Monday August 30, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

We only have two more days left in August. You realize that…? Welcome to Monday, August 30th, Thomas Miller on the Fun Astrology Podcast. Glad you’re here. Wow. What a week? What a weekend. Great. And we are going to take a look kind of at the overview of the week. We have a fairly slow week, You guys…

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so we have a Gemini moon soon moving into today. Communication is spotlighted for today and tomorrow. And I guess I’ll throw this in while we’re there because mercury rules, all forms of communication. It rules the third house. So all forms of communication also include face.

And we have a Facebook page where we do our subconscious mind pass podcast and we do our fun astrology podcast and it’s kind of all rolled into one. And it’s called the subconscious mind mastery podcast group on Facebook it’s private group. Come join us. You’ve got to answer the questions and then you’re in.

And also if you mark your calendar for Sunday nights, we’re having this amazing. Healing convergence at 8:00 PM Eastern on Sunday nights, you can watch the replay if you don’t catch it live. And we are really doing our part to try to shift the energy in today’s world. Now, some of you have been writing about yards and sensitivity to yards, and it’s like, we’ve been having so many.

Are we going to have any this week? One? Right. In the middle of the week, we will have a yod. It does involve Kyron, which some people say, Nope, not one of the 10 planets. So it doesn’t count. Uh, I don’t know. I think those of you who are sensitive to them would say, oh yes, they do. So we have one Wednesday.

It will be a quick mover. It does have Kyron and Saturn at the base with the sun at the top. We’ll talk about that on Wednesday, but that’s the only one between now and next week. Actually next Monday and beyond. So we’ve got a little yod free zone here and the big aspect of this week, which we are applying to, and this is what I wanted to spend a wee bit of time on here.

Today is on Thursday. We will have the exact aspect of Mars opposing Neptune. Right now. Mars is in Virgo. Neptune is in Pisces. Mars is at 21 degrees Virgo today out of 30. Mars is in detriment in the next sign of Libra. Now I know astrologers would say that a planet doesn’t even begin to share characteristics with the next sign until at least 29 degrees, not 21.

And I agree, however, Mars, the planet of war just crossed through Leo, came into Virgo. And I still have my eye on this whole situation in Afghanistan. So could Mars be looking at Libra? I’m just saying these are energies. This isn’t a personality up in the sky, moving things around on earth as above, so below, as below.

So above, these are representative energies that I think God, the universe. Has given us to know the times that we’re in and to guide our lives. It’s all right. Above our heads. It’s the most beautiful gift in the world. So I don’t want you to think that I’m saying that Mars is up there, like some marionette puppet, dangling things and doing things.

It’s the energy that was triggered around this situation in Afghanistan. Now I’m just wondering. As Mars is looking at, moving into Libra and being grumpy for about six weeks. What is it going to do when it opposes Neptune? And maybe to look at a couple of things that might give us some clues would be today’s astrological keywords from the Mastro program, because I think this pretty well depicts what’s going on.

The number one keyword across all day parts today is crisis. No surprise there. Okay. We’ve been in that for quite a while. So what else do we have? Well, joy and happiness and change and achievement are really key and the nervousness is in there, but those are the next layer level of energies. So the thing that’s really steering our ships and we’re all dealing with it every day.

Is that top keyword crisis, right? We’re all in that. Oh my gosh. How long is this going to last? What do we do? How is it going to affect me in the future, et cetera. But once we get past that, there are some nice energies down there. I mean, even dropping down another layer, emotionality, excitement, determination, effort, work, success again.

Surprise thought. So. Pretty good keywords. I would say combined with the tension that is created by this really the aspects to the weak, the aspect, not Dischord a week would be the Mars, Neptune opposition. And the other thing that I would just mention as we turn the corner and start to head into September is remember, once we get into the second week of October.

Is when these outer planets, several of them start to turn direct. Again, all that information is on the website. It is up to date fun,, just scroll down to where you see the chart. And that’s where the retrograde information is. So you’ll see that we’re going to start turning direct. And I think as we move into October, November, We’re going to see things moving forward again.

So I bring that up only to say that we have still this little bit of a reprieve period right here to take care of some reactivities. So if you have some revising revision, reassessment, reclaiming, Reappropriating anything that could be attributed to the slow down and little pause that we have under these outer planet.

Retrogrades well, make a plan for September and go ahead and knock it out because then you can enter into October. Ready for whatever is ahead. It’s a good plan to adopt from this. All right. Ask me some questions if you have them. Otherwise I have a couple in the bank. We’ll take care of tomorrow and Wednesday, and we’ll see you back then for another fun astrology podcast.

Thanks for stopping by.