July 20, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Welcome to a hump day, Wednesday, July 20th. Glad you’re here. Thanks for joining us. Let’s talk about overhead and then we’re gonna talk about some macro and I’m going to try to squeeze a listener question in here. So, first of all, Mars, semi squared Neptune at 2 0 3 this morning.

Reason I bring that up is that Mars is triggering stuff right now. Mars in Taurus has been a nasty little element. Robert and I took a listener question over on old soul new soul, but just the dominoes of everything that is falling right now is just incredible. And that’s all happened since Mars moved into TAUs couple of dates to just lock onto July 26th.

That’s when Uranus conjoins the north node. August 1st is when Mars conjoins Uranus, all of that in Taurus. And both of those will happen after the sun has entered Leo, which is square to Taurus. If you’ve been hearing these things that have been circulating of stuff happening in late July, August, September, October, it’s in the chart.

There’s no question it is squarely in the chart. So I want you to fix those dates in our mind. Uranus is at the table. Let’s not even try to predict. I mean, we could throw several things down, but let’s just observe and be in the flow and do what we do on Sunday nights, send a lot of healing energy up into the sky right now.

It needs it. If anything does unfold during this window, it will be Uranian. It will have a surprise element to it. Moon goes void. Of course, at 10 o’clock this morning moves into Taurus at 2:22 PM. Those of you who like sequential numbers, how about a moon in TAUs? Speaking of, will it pass through over the next couple of days as an additional trigger?

Or will it give us some grounding and earthy connection? And that 2 22 is Eastern time. 1, 1, 1 central. If it stops raining around here, , I’ll be focusing my hikes on the trail rather than the concrete over the next couple of days. Go soak up that earth, Victorian energy with the moon in there. Hi Thomas.

I heard you like Telium and I’ve got two in my chart. So my question for you is which one of these stallions should I really pay attention to more? Um, my first one is in. Eighth house Libra, sun, moon, and Jupiter, uh, within a four degree orb. And then my second one is in my ninth house Scorpio, where I have mercury Mars and Pluto within about a six to eight degree orb.

Um, so I love to hear your feedback. Thanks. Well, you are absolutely right about loving STS. That’s why I got into astrology was to figure out mine. So let’s think globally here. Like we did yesterday. You might want to pause the recording and think about this for yourself. How would you answer this? So she has one that includes the sun, the moon and Jupiter with a four degree orb.

Then she has another with mercury, Mars and Pluto with a six to eight degree orb she’s asking which one is more powerful. What would you say? Pause the recording. like, do you have an. This one is without a doubt, no question. The luminaries. You always look for the luminaries. Why? Because that is the radiance of our life and the reflection of our life.

If ever, you have a question about, if something is more significant in your chart and luminary, the sun or the moon are involved, then focus there. The other thing that I would look at with any Telium is what is the tightness of the cluster? So this, again, tips the scale to the Libra sun, moon Jupiter, because she said they were four degrees versus the second St.

In Scorpio, which was six to eight. Now I’m just thinking here, even though this is in the eight house, which has its own characteristic. how would you like to have the sun, the moon and Jupiter? All within four degrees and in a Venus ruled Libra Libra, I’ll tell you I’m ruined on that sign. Now, since Delia got me that book, I’m like, oh my gosh, it really is right there.

Hey, Chiron’s now retrograde. Let’s think about transformations, right? If you’ve been saying Libra, there’s a high level booklet that says it’s li. Are you resisting the change? you get the point, right? Don’t hold onto old structures. Let ’em go. So what do you do with these STMs? Well, you bunch them up now.

You’d bunch up the sun, moon and Jupiter. A lot more than you would. Mercury Mars and Pluto. I like to create a name so you could create your own name, but I’m just looking at ju moon. ju moon ju soon. Ju soon. There you go. Jupiter, sun, moon ju soon. You know, what I would do with that is, I mean, you’ve got a blank check from the universe here, basically, after you’ve done the, a house transformation work, there are things that need to die and be reborn transformed, very Plutonian.

Once you cross that bridge and do that work, then you’ve got a blank check that you and your wonderful mate, because we’re talking about money and relationship here. So you and your wonderful love are able to sit down and write a blank, check to the universe and let that Jupiter bring it right on in with skids.

I love that. Oh, I love that. I hope you really make the most out of that aspect. Thanks for a great question.