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September 7, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome it’s hump day, September 7th on the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. If this is your first time welcome aboard. We’ve got a lot to talk about today. There’s not much as far as exact aspects, but boy, there are a bunch of in or aspects and we’re going to cover through this.

Let’s jump in the fun astrology helicopter, and go up about six, 7,000 feet. Take a look at this thing from a broader perspective. First the business at hand for today, the exact aspects are all this evening. Eastern time, at least in the United States. Now this one’s significant. The sun Tris the north node.

And sex tiles, the south node of the moon. Now I’m using the true node calculation so that we catch exactly what’s happening in the sky. If you have your chart set to the mean node setting, then this will be off a little bit, but 6:51 PM. So that’s an intersection or a rondevu in a. Favorable kind of way, uh, let’s work together.

Let’s accomplish some things. Let’s move some things forward. As far as perhaps creating a synchronicity, perhaps an encounter, perhaps something that you journal in the morning that just comes to you vividly. It’s all about resolving past stuff and moving that inchworm forward a little bit at a. So put your little carmic antennas out because today you might have something cross your path.

The other thing this means is that we are halfway. We are at the midpoint in astrological terminology between the last moon wobble and the next moon wobble. The next moon wobble will be a conjunction. The last one was a square, no significance to that really in the sky or affecting anything. But it’s just a mental note.

Now the other one is the sun is in a Quin conks uhoh yacht alert. A Quin cus to Chiron that’s at 9 26 this evening. So do we have a yard if we have one Quin cus do we have two? Yes we do. Are they forming a sex tile at the base? Yes they are. We have another yard. You know, last year we had a series of these like this, and I think it was about this time of year.

Wasn’t it was it in the middle of the year. But here we have the sun up at the top of the witches hat at the base. Well, this is where this one gets interesting. Saturn and the moon on one side. And then we mentioned Kyron, there’s the other leg, but Jupiter is seven degrees away. Do you prefer your steak rare or well done?

Do you prefer a tighter orb or a wider orb? If you like a wider orb than re really do have an interesting composition to this because Saturn in the moon on one side, Jupiter and Chiron on the other. All right. Let’s just think about the sun being us, right. That’s at the top. So this focus is about us. Now we could say the collective, if we wanted to make this a mundane interpretation, but let’s just bring this home.

The country’s got enough problems as it is. Let’s just talk about us, right? Although the country, certainly, cuz I’m thinking about this. Woo. Okay. So we are at the top. We are the sun. We are the focus of this yard. Saturn and the moon. Boy, it doesn’t get any closer to our soul’s work than that. How are we aligning with our very purpose for being here?

Do you see how that’s double punched by the sun’s aspect to the nodes of the moon? This is the spotlight for today. Goodness. We’re not going to have time to talk about the rest of the week. We’ll do that tomorrow. We got time tomorrow, but I do want to just camp on this because Chiron is our wounded healer.

It’s like we set up all this stuff to do in this lifetime, these things to address. And then there’s like, there’s one, that’s just king of the mall. That’s Chiron. Maybe it’s health for you, maybe it’s relationships, perhaps money, maybe it’s two steps forward. One step back for me, it’s religion. The wounding from religion.

You’ll find that wherever Chiron is in your chart, if it’s in the second house, chances are it’s money. If it’s in the fifth house, chances are it’s relationship, especially sexuality. If it’s in the a house, it could be transformation itself. Getting through the process. If it’s in the 11th house, it could be friends, social groups, et cetera.

Mine’s in the ninth. There you are religion versus spirituality with Jupiter nearby, especially in retrograde. And Chiron’s in retrograde too. This is all doing this inner work. Wow. And Saturns in retrograde. So, I mean, this is all about us. Stopping getting out our journal, getting in that meditative state.

How many times do we talk about this on here? A bunch, right? Because the chart brings us to these places in our life. See, when you’re following your chart, when you’re following your path, then you know, this is a Chi tea and journal morning. So don’t scan Facebook so much, close that stuff up and get your nose in that.

Universe is waiting for you in there. Your soul is waiting for you in there. Now. Holy cow, we have so much going on in this Uranus is sitting of course right next to the north node. So there’s the whole surprise element that’s connected to the sun that Saturn moon conjunction, which happens about eight 30 tomorrow morning in Aquarius.

That’s calling our soul is calling. To check in mercury is sitting across from that Jupiter Chiron. That’s an opposition that has tension. Don’t overthink. Journal your feelings, not your thoughts. Ask your conscious mind to be quiet. So your soul, your subconscious mind can speak. Now I want to close with this.

I’ve heard from several people over the last 48, 72 hours about tension in their lives. That is borderline on depression. I actually connected with that energy a couple of days ago when I just had an overwhelm thing, like just way too full of a plate, not going to get it all done, feeling stretched way too thin.

And I could feel what these people are saying. I could feel the oppression of that. So yes, we do have the energy in the chart. Mars in Gemini is a big piece of that. But here is another piece that we’ve talked about today is the universe is calling us to stop and analyze and look at our life and be alert and be conscious.

Maybe something does need to come off the plate. Maybe there do need to be some adjustments or tweaks. Maybe you do need to change something radically, or maybe you need to change something slightly. The universe is there to meet you with what you need to change. Now, as I have said, in these other situations, if you are experiencing depression to a level that you feel you need professional help, please, by all means, get it.

This energy in the chart shall pass. Some of it will pass faster and some of it will pass slower, but it will pass. We want you on the other side, healthy and whole when it does, because good times are ahead. This energy is not gonna be there forever. All right. Do we have a deal? Do we have a handshake?

Pinky shake, shake deal here. Thank you. I appreciate that. I’ll have a better day. And so will you. I love you. I truly do see you tomorrow.