April 13, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast for Wednesday, April 13th, Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. So how was it yesterday? Did you get the inspiration or did you get the foggy cloudy? I got the inspiration. I did. I sat down in the morning and the, well, I did several things through the day yesterday, but I sat down in the morning and the clarity was sharp and crisp and alive.

So I just kind of stayed with it all day. It was raining here in Asheville for the morning yesterday and just stayed with the energy. It was really, really a special, cool time. Only a couple of minor aspects in the sky today. Our moon is still in Virgo where it will be all the way until tomorrow afternoon.

So this was a perfect time for this. Hey, Thomas hope you’re. Well, this is Tiffany and I have a question about Jupiter and Neptune right now. I know that on April 12th, Jupiter will conjuncture Neptune in Pisces, which is pretty cool energy. But then for me also, the next day, Jupiter is going to be squaring my natal Neptune.

How can we interpret mundane and personal transits at the same time? Thanks for your help. Tiffany. I love when I, when I. Come in. I was like, oh yes. Great question. Because there are a lot of activated points in the chart, so I’m so glad that we get to talk about this one more day. So the aspect happened yesterday at 23 degrees, 58 minutes in Pisces.

The nodes were one degree back, basically 2253. So they were one degree. The sun was basically one degree back 2241. I know these are a lot of numbers. Saturn was at 23. So you hearing a pattern here 22, 23, 24 degrees is where all of this happened and where was Saturn and Pluto back in January of 20. 22 degrees Capricorn.

So we can extrude right now from what Tiffany asked that her Jupiter is at 24 degrees something. And we can narrow that something down to two, because she said it is squaring. So that would be 24 degrees, either Gemini or Sagittarius. And even though that square was not exact yesterday, It was close enough, you know, in astrology with orbs, it’s not like home construction.

You know, if you, if you looked at something and it was about a four inch gap, you’d say, ah, that’s good enough. Well, you wouldn’t want to pay the utilities in that house, much less live in it. But in the sky we’ve been given this latitude to move things around a little bit and the ancients even would move things around within a whole.

So one thing to keep in mind is that the universe gives us a lot of latitude. Now I have observed in the solar arc study. That the exact points are a lot more important and obviously a natal astrology. So is there’s nothing like just a good old conjunction or a good old, exact square. So for all of us, you should be looking at your chart.

What do you have at 22 23, 24 degrees. Now what she’s also asking is the difference. And this is great. The difference between a mundane or a collective interpretation and an individual interpretation. Here’s the one thing that I would encourage you to keep in mind when you separate the two out. And that is based on what level of consciousness are we dealing with?

Because you are listening to this, you are probably in the higher consciousness, more awake category of individual astrology. That means you can really look at both sides. You can look at the duality, you can address Jupiter. For example, with expansion, the rabbit’s foot, it brings good luck or it magnifies some things that you don’t want magnified.

Pride arrogance ego. Self-confidence too much self-confidence that can get you into big trouble. Right. But if you’re living consciously, you’re always aware of those symbolisms. So as this aspect of. Then you look at it and say, is Jupiter amplifying something with Neptune in my life, either positively or negatively that I either need to a work on or B surf, the wave ride that puppy.

Now let’s flip it around. If you are individually us slow. If you listen to the subconscious mind mastery podcast, you hear my story. I come out and confess it and turned it into a nine year now, saga of audio, documentary journals of my travels from unconsciousness to consciousness, because I lived a lot of my adult life asleep as do many.

In that case, then you’re looking at a chart that is mostly comprised of wake-up energy or weighted out and just tread water until this soul is ready to blossom and wake up if at all. But you really can’t have a conversation of the, this level of spirituality and this level of following a map for your soul’s path.

If life is basically a survival game. Get up, get the kids off, get to work, grind it through work, come back, have a six pack and go to bed. There’s not much room for the Google map of the soul astrology within that kind of context. And yet that’s how a lot of people. Now, how do you separate that from mundane or collective astrology?

Well, it’s not too far off from that last example, because what you’re looking at is mostly a culture that is not awake, not being judgmental here, just being realistic. If you look out there at the broad spectrum, Are they really trying to discern the nuances of Neptune and their world? Do they care about the paradox between pure inspiration and pure deception?

Are they aware that we have a deception problem that needs to be addressed? Oh, and what about addictions and escapism? Do we not have a drug problem that needs to be addressed if you’re living consciously and you look out and you see that? Hmm. Maybe addictions wouldn’t serve me based on my chart. Like I did, then you take corrective action and you get a great result.

So Tiffany, for what your question implies is just pure analysis of where you are on your path related to the two sides of NetApp. And really with Jupiter in a square, it makes the interpretation pretty easy. You look for something that’s out of balance or something. That’s too big. Where have I really been pulling the blinders over my eyes?

Where have I been checking out? Where have I been numbing up? Where have I been. Thinking unrealistically about a situation or a person or a relationship or my situation right now. If you find them, you simply make the corrections and go on down the road, have a great hump day Wednesday. We’ll see you back tomorrow where we’re going to put our eyes on one of those things that we’ve been observing and scratching our little chin going.

Hmm. That’s tomorrow on the fun astrology podcast. See you then have a great day.