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August 2, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

I’ll come to the Tuesday, August 2nd fun astrology podcast, Thomas Miller. I’m just kind of a little bit, um, Melan col not melancholic mellow. I’m just realizing the magnitude of not only the sky, but that almost 20 of you guys are coming up here starting tomorrow to just hang out with us over the weekend.

The August group. Begins and I’m so looking forward to it some early arrivals tomorrow, and then really kicking it off Thursday evening. And I am so excited and humbled for those of you who will be traveling. I wish you safe travels and we will see you here very, very soon. If you would like to take a look at the next trip we are doing in October, I’m almost said August, October.

The weekend of the 20th, 21st, 22nd. And through there, just go to fun., plural birthdays, and that will get you to the information. Now let’s take a look overhead today. We have three aspects still hitting this Uranus conjunction in Taurus. And I’ll tell you what I mentioned on the Saturday episode.

That I got to see Uranus with my eyes through binoculars, but an amazing site. It was to look up in the sky and see the planet that for all these years, people didn’t think they could see until a telescope was invented. And in 1781, finally, oh, what’s this. Well, Saturday morning early, it was one degree, 32 minutes away from Mars.

So it was just a perfect alignment. Basically. I stuck my thumb up in the sky and about where the knuckle was is about how far apart they were. Well today, Venus is in an aspect with that conjunction. So Venus first at 3 53 this morning, all these times Eastern will sextile the north node. That’s the first aspect.

Then the second one is at 8 25 this morning. When it sextiles Uranus. And then at 10 o’clock tonight, Eastern time, it’s sextiles Mars. And all of this is under a Venus ruled moon because just after midnight Eastern, the moon moved into Libra. Now, you know, if you’ve been listening to this for any period of time, that there is a money element at play here because Venus is all over this.

The other big thing of this aspect of course, is that Saturn will be applying or moving back into both in retrograde. Uranus will be in retrograde, coming up later this month. And then Saturn already in retrograde will be squeezing that gap in between themselves. For the fourth and final square of this cycle of the Saturn Uranus squares, that will be October 3rd.

They’ll be within about a half a degree of each other. They won’t exactly touch by degree and minute, but they will be close half a degree apart. So the significance today is that if there’s a money element at play with this fourth and final kiss, if you will, of Saturn and Uranus, which always has led to recessions and stock market drops, and it certainly has held true to that pattern.

Now, the question is, will we have more or have we bottomed? And this thing turns around and just moves. Venus is at play and Venus is in a sextile to Uranus today. Now, one other thing about this position, Venus is at 18 degrees in cancer. So while it is sex tiling, its own sign of Taurus. It is squaring its own sign of Libra where the moon has moved in.

And I mean, this is there all the time, every day, it’s baked into the chart, but TAUs and li. Are five houses separated. So that’s an in conjunct or a Quin conks relationship between the two. The good thing about today’s alignment is that Venus is in the favorable relationship with TAs, the money area. The other piece of this little puzzle that we need to put together is that Uranus stations retrograde August 24th, that is when Uranus and Saturn set their sites on each other for that square.

Now I won’t be following the markets as closely the rest of this week because, and actually this is being recorded early ahead of the trip so that I can get all my recording work done and be present for everybody who is coming. But if something does happen, obviously we will jump in here and talk about it.

But this is where Ray Marryman on Saturday was talking about maybe some kind of a sharp, abrupt spike in the markets perhaps down. But I’m almost looking at this. I don’t know. I’m getting a feeling, looking at this chart that maybe this Venus today. Is a signifier of a theme that, or it almost is like, it says you two, just behave.

Let’s have some love. You already made your points with your three squares last year. We get your message. Let’s give everybody some love and some hope here. The other thing that’s cool about this is the fast moving mid-heaven. As I’m locking down on this chart at high noon today is the mid-heaven and Venus are right on top of each other at 18 degrees in cancer.

So they are tightly conjoined. And I just think that’s a really cool picture that maybe we are having, uh, change here where love is going to become more of a. A lot of times these charts, you know, as in natal charts, for example, some baby somewhere in the world will be born with. 12:03 PM. Birth time, and they’re going to be living with this.

And there is a definite love signature here. Love with some surprises, twists turns, passion, and a little bit of. Grounded stability. Well, we’ll see how it pans out. I’m trying folks. I’m trying. This is a good one. I like this. I like that. Venus is sexting over there to those three ombres. So let’s see if some love shows up in the world.

And speaking of love, we will be kicking off year. Two of healing convergence this Sunday night with the people that are still left in town, we’re going to do it live together. So join us from our Facebook group, the subconscious mind mastery and fun astrology podcast listeners, or from the fun astrology podcast channel on YouTube.

That will happen at 8:00 PM Eastern time. Sunday night, come share some love. Let’s really drill this in and send it home. Have a great day. See you back tomorrow.