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Wednesday September 1, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the front astrology podcast. It’s hump day. So let’s talk about yod day it’s yod-day, not Wednesday it’s yod-day. We’ve got another one. This is the only other one this week, but we’re going to dissect the yod again and talk about the three planets involved. First. I wanted to thank you guys.

Several of you sent favorable emails about yesterday’s podcast, and I really appreciate. So I just wanted to say a big, thank you. Now we had another question. Come in about the yod specifically the middle planet. And we’ll talk about that. The mid point planet, the, well we’ll, we’ll get into that here in just a second, but we are also keeping our eye on tomorrow’s crescendo of Mars, Mars, opposite Neptune.

And we’re going to visit Neptune here in a minute. When we talk about the yod too, because I think in the big picture. Neptune is in a very critical position that we need to always be keeping in mind. As we’re thinking about interpreting these daily movements within the chart. Now, as you’re waking up this morning in the United States, the moon is waking up in its home sign of cancer.

So tune your intuition accordingly and seek it and rely on it over the next couple of days. So we have had a fairly quiet couple of days and we will culminate Mars Neptune tomorrow. So let’s talk about this. Yod the question that came in was specific to a particular chart, but we have one today, so we can talk about one that affects all of us here.

And she was asking about that midpoint planet. So let’s dissect the structure of the witch’s hat, the finger of God, the yard. We’ve talked about this in so many other past episodes, but since this is a daily podcast, we don’t go back. Right. You’re not going to go dig something up from whenever, February, and there are so darn many of them that it would be hard to find, but if you searched the podcast episodes there and you search for the word, yod, you’ll find the other episodes where the yod was discussed.

If you’d like to go back and catch those. But we have also new people coming in. So let’s just freshen up on what the yod is. So we have a tall triangle, basically think of a witch’s hat at the base of our tall triangle are two planets that are 60 degrees apart. Let’s start there. That is a sextile aspect.

Now I’m going to borrow from the master and I love to give credit where credit is due. Because number one, when you hear these. Great sayings from different people and you can go research some of their work if you like, what they have to say. And Steve forest had an expos on the yod it’s published online.

I think you can find it easily, uh, where he talked about the structure of this base of the yod. So we have two planets in this sextile aspect. And as he says, when you hear the word sex tile aspect, sex tile, Immediately your mind starts to think of tiles, like maybe in your bathroom or this new gadget called tile.

That helps me find my phone right wrong immediately. Our deviant little minds go to the first syllable of the word and we might even snicker now. And then, uh, the astrology gods had a sense of humor. Well, so as Steve points out, we have two planets with a sex tile relationship. Well, think of the budding young beginnings of a relationship, you know, the butterflies, the playfulness, the Eddy giddy stuff, and the getting together and saying, Hey, let’s see where this goes.

Trying to bring out the best of each other, putting your best face forward. That’s the sex tile, energy, the trine, ah, you know, each other too well. It’s matured, still very positive and the sextile is positive energy, but it’s this fresh upstart energy. That’s the base of the pyramid or the triangle. Now what are the two planets in this today?

Saturn in Aquarius and Kyron in Aries, both in retrograde Lord karma in one corner, the wounded healer in the other. Now we go up to the top of the pyramid or the top of the triangle, and we have the sun in Virgo. And like our listener asked in her SpeakPipe question, I’m just going on with this today because her question was more chart specific.

Is a midpoint aspect. The sun is right in the middle because thrusting up from these two points of the base of the yod are equal quincunx or also called in conjunct 150 degree aspects. So the sun is right in the middle of the base of our little triangle. So it acts like a conjunction kind of energy related to those two other plants.

Now the aspect itself, the quincunx is a 150 degree aspects. So it’s sitting right between the trine and the opposition, and that puts it in a scratchy tense friction kind of aspect. So it’s saying these two planets that want to be playful and frisky at the base are having trouble with, you know, it’s like the, I don’t know, what’s the analogy.

The main chaperone on your third date, who won’t let you do what you want to do. That’s like there’s tension. There’s con it’s not a necessarily a conflict, but it’s this uncomfortable. Ah, that’s the idea of the quincunx, but we give it credit for inspiring this whole structure, like a conjunction, meaning it’s emphasizing the energy down there at the base of the sentence.

Which means that dang chaperone, won’t leave you alone. It’s a conjunction chaperone. Let’s go to a movie. Great. You’ve got seat. Number one, chaperone in seat. Number two, other person on the date seat. Number three. How fun is that? Pass the popcorn and enjoy the movie. Now some quick synthesis on our little yod today, which has only today it’ll be gone tomorrow.

So it’s a quick one, but what might it be pointing to? Well, for me, as I look at the macro until otherwise evidenced, we are still under the influence of Saturn and Pluto back to January, 2020, the kickoff alignment, if you will, of this restructuring that is going on. And then of course we had Saturn and Jupiter in December.

And here we go, Neptune in Pisces and for the United States, February of next year, our first ever Pluto return and two years out in our solar arc United States chart, a very ominous alignment between Saturn and Mars. Now circling back to Neptune in Pisces because the Mars opposition tomorrow, we are under that energy as well.

What I think this yod is pointing us to is what is inevitably forming. I think a reckoning with our own spirituality, a reckoning with our own deceptions illusions masquerades, which have been on planet earth for a long, long time. That may be part of this Saturn Pluto. Realignment is going to make us face that square on and where astrology points, the way is little signs like this yod today because the wounded healing part of ourselves, that wound that keeps reoccurring Saturn Lord karma will make you look in the mirror like it or not one way or another.

We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way. The choice is up to you. So let’s dance and let’s play with healing. Our wounds drop the sun right in the middle of that collectively and individually, so that we are the ones doing our own work. And I think that this is what it’s pointing to is like, if we will just get in science with the energy as it’s moving.

So filet out everything that Neptune in Pisces could possibly, we want you to filet out where have you and I not been true. Where have you. And I covered things up with an illusion where have you, and I just simply refused to look in the mirror where have you. And I resisted the process. This yod is saying, just start doing the work.

That’s all just start doing the work. And I’ll tell you why, especially related to Neptune, which will eventually come out of retro. Is that the clarity for the future, like that moon and cancer today, the clarity for the future is going to come from the folks that have done the work. In other words, this is a clean it up so you can see clearly kind of yod, it’s a hint, this is a whiff.

This isn’t a club. This isn’t a big alignment. This is for people that are really looking and studying the chart. But it’s saying you want that clarity of the moon and cancer. You want to know what the new reality is going to be the new directions. Do you want to be one of the ones on the forefront of the new direction and do the work to clean it up?

Heal your wounds. Face your karma. Wow. What a powerful yod it is even though brief. Thanks for listening. We’ll see you then!