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August 1, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the new week, a new month and a new aspect in the sky. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us on the fun astrology podcast. Hi, welcome in it’s August 1st and I want not to set up the month. We’ll do that later in the week. I specifically wanted to talk about the aspect in the sky, because this is the, probably the big one of, at least the summer.

Where we have these three, um, bras that everybody’s talking about. Haven’t converged together since, for whenever long time, Uranus, Mars, and the north node, which puts all of this in opposition to the scorpion south node. Now I’ve got to say this week is a big week for me personally, because starting Wednesday and then especially Thursday.

Nearly 20 of you are going to be converging up here in my backyard, my little playground in North Carolina to come spend the weekend with old uncle Thomas. I’ll tell you what I am about as excited as a seven year old on their birthday. I am just so excited and. I’m recording these this week in advance.

So there may have been things happened between the time I’m recording this and the time you hear it. But I had to jump ahead. So presuming there’s nothing super big. That was the theme that I wanted to talk about. If there is something big, then I will scrap this and you’ll hear a different episode. So here we have this big cookbook.

Oh my gosh aspect, right? I mean, I could go on and on and on about the catastrophes that are going to happen around this aspect. We picked the thing apart pretty well on Friday. So we’re not going to go back there and we’re not going to do the catastrophic perspective either, because here’s what I’m thinking.

It’s already happening. That’s what we talked about Friday. The gist of this aspect is already happening. Look it, we go back two times, not the last time in the 1990s, but the time before that, that the south node was in Scorpio. You remember we talked about this several months ago when it was moving in the summer of 1967.

Nearly 160 riots in major cities around just the United States. So one thing you watch for is to ask, is this going to happen again? And then you look, I love the way that Glasgow puts this relatives to his solar art classes, where you look at the aspects you see what’s getting ready to happen, potentially.

And then you ask, are we moving more toward it or away from. Are we moving more toward a summer of 1967 with the south node in Scorpio now only punched and amplified by Mars and Uranus all together. Well, I found this and it’s a quick search it’s. If you search into Google global protest tracker. Then you get the Carnegie endowment, which is Carnegie with a head banner that says Carnegie endowment for international peace.

I know nothing about them. And please, if you do work for them, I say that I don’t know the accuracy of this. Okay. I know nothing about this. I just found it. And honestly, if you drill down and you look at the specifics, it looks very conservative to. But it looks like they’re saying that since 2017, now this goes back a bit.

It’s updated, uh, early July that over 230 significant anti-government protests have erupted worldwide more than 110 countries have experienced significant protests. 78% of authoritarian or authoritarian leaning countries have faced significant protests. And here’s a surprise. Over 25 significant protests have been directly related to the coronavirus pandemic.

So as you look at the map, what are people upset about the economy, political clearing throat? Where is Pluto going to be moving in the next couple of years into Aquarius? What is our theme song of aquarium? Don’t tell me what to do. However you wanna sing it. This is a precursor of what’s coming there is going to be, and this is, we’ve talked about this.

This is not new news. That we are going to be experiencing a conflict between authoritarianism, which is the shadow side of Pluto and Aquarius and the, a very aquarium don’t you tell me what to do and I’m willing to transform I E death and rebirth for it. So certainly one of the things we can. Bank on here is that Uranus, Mars and the nodes are giving us a precursor for what we’re going to see more of as we move into these next several key years ahead, it also matches the United States chart.

And I don’t want to go into that. We’ve covered that a lot, especially here in old soul new soul. So it fits, it just fits hand in glove. So whether something big happens in your neck of the woods is just another trigger point. In this aspect that is already baking this culture into our planet. Do you see this?

And that’s the difference between the slower moving planets like Pluto and Neptune and Uranus. They’re building these themes and this theme of discontent. It’s definitely something that we’re going to be seeing over and over at least over the next two or three years. So the details on the aspect at 2 0 8 this afternoon, at least in Asheville, North Carolina, it will conjoin Mars and the north node, which of course puts it in an opposition to the south node.

So that’s Mars and the nodes at 2:08 PM. And then at 7:38 PM. Mars conjoins Uranus. Those five and a half hours are basically the difference of a few minutes of degree in the sky for these guys, because they’re all nodded up right there at 18 degrees in TAs. Now what do we do about it? Well, last week I released podcast number 3 0 2 on subconscious mind mastery.

I would really encourage you to listen to that because these things that we’re doing on Sunday night, healing, convergence is creating music. That the Facebook copyright scanners are hearing playing classical music. And yet we don’t play any music during healing convergence. That means what we are doing by sending love into the ethers triggers.

Facebook’s servers to say there’s music playing. And then when I write them back and tell them, no, it’s not and protest their little claim, then it takes them two weeks, but they always say, oh, sorry. You’re. So it doesn’t show up on the replay, but it shows up while we’re doing it together. It’s the group connection to send love into the world.

Also, I released number 3 0 3, which is a dual timeline episode of just explaining that we are separating. Basically, and it is a light, dark kind of thing. And this conflict is going to be right there. Reflective of exactly what’s going on. So indeed, as above, so below, we are seeing in the sky, the very things that are shaping up down here on planet earth.

Wow. . I mean, we’ve said this before a bunch of times, but what an amazing time to be on this planet? Hang on for the ride folks. And we’ll see you back tomorrow. Have a good day.