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April 12, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Well, it’s a really big day in the sky today. Tuesday, April 12th, Thomas Miller, coming to you from beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. There really is one aspect to talk about today. Although there are a couple of others, but boy, there is only really. We’ll get to that in a second. Let’s set up the sky 10 0 7 this morning, the moon enters Virgo after about a four hour void, of course.

And then tonight at 8:15 PM. Eastern time. The sun sextiles Saturn. That’s a 23 degree Aries, sun sex tiling, a 23 degree Aquarian, Saturn. And while this is happening. So this is prior to the moon changing signs. It opposes Saturn and Mars in Aquarius, as it is exiting leaves. If you hop over to the YouTube channel, I’ll show you all of this on the chart, but the moon is opposite.

So that puts the moon in a trine to the sun. But I’ll tell you today. I think all of these aspects and all of these other planets are probably even bowing and respect to the two that are having their moment in the sky today. That is Jupiter. Conjoining Pisces at 23 degrees, 58 minutes at 10:42 AM this morning, of course, Eastern time.

And like I just mentioned, if you’ll come over to the YouTube channel, we’ll take a look at this. When they exact aspect occurs, it happens so appropriately. In the ninth house, which is ruled by Jupiter. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what to say about this aspect. And even as I’m recording this, I’m finding myself being quite emotional.

Because another thing I’ll show you on the video is the last time that these two were together in Pisces. The date was March 17. You ready for this 1856, that was five years. And about a month before the civil war began in the United States, that was a period of a sweeping evangelical revival across Europe.

In fact, if you research the life of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, you will see that that was that period was right in the middle smack in the middle of his ministry. He would have been an equivalent of like the Billy Graham of that era in England, that’s Jupiter and Neptune. And I’ve thought that since we are under the Saturn and Pluto conjunction of January, 2020, that the universe and the sky just orchestrated all of the magic of this, it still just blows my mind that we get Jupiter and Neptune together in Pisces a little over two years after we get Saturn and Pluto together and capture.

And, you know, maybe it’s appropriate on a daylight today to go back and look at biblical analogies. But I’m thinking about the three Majayang astrologers often known as the three wise men at the nativity scenes. They were astrologers who were observing their charts and observing the sky and this special conjunction that motivated them to go to Bethel.

It almost is like that here. Now that if you’re looking for the signs, if you’re looking for the clues, they are there to guide you and Jupiter and Neptune have just been pointing us the way. And at the same time, I think the shadowy side of this aspect has also been quite strong. And I thought we would take a minute to give it equal balance because hasn’t there been a lot of deception increasing.

And maybe you’ve been going through it. I know I have just a general fogginess. I know you have, because I’ve heard some of you telling me that you have, and we see it in our Facebook group. So we know that you’ve been experiencing this. Whoa, how do I get my feet on the ground? We’re also seeing it, I think playing out in the coverage and the events of the situation and Ukraine.

So as Jupiter now leaves this conjunction after today and basically screams into areas. We’re going to get a different complexion of this that happens on May 10th. So we’ll see a different side of Jupiter may be not so much magnifying those shadowy sides of Neptune. Will there be more clarity? I don’t know on that one, because there’s not an offsetting aspect to bring that clarity or to heighten that clarity maybe until Jupiter moves into Taurus and we get a sex tile.

I don’t know. We do have a semi sextile at the table today. And that is Saturn at 23 degrees is semi sextiling or 30 degree aspect ING the Jupiter Neptune conjunction. Now I always kind of think that next door neighbors on the chart are not the best. In other words, what is Saturn going to contribute to Pisces?

But what this aspect could do is bring a little bit of grounding and stability, at least to the shadowy side of the Neptune Jupiter conjunction. Could we say practical dreamers possibly. Well, at least from today on, as we’ve been talking about, it will be another hundred and 65 years before planet earth sees this.

Again, I didn’t look up the exact date, but if you’re planning your next incarnation Almanac, you might want to keep 2187 as a targeted date to be on earth. So, yes, I don’t know about you, but I have loved the idea of these two being together. And yet I am loving the idea of things moving. That’s the way it is with Neptune.

It’s kind of like if you’re in that dreamy inspirational side mode, you don’t want that to last forever. And certainly if you’re being deceived, you don’t want that to last forever. And if you are being the deceiver, the world doesn’t want that to last forever. So like the Bob Newhart video, stop it. And there’s the change, right?

So it is time to move on. Now, even though Jupiter will move out of Pisces next month, we still have plenty of Neptune in Pisces left that runs all the way through 2026. So even though amplified under Jupiter, it’s still is going to be very much alive and just fine for the next four years. Regardless of your typical spiritual practice.

I do hope that you’ll sit in meditation today or walk or do yoga or do something to acknowledge this very special day in miss dye. Thanks for listening. Hope you have a great day. See you over on YouTube. And also we’ll get some tech talks in here as well. Have a great one. See you back tomorrow. Bye bye.