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July 19, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller it’s Tuesday, July 19th. Welcome in, got a little fun episode. We’re going to talk about some dating today. Interested in dating or what’s going on in the dating world. Well, you got the right place. Let’s talk about the sky first though. Mercury enters Leo today.

Boom. Got another sign change. I’ll. 8 32 this morning. So we’re going to be a little bit more projective with our communication over the next about three weeks. If you’re wondering if mercury will go retrograde here. No, it’s not until September 9th, that will occur in Libra Libra. You guys will have to stay tuned with me on old soul new soul to see if I can even get Robert to acknowledge that Libra is correct.

Astrological pronunciation. See Delia golden. One of our readers says Libra. She got it from this astrological pronunciation guide that was published by the American astrology Federation. I believe back in the seventies. And it says li. So anyway, Libra, Libra, potato, pat potato in today’s world. There’s a whole, whole heck of a lot more we could be concerned about than that one.

Kyron 1155 this morning, Eastern time retrograde. How long will you have time to explore those inner wounds? Particularly those that seem to not go away. All the way until nearly Christmas, December 23rd, got a long time to look inside for those inner wounds. You know, I, I love this because we can take a long game approach to it.

We’ve got half of a year almost like really let stuff come up and then deal with it, address it, but you can do it. Like I don’t have to fix it tomorrow. This is a stay with you kind of lifetime thing anyway, with Kyron. So let things come. Let them be hold them loosely. Don’t get attached or excited about them and just realize you’re on a soul journey.

What does that mean? You’re infinite. So what’s a half a year to eternity. Take your time, smell the flowers, enjoy the journey and allow your soul to breathe and to grow. Those of you who follow subconscious mind mastery know that I turned my life inside out and upside down and restructured everything.

And that happened on a Chiron retrograde at my Chiron return at age 50, this is a really powerful symbolism to make some significant spiritual growth. Remember things get more powerful and intense on stations. So if you have been really feeling it and experiencing some things that are challenging, those old wound strings know that Chiron is at work, allow it breathe with it, ask the universe for where your soul wants to grow and then watch for the synchronicities to.

We got a lot that would help you on that journey in some of the later episodes, too, the current episodes of subconscious mind mastery. All right, sun opposite Pluto tonight 9:38 PM. Sun in the later degrees of cancer Pluto in the later degrees of Capricorn. Those of you watching the markets, watch out heads up financial astrology alignment there.

Interesting that it comes paired with that Chiron station to go retrograde because transformational issues come up for all of us. And on that note of transformation, let’s tackle a question on dating. Hi, Thomas. My name is Anne. I have a question about dating. I’ve heard of people complaining how it is so hard for them to find someone to get into a serious relationship with.

Are there any planetary aspects that are affecting dating currently? Thank you. And you are precious. Thank you for a great question. And I can almost hear the longing in your heart and yes, I’ve heard exactly the same thing. So let’s pick this apart. And the first thing I would just say is how would you answer this?

If somebody asked you that question, what would you say? You might even want to pause this and think about it for a moment. Well, I’m not going to claim to have the right answer here, but I’m going to explore around this. So let’s talk about it for a second. So first thing that would cross my mind is are we talking individually or globally?

So, and I would be wondering if there was something in your natal chart with the transits and the solar arcs and the progressions. If there was something there that would be holding that back and maybe waiting for a better. But we’ve been hearing about this collectively. So aside from personal aspects, let’s talk about what might cause this.

All right. So we’re talking about the collective and we know with the collective, if you’ve been listening to this, hopefully it’s starting to sink in. The axis of the planet, the axis of humanity, the axis of cosmos shifted January 12th, 2020, when Saturn and Pluto conjoined in the sky that happens every 29 and a half years.

But this time it happened in Saturn’s home, hometown of Capricorn. If we go back and look at the last time Pluto was in Capricorn, that was the late 17 hundreds. When America was born. Out of the discontent that those Renegade colonists felt for the crown at that time. Well, now we’ve wound it forward and the discontent is all over the place, basically Pluto in Capricorn.

So if you start to frame up that things have really pivoted, then we would start to walk back and say, well, when did it take place? The other question in my mind is would we be talking about one of the faster moving planets, like Venus, the love planet or the moon, our heart, our emotions, or would we be talking more of an outer, slower moving planet?

Like Saturn Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto? So deciding between those two factors, when did this begin and are we talking about a trigger planet or a thematic planet? I would walk it back and be thinking about the outer planets as a theme change that has taken place over the last maybe 10 or 12 or 15 years.

Well, let’s walk them back. Saturn moved into Aquarius in December of 2000. Not in our timeframe, but certainly Saturn in Aquarius establishes more individual independence, but that only walks us back. Not even two years, Uranus is in Taurus. We walk that back May, 2018. So we’re probably looking to go back a little further, however, TAUs ruled by Venus.

So we’re starting to scratch the surface there. So maybe this weird anomaly is with Uranus and TAUs kind of pushing. Pairing up away a little bit more. That’s a, certainly a strange behavior for humankind to not be able to mate up permanently, at least walking back, further Neptune in Pisces. Now that we’re getting in the time window, ah, February, 2012 and then Pluto in Capricorn entered for the last time, November, 2008.

So I kind of like the combination really here. If you wanted to think about this. So Pluto and Capricorn, old structures being challenged, even the structure of partnership, and this could be unique to this transit too. Capricorn is square to the sign of Libra, where we would typically place relationships.

Pluto is about death and transformation. So we definitely have a timeline correlation. We have a thematic correlation. Where does it go from here? Well, Pluto moves into Aquarius. Saturn is already giving us some signs of what that looks like. I mean, look at what’s going on in the world right now with world leaders falling like dominoes.

So that brings a lot more self independence self-actualization to the table. So it could even, I guess we could say morph to more even individuality. The good part is now we’ve moved from a square to Arine. So it might be a redefined way of partnering maybe in a way that is less traditional and a little bit more individually honoring.

Relationships that are less controlled by one partner or the other. See, that would be, Capricornian obviously more patriarchal. So in other words, the dominant male controlling the female, probably out the window. So change while unfamiliar is often not bad, right? The other element, of course, Neptune and Pisces.

And that definitely detaches us from reality. So there is this idea of the traditional, what we’ve known, just almost disappearing into a Misty fog. Then when you throw Uranus in TAUs into the mix, you get that element of Venus ruling Taurus, right. And Uranus surprises. So that brings the whole thing into this outer picture structure that I kinda like.

I mean, I think it, it definitely shows some elements of this. So all of this will move forward into other signs and probably the dynamic over the next two or three years. We’ll shift again. I hope that helps. Sorry about going so long, but hopefully some of you enjoyed it. All right. Have a great one. We’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday.