Venus in a Ptolemaic aspects. So that’s either conjunction opposition, square sextile, or trying that’s all. And of course, right now, those two planets are not.

So you would say that if Aries was ruling the fifth house and you asked the question at that time, No, the answer would be no. Now I’m just, that’s an example, but that’s how you ask a yes or no question to the chart. Yeah. I think that’s a beautiful system to do it. And you explain that perfectly. I think that anybody could look at their fifth house in their 11th and kind of see, like you said, where the planets are, that rule those houses and kind of just get a good overall feel for what’s going on.

And then there are ways that you can go in and interpret all kinds of other things. We’re going to be doing classes on that. It will be introduced in the 1 0 1 course, but it will be dived into in later things that we’re going to do educationally. But that would be the way that you could ask the chart.

Would I be successful today? If I went to the casino? Now, the other thing is it’s your birthday? Sounds like that would be fun for. I would say, Stephanie, go, yeah, go for it. Absolutely. It’s your birthday. So I think that definitely going for it and maybe setting yourself a limit, you know, like say, all right, I’m going to go with 200 bucks.

And, you know, once I hit that, I’m going to stop if I lose it or if I double it great, then I’ll stop. So I think Libras, since this lady is a Libra lovely Libra, they’re really good at weighing up options to come up with the best decision. So I’m sure Lori, you can kind of figure out maybe a number amount for you that you can kind of work with and then stop there.

And then that way there’s no guilt and you’re just going and having fun and not worrying about anything. And we have been through so much over the last year and a half that if you’ve got a way on your birthday, Or heck any day of the year that you can pull it off, go have fun. Make your heart sing. Yes, I completely agree.

I mean, not the day of any days, like there’s no, you don’t have to give any justification, just go do whatever fulfills you and lights up your. Laurie. Thanks for a great question. Hope that helps. Thank you. Have a wonderful, happy birthday. Thank you. Very happy birthday. Happy solar return. And we’ll see you back on Monday to start a new week on the fun astrology podcast.

Thanks for listening. Stephanie, you have a good week to thank you, Thomas – you too. And see all listeners here for the next statement of medical astrology. Next Saturday.