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Tuesday – April 27, 2021 – Fun Astrology

Today’s Podcast:


Hi, and welcome in to the Tuesday edition of the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller with you. Thanks for joining us. We are going to be kicking off grade season today. So we’re going to begin with the slowest mover of them all moving into retrograde first. Ah, it’s the website calling fun,

Hello, Thomas Miller. After listening to your podcast for over a year now, I’m really getting more and more interested in astrology, but I do not know my exact birth time. Um, it’s not on my birth certificate. My parents are gone and I have no one to ask. So I don’t know how to go about doing a chart without knowing my time.

Is there anything I can do about this? Thank you. And thank you. That’s a great question. It had come up a couple of times and that’s why I wanted to get it in here. We’ll talk about Pluto going retrograde in a minute, but yes, it is very important that you have the exact time in that dilemma that she just outlined is for a lot of us.

In fact, it was not on my birth certificate and my mom only remembered, well, it was around eight 30. And that is so common. So let’s talk about what’s affected by your birth time. Okay. The slow movers, Pluto, like it’s going in retrograde this afternoon, Pluto would not even move a fraction of a millimeter on the whole day, basically Saturn.

I mean, you take the slow movers and they’re not going to move that much really, unless there’s a sign change right there at the time of your birth. Which obviously happens only the moon would be basically affected day to day in your chart. So the moon might change signs. Certainly if you did like the 12 noon that so many people suggest that’s a stab in a 24 hour target.

I mean, really seriously, what’s about noon, but here’s where it gets very important. And this is huge. Because as you start digging into the solar arcs, which are the part of your chart that really bring the chart forward to today, that can be off by as few as four minutes. I am. I am so excited about all these new products and my new little website that I’ve done on fun,

And I started a blog on there, so you can go check the blog out. It’s going to have transcriptions of every show. So, and then I’m going to, Oh gosh, I’ve got so many plans. Not going to take your time to tell you about it. It will be there and it will unfold, but I am going to start doing some solar arc stuff because that one brings up huge emotion for me because I missed.

30 years of my solar arc journey. And it is huge. And I’m going to use Steve Forrest as the springboard for that, because he tells a great story. So that’s coming, I promise that’s coming. And it’s really one of my priorities because I want you to live your solar arc and that can move as much as a year in four minutes.

Now we can take that one step further and talk about like what goes on in a delivery room. Some of you may work at labor and delivery, and I’d love to know, are you looking right at the clock every single time? I’d love to know that email me. I’d love to have your experience and expertise on that. So typically an astrologer will consider a birth time of three 52, for example, as more accurate than three 50.

So let’s say that you have a rounded off birth time. Well, you might want to drill down on that as well. I had to rectum get my chart rectified, and I’m going to put the guy who did it in the show notes. The website is harmonic harmonic And there’s a rectification tab at the top, but that will also be in the notes, but yes, you should get your chart rectified.

And this guy did an amazing job for mine. He landed on the minute and then I used another technique that will be in the teaching materials coming up where you can dial it in even to the second sometimes. I was able to be able to do that based on my brother’s birth. So Joseph moved my birth time up eight minutes, and then I dialed into eight 2246.

And again, that doesn’t affect the planets, but it does affect the harmonics, the midpoints and the progressions, the solar arc and the progress chart. Thanks for a great question. Let’s talk about Pluto, starting to move backwards. So, what are we dealing with? Well, if we go back and look a year ago, if you remember when Pluto started in retrograde, so did the virus, one could only hope now the official start time is 3:54 PM Eastern today.

So that will be in effect later this afternoon. For those of you in the U S those of you in Europe, we’ll live your whole day today, basically with it out of retrograde, and then you will wake up tomorrow with it in. Pluto rules, viruses, Pluto. So about transformation retrograde means bringing it in, taking the outer effect and lessening it.

And you remember actually when Pluto went back direct last fall, although it was seasonal in the Northern hemisphere, granted the virus started to spread again. It’s been a pain in the Tutu. We’ll see how the transcription program picks up that one up. It’s been a pain in the, you know what, since last fall, so collectively we could hope that it diminishes personally, individually.

It becomes a time to do that. Introspective work. We’ve talked about this a lot last summer, for those of you who were listening back then, we talked about bringing this transformational work inside. You kind of think, well, isn’t it always inside? Yes, absolutely. It begins with us inside that subtle difference is that the promptings for that change or the stimulus for that change comes more from, within than from, without.

It’s a subtle difference. Yes. But if you do the work, this is the way I look at Saturn and Pluto. If you do the work ahead of them, then they won’t have to worry about it behind them. They won’t have to be chasing you. You see what I’m saying? So this is a great. Five months we’re in for this now five months.

So it’s a great time to just bring it introspective, do the work yourself. So get that journal, get your spiritual practice game on and take it up a notch. And realize that a lot of these really major transformational things that you can do in your life are going to be inside. If you not outside of you.

Whoa, love that. Right. Have a good Tuesday and a good retro grade break. Great question, too. Thank you. And I’ll have Joseph’s info in the show notes.