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Friday October 1, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the TGI Friday edition of the fun astrology podcast. We made it through.

You know, what’s great about the Friday podcast is not TGI Friday anymore. The great thing about the Friday podcast is tomorrow it’s Stephanie and medical astrology. Yes, we will be here talking about Aquarius. We only have two more of those to go there’s tomorrow’s episode on Aquarius next week on Capricorn.

And then we’re going to be answering some of your questions. Some of you have sent some in, if you have a medical question that you’d like to ask Stephanie, speak pipe on the website is great. If you don’t want your voice and that’s anonymous, remember it’s totally anonymous. You don’t have to leave anything, just your voice, but if you’d rather send an email, just shoot it over to info at fun astrology.

Let’s talk about what’s up in the sky. First of all, today we have mercury squaring, Pluto. Let me give you the lay of the land for the weekend. And then we’ll come back and pick apart this mercury square Pluto, because I’d like to go down the financial astrology aspect for just a bit. We haven’t talked about that, but boy, that is a mirror for life, whether you’re into that kind of thing or not just use it as a mirror because it reflects down to all of us now, the other thing tomorrow.

Okay. So that’s it for today, tomorrow. Venus sextiles Pluto actually in the middle of the night, 3:47 AM Eastern time. I’m not going to wait up for that one. Sorry. Then in the evening we have a void of course, moon that begins at 7 42 Eastern tomorrow night. Saturday night, that void of course will not be noticed by most because the moon moves into Virgo early Sunday morning at 14.

Then mercury trines Jupiter on Sunday evening at 8:10 PM. So today we have mercury squaring Pluto on Sunday. We have mercury training. Now that’ll be two planets in retrograde because that’s a Sunday night aspect. Let’s talk about that on Monday so that we can focus more of our time today on mercury squaring, Pluto.

And I have another big, massive aspect in the chart today. I’d like to try to get to it’s a mystic rectangle. We don’t see these very often. And boy, there’s a big one with another rectangle in the chart. So there’s some magical energy in the sky today over our heads. Mercury squares Pluto at 10:35 AM Eastern this morning.

And of course here are two other retrograde planets. It’s like, who’s not in fact the only two that are not are Mars and Venus. Everybody else on the chart. Well, sun and moon, they never are. Everybody else is going backwards in the sky. So it’s all the rewords mercury retrograde in Libra and Pluto, retrograde and Keppra.

Let’s use this as a springboard to catch up on a little bit of the financial astrology, because we haven’t talked about that a lot. Whenever Pluto comes into the picture, we are talking about financial astrology and mercury scrambles that because basically Pluto amplifies financial aspects. So if Pluto is in an aspect with Jupiter in financial astrology and a company’s chart, for example, it’s going to amplify the stock price.

Saturn Mars. We’ll bring it down. But Pluto in an aspect is something worth taking note of now, when you have Pluto in retrograde and mercury in retrograde and bring those two together, you are talking about a lot of mental tension, a lot of mental. Communication pressure intention, power struggles. So a lot of financial astrologers advise taking a break in playing in the markets during these periods of mercury retrograde.

And this would extend to crypto as well, by the way, at least that theory, because we really can’t not do things, but I know people who will not trade for these three weeks, they get out, they sit on the sidelines and they wait to come back. Now on a personal level, obviously Pluto goes deep. Pluto goes into the underworld Pluto rules, Scorpio, the Scorpio depth and passion and intensity.

And Mercury’s coming along, bouncing along like this gesture, right. Then go bang, bang, bang, and scrambling all of that. So there could be some deep stuff come up. That might be a little bit. Wow. Where did this come from? So I would say the bottom line is just like I would approach the market today is an aspect to approach with caution.

And especially for us not related to any market type stuff, mercury rules, our communication. So be careful how Pluto might affect that this today would not be a day to count to five. It would be a day to count to 50 or 500. Whenever I interviewed Fred Dodson for the subconscious mind mastery podcast.

Sometimes I’ll answer, ask him a question and there’s a long pause between the answer, that kind of thing. Don’t think that you have to just bark out an answer right away. Don’t interrupt people, let them say what they say. You absorb it. And you give it space. That’s a good thing to practice. Anyway, I did a subconscious mind mastery podcast on that of interrupting rather than allowing space inside of conversation.

We interrupt a lot. Don’t we, it’s something that when you, when you observe it, it’s like, wow, I do that all the time. It’s hard to do. It’s hard to do well today would be a good day to practice it. Let’s talk about this mystic rectangle just real quick. And you can’t talk about a mystic rectangle real quick, but what it is is you got a great big X in the chart and there are four planets connected.

All right. What are the four moon, sun and Mars together? Kyron. We’ve been talking about Kyron in our astrology 1 0 1 course and Saturn, as you dissect, what’s what you get the moon is across or opposite. Saturn. Kyron is opposite the sun and Mars. So right there, you know that we are dealing with a big karmic structure up in the sky.

Then what rounds out the rectangle is that Saturn and Kyron are connected by a sex toy. Kayron and the moon are connected by a trine, the moon and the sun and Mars are connected by a sextile and the sun and Mars are connected to Saturn by a sextile. So you see why we can’t go into that too much more here, but there’s another one.

So the moon and the north node are connected by a sextile. The north node and Saturn are connected by a. Saturn. And the south node are connected by a style. The south node and the moon are connected by a trine and the moon and the north node are connected by a trine. Did I say something about big major aspect in the sky?

There’s a lot. And then those trines form, a grand trine and a kite. I mean, this is like, wow, I’m going to mark this and use it as an example in our course, when we start talking about aspect patterns, because this is like, whoa, this is amazing. And then there’s a, one-off trine, just sitting over there between Neptune and Venus.

Oh, I’ll tell you what, this is an incredible energy in the sky. We won’t dissect it too much more than just to say that this is a perfect day to get your journal. To do some extra yoga, to go on a hike, to do whatever you do and get tuned in with your soul, because there is a message there that the universe would love to work on with you.

Perfect. Have a great day back with Stephanie and Aquarius and our health tomorrow. See you then.