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September 8, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Dear boss. The moon is void, of course, beginning at 8 33 this morning, Eastern time. It will be void of course, all the way until early, early tomorrow morning. Therefore, I cannot work the rest of today. Signed you. . Try that on. Tell him Thomas told you to do it, send him over here. We’ll take care of him.

We’ll make a convert out of him. And then they’ll give you the day off. You are listening to the fun astrology podcast. It’s Thursday, September 8th, Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. Yes, we do have a very long. Void, of course in Aquarius. See you really can’t. I mean, this is where you put your foot down, you become Aqua and you say I’m not going in.

beat to my own drum. 8 33 this morning goes all the way until 12:41 AM Eastern time tomorrow morning within the first stroke. After midnight, when it enters Pisces. And by the way, just so you know, that last aspect before the moon changes signs, that is the definition of void, of course. Guess which planet that is?

We mentioned it yesterday. Saturn in Aquarius and let’s throw another log on this fire. Saturn in the moon are at the top of a T square. So that’s where you have two planets in opposition to each other with one or more planets. In this case, two 90 degrees to that opposition. You want a quick mental picture of that?

Just draw a line from 12 o’clock to six o’clock on the clock and then put a dot over at three o’clock. There’s your T. Now we meant to get in the fun astrology helicopter yesterday never did make it. We hit a high wire right there at the, uh, yard. So we’ll ascend now up and take a look at a wider perspective of what’s going on.

So, first of all, mention that tomorrow, the moon changing sign at 12:42 AM. So that puts it in Pisces, which is the full moon sign on Saturday. Hold that thought let’s stay with Friday. So the moon enters Pisces early. Then mercury goes retrograde late, late at 11:38 PM. At the stroke of that hour, mercury will be in Libra Libra, eight degrees, 55 minutes when it starts moving backwards.

That’s Friday, Friday night. You will want to go outside if you have a clear sky, because that’s when the moon will be its biggest for you because the full moon occurs at 6:00 AM Eastern time on Saturday morning, and that will be in Pisces at 17 degrees, 41 minutes. Now, if you wanted a really good idea for your full moon ceremony Friday night.

Listen to yesterday’s episode, just roll all those energies forward into Friday. And I’m saying that ahead. I mean, if you do it Saturday night, that’s fine. But catching that applying or waxing full moon energy can be very, very powerful. And then it’s not over because we have a void, of course, that starts at eight 30, basically Saturday evening.

the moon enters Aries. There’s going to be some energy right there because waiting for it is Mars. That happens at 2 47 Sunday morning. And then at 9:09 AM, Sunday morning, the sun Tris Uranus. Now there won’t be a Merryman newsletter on Saturday of this week because the conference that they have going on.

So we’ll see what we do for Saturday. Just check in, we’ll be there. Or we won’t be there depending on what the market ends up doing here today. And tomorrow we’ll just play that one by ear, but we should be automatically flashing in our mind. Anything to do with Uranus, that that is the planet in control of the chart right now.

So as you are planning your full moon ceremony for Friday evening, you are within 48 hours of the sun. You tri Uranus. So you can be daring and bold and big even plan an unusual ceremony for your full moon Friday night. Typically on a full moon, you release. So just what is something like really off the wall or uncharacteristic or unusual or something that you would say?

Well, at least I tried it when it’s over. Bring that to your full moon alter. Listen. I know the energies have been a little difficult here as we talked about at the end of the episode yesterday. So this is a great time to do a reset. The sky is giving us this unique opportunity because the moon is in the perceptual, spiritual Neptunian sign of Pisces.

So go into your own internal depth, your own internal. Your own emotions, your own intuition, your own spiritual insight and connection, and bring all of that to the altar of your soul growth on Friday night, it’ll be a really marvelous experience. Truly lots of powerful energy on this full moon. Have a great one.

I’ll look forward to hearing some stories about it too. We’ll see you back tomorrow. Bye-bye.