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Tuesday August 31, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the Tuesday edition of the fun astrology podcast, Thomas Miller with you. I’ve got a, an awesome, I mean, uh, awesome listener question today. Wow. Thank you for sending this in, just in the Nick of time, I was about to ready to record this podcast and the, the, uh, uh, thing came in from SpeakPipe.

If you would like to do what you are about to hear. You can go up to the top of the fun astrology website fund and there’s the orange box and that’s where you do this:
” Hi, Thomas. I told friends recently that I was interested in learning astrology and they said that astrology doesn’t work because the earth is aligned differently now than it was when astrology was correct.
They pointed me to an article which talked about procession and that was the basis for their viewpoint. I figured there’s probably a good response to that, but I don’t know enough astrology to make it. So I was hoping that you could help me out. Um, if you’re interested in the article, it is entitled, No NASA has not Found a New Sign of the Zodiac: How a Shifting Sky Destroyed Astrology and it is on
Thank you. And I love the podcast.”

Thank you. And I love your question. And before we do that, let me just talk about the sky really quick. We have nothing really that I can offer you except a void of course moon this afternoon, as we are heading into the moon changing signs. Early on Wednesday. It goes void of course, at 4:48 PM this afternoon.

And that’s east coast time. The only other thing that I see in today’s chart is the first leg of tomorrow’s yod I know, I know some of you just like, no, don’t say it. The sun is in conjunct or quincunx with Saturn today that sets up leg number one, that completes, and we will have a yod that I’ll tell you about.

Okay, astrology naysayers. This is a great question. And, uh, you know, give them credit. This here’s somebody who did some research. They read a scientific article or a guy who is a scientific writer. Let’s put it there. And I will admit I did not have time to read every word of the article, but I totally get the argument that he’s making and in the realm of not science, but faith and spirituality, he is dead wrong.

There is not a scientist alive, past, or present or future who can put God into a test tube in a laboratory. Nor can you prove the existence of angel, but I would dare say anyone whose child has been saved. Miraculously, you’d have a hard time arguing that point with them and somebody who Ganders up into the night sky and just wonders what’s behind it all.

And the scientist comes along or the astronomer and says, what are you thinking about down there? You look like you’re pondering something pretty deep there. I’m just wondering how all of this got created. That was an explosion. I mean, that’s what they’ve got. That’s what they would tell you. So let’s pick up from there or like, I’m sorry, I can’t enter into their nonsense and they figure they can’t enter into ours.

And if you want to see a fraction debate, I mean, this is as bad. If not worse than the VAX Novak’s conversation, people have drawn their lines. They’ve stood their ground and its ownership, and they’re not going to get. So this writer, belittles, anybody who would believe the fallacies created by a very natural phenomenon.

We talk about the precession of the equinoxes in the 1 0 1 course. So when it comes back, we’re making great progress. It will be in there to explore. Uh, basically what he’s saying is back when astrology was quote unquote creative. Which is a broad range timeframe in and of itself somewhere between, let’s say 700 BC.

And then on up to three or 400 BC probably would be the earliest with Ptolemy who was 108 D having perhaps one of the greatest influences on astrology, least as a base. When you look up sky and you see the sun today, we hear say that it’s in. But when you look up in the sky, the constellation that the sun is actually in is Leo that’s because our tropical Western Zodiac is based on seasonality.

It begins in the sign of Aries on the spring Equinox. In other words, it is time and date based. Now, something you probably didn’t realize. The axis of planet earth wobbles. Would you have ever guessed, would you have ever known? No, because it wobbles so slowly that our time-based system moves in the sky one degree every 72 years.

So if we go all the way back to basically a D zero or Ptolemy’s period, 100. Then move everything forward. One degree, every 72 years, astronomy shows the sun at night, a little over nine degrees. Leo, we show it a little over eight degrees Virgo. There’s the difference in this wobble. It takes the earth approximately 25,700 years to complete a wobble cycle.

So technically it will get worse before it gets better. Let’s put it that way. So, how do you answer the critic who says that invalidates astrology? Well, number one, it doesn’t invalidate astrology, which is the basis of the Vedic system because they use the exact position in the sky. So if you were reading a Vedic chart, you would be reading it as exactly where the planets are positioned in their constellation.

So sorry, my friend, but you only tried to wipe out half of astrology in your attempt. You didn’t get everybody, you tried, but you, I mean, so there’s one flaw, right? There is this guy doesn’t understand what he’s talking about when he takes a swipe at astrology, but here’s the other piece of this. So our Zodiac, our tropical Zodiac is always, it always begins at the same place.

See, even the Siberian Zodiac doesn’t begin always at the same place and the cemetery don’t ever forget sacred geometry in this either the symmetry of geometry is what rules, the spiritual realm. And in the tropical Western Zodiac, each sign originally was given 30 degrees. Each house was given 30 degrees and it was a very symmetric division.

And because it begins at exactly the same time every year, zero degrees Aries on that Equinox, then your symmetry begins at exactly the same point. Now why it rotates is because. Basically, if you take the north and south poles of the earth and you extend them out into space, that is the access that’s rotating.

Think of it like a broomstick and you’re rotating the broomstick around and little mini circles, like little figure rates. It doesn’t do a figure eight, but just say you were doing figure eights with it. All right. Would the fixed position of the broomstick up and down? Be the accurate access or would the wobble that you are creating with your little subtle movements of the burns sick?

Well, if you were to look at it, you could say, you know, I guess I could see either, but I mean to see where we are right now, you’d look at the broomstick, right? You’d look at the movement of the broomstick. Well, that’s what tropical basically creates is following the movement of the broomstick. Now, if you don’t think that humans grow.

We grow through our lifetime. We grow through a generation. We go, we grow through millennia through decades. I mean, the human existence is one of flux and change and the tropical Zodiac, flexes and changes with human consciousness based on its relationship with the axis of earth, the axis is moving. We are moving.

We humans are progressing. Our Zodiac system progresses with us. And if you’d like to throw a Bible verse in there that Jesus said back in what, 2,100 and something years ago, Luke chapter 21, verse 25, there will be signs in the sun, the moon and the stars he’s talking about the last days his disciples had asked him about when will the end times come?

Boy, that’s a good question. 2000 years. On the earth. Jesus said nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. People will faint from terror apprehensive of what is coming on the world for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. All I can say for myself is that through, I mean, I, I started to wake up when I was 50 and for five decades, I had lived a wandering life.

And when astrology showed up in my life, it gave symmetry that symmetric geometry, that sacred geometry brought a similar symmetry to my own life. And I could only imagine that the scientist who has to prove it, everything that can’t be proven, you can’t prove space. Come on. How far have we sent probes? I mean, just that far on a football field, an inch.

And so a lot of this is taken by faith and all I can say is in my own existence, the proof of my life now versus my life. Guided by, but not driven by astrology. You guys know how I feel about this. I use it as a guide. I simply use it as a reflection and a guide. There will be signs in the sun, the moon and the stars.

I look for those signs and then I try to adjust my life accordingly and it works and it works really, really well. And that’s why I believe what I believe. Thank you so much for a great question. I hope that helps you. I hope it helps your friends and I hope it helps some of you who might’ve been wondering how all of this fits together.

Thanks for listening. I’ll see you back tomorrow.