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February 28, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast on the last day of February, 2022. Wow. The month of 22222, won’t forget that one for a long time. What a great date that was. And also about right there at that time is when the current event that is permeating all of our news feeds also began.

So some serious stuff going on up in the sky. Hi, Thomas Miller here. Welcome to the podcast. We’re going to jump right in today. Traveling week this week for me. Well, you say Thomas, you travel all the time and you know, I mean, sometimes I park it for a few days right now. I am getting ready to fly out of Charlotte later this afternoon and head down to Florida for.

Reality creation seminar all weekend next weekend. So on that note, the podcasts will be recorded in advance. And then if anything happens significant in the world, we’ll do a drop in kind of like we did last week. Okay. So that’s the game plan overviews on the podcast drop ins for current events, if needed.

And of course sending our love to the innocent people, the unprovoked people of. I know we’re looking at the sky, trying to figure out, you know, what’s contributing to this and there’s an interesting little dance that’s going on between Venus and Mars. The big event will happen this week as Mars conjoins plus.

That exact aspect happens early, early Thursday morning, Eastern time, but there’s this dance that’s been going on in the sky. It’s been a subtle dance, but that’s what I’d like to start with today. And by the way, did you hear our interview over the weekend with Steve forest? Oh, if you didn’t catch it, it’s the last podcast back it was released on Saturday and would love to have you catch it either here or it’s also the same thing.

Simulcast, if you will, on subconscious mind map. All right, here’s this little dance. Now, Steve even mentioned when we talked about the current events, Mars applying conjoining Pluto, that happens on Thursday, but Venus has been in this interesting little dance with Mars since Venus turned direct back on January 29th.

I remember a planet stations to go to direct. It slows way down. Venus moves faster than Mars by a significant amount. But since the 29th, they danced together and can join at an exact 16 degrees of Capricorn on February 16th. So basically two weeks after it turned. It slowed down enough, if you will, it was slow enough that it was able to come join Mars on the 16th.

And since the 16th, if you advance a chart, it’s really interesting to just set a chart to the well, to the 29th even, and watch it through. But especially since February 16th, that they’ve stayed within about a degree of each other up to today. Now they will can join a game. At zero degrees Aquarius on March 6th.

That’s next. Next Sunday is one interesting day in the sky. I’ve got to tell you, but this little dance between Venus and Mars, not because of a retrograde, but because of the planetary speed have been bumping into each other and will twice as Venus ramps up and then eventually. Kicks it, you know, I’m thinking like a motorcycle where you shift the little shift lever thing and your arm and down or womb, then it takes off and it will leave Mars in the dust.

Now let’s think about the symbolism of this though. The two planets love and war fighting and peace balance, and aggression, dancing with each other, flirting with each other, knuckle bumping with you. See, I don’t know what the, what are they doing? Are they elbow bumping? Are they knuckle? Bumping? Are they butt bumping?

Or they flipping each other off. If you look at what’s going on and Steve could have mentioned, you know, poor Venus, but if you look at what’s going on, obviously the domination of Mars and Pluto, and maybe that’s what’s going on here is that Plute because remember Pluto is like Mars times three. So the Pluto strengths, the God of death, Mars, the God of war.

And then if you kind of apply, even though it’s not a direct application, but I’m just borrowing from another piece of astrology to move it in here to this specific application. Could this be like the under the beams of the sun that the ancient astrologers practiced? In other words, a planet about 16 degrees on either side of the sun.

I can get washed out by the sun. That’s what they believed. I can kind of speak to that in my own chart, but we’re not going to do that here for the sake of time, because I want to get to one other thing. So one of the takeaways from this is what is Venus’s role in this current situation? Is it completely dwarfed?

Is it almost silent or is there some element of peace and love that we might be missing here? Because we’re so consumed by these two bigger fellows that. Come together with their big club dominant energy in the space. That’s possible too. And it certainly is applicable in our own lives. And that’s why I say is not only are we all praying for the people of the Ukraine, but also I think sending love is there’s energy there, folks.

There’s energy there, and I’m not going to believe that Venus is not insignificant in this. It takes, Lightworkers drawing this. It takes us bringing this up and out and sending it out. And I’m going to go back to what we’ve been talking about in our healing convergence things on Sunday night. Love to have you join us for those eight o’clock Sunday night in our Facebook group, page subconscious mind mastery and fun astrology podcast listeners group in Facebook.

If you could figure all of that, if you can find us, you can join us. That’s the, that’s the deal, but just search us up and we’d love to have you. We’ve been talking about praying rain, a couple of the latest subconscious mind mastery podcasts have that. I’m going to refer to that here again. I guess we’ll have to just defer the nodes of the moon to tomorrow for the sake of time, because I do want to spend some time on that.

But remember we spent quite a bit of time in both December and January talking about when the nodes of the moon changed signs. And we talked about the uphill. That took place in the United States in the 1960s under this same aspect, we talked about the assassinations, et cetera, and what happens. But I mean, we don’t even get a month in to the darn thing.

And here we are. So that’s what we’ll talk about tomorrow right now. I think this is best. Let’s stay in the space of love. Let’s honor this venous dance and let’s not let these two big bullies on the block dominant. Feel love, pray, love, not for love. Pray, love. See love in all of this. Even as you’re watching those horrific scenes, see Venus, don’t let Venus be overshadowed in our own consciousness.

How can you and I stop Vladimir Putin with love the sky is showing it. So let’s grab onto it because the rest of the world is. Sending you love and sending love to those who need it overseas in the Ukraine. We’ll see you back tomorrow where we will be talking about a very significant application of all of this as Mars trines the north node, and sextiles the south node.

And so does Venus see you tomorrow? Thanks for listening. Have a great Monday.