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March 1, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast, Tuesday, March 1st. Welcome March and welcome to you, Thomas Miller here. Thanks for joining us. We’re going to talk about something interesting today. Let’s catch up with the moon. The moon was in Aquarius yesterday. It went void of course, last night at nine o’clock Eastern time.

And it stays that way until 3 53 this morning. So just a few minutes before this is released. It became Piscean. So the moon is in Pisces for the next two days. No other major aspects above our heads today, but there are a couple of things coming, and that’s what we’re going to unpack today, because this is all pivotal energy.

So if you remember back and I mentioned this yesterday, we’re going to talk about the alignment between Mars and Venus that are dancing together. As we discussed yesterday and the nodes of the. So this morning at 5:00 AM Eastern time, Mars trines the north node and sextiles the south node. Now, if you remember, we talked about this pretty much at length for several episodes where we focused on this back in December and January, because of the two calculations of the nodes of the moon.

We looked at history of when the south node entered Scorpio now, not the last two times, but the third time back was the middle of the 1960s. And of course there were a number of conflicts and riots, et cetera, in the United States. Then another time back before that was right after world war two ended.

And if we go back one more before that, it was right before the great depression. Well already history has stamped. What this one will be known for will be this invasion. And today we have definitely a contributing another contributing planet because the nodes are certainly contributing, especially the south node, which is in Taurus.

So today it will be sextiling, Mars. Typically you would think of a sextile as a favorable or even playful kind of aspect, like new energy, new kind of, oh boy, I’m just going down this. Even saying that as like, oh, I don’t know that we get a sextile here. Mars is in the war mode. Mars. This week, before this week is over of our podcasts together, will, can join Pluto.

Putting it in a square to Eris. I’d refer you back to Steve’s podcast over the weekend on Saturday about that Pluto, Eris relationship of that square and heiresses. I’m feeling it a little bit of a disadvantage at the moment, because you know, the former journalist television news reporter in me wants to be right there on the news.

And these are being recorded in advance because I’m traveling this week. We will do drop-ins if necessary. As I mentioned yesterday, But I remember back to the sixties and just how things continued to almost come in these waves. And I’m wondering if this isn’t set up for that kind of energy and you know, also reflecting this battle that we were talking about yesterday, this Venus Mars.

Dance over our heads. That is so subtle. I hope other astrologers are picking up on that because I think it is really key to how we are to respond to this. And remember for the south node in Scorpio has an opposing north node in Torah. Ruled by Venus. So see, this is where the symbolism, you know, I’ve said so many times whenever the chart gives you more than one, usually two or three symbolisms of something, then you can lock onto it.

All right. What are our three. First of all, we have the sun Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. That is a spiritual energy and yes, it can also be the opposite of confusion and lies and deception. And certainly we are seeing that play out, but we have the positive to lock onto. We have the hyperconnection with the home office that we’ve spent a lot of time talking about.

Number two, the Venus Mars dance talked about that yesterday. Number three, the north node in Taurus ruled by Venus. So I think those of us that are conscious, aware, people that are listening to this podcast, if you will just send love what is about as opposite of Scorpios, attacking energy, and also Mars is aggression, then the archetype or the paradigm of.

Taurus wants peace. Taurus wants love. Taurus wants harmony. Taurus wants the earth intact. So here is how closely Mars and Venus are. Mentioned Mars was training the north node sextiling the south node at 5:00 AM. Venus does exactly the same thing. 48 minutes later, Venus trines the north node. Sextiles the south node.

Do you see the weave of this? So there are three, three signs, three symbols, the war that we are seeing unfold, the love that we need to see more of. The political quagmire of the shadow side of Neptune in Pisces, don’t look to them for help. They’re the ones that created this. All of them don’t look to religion to solve this problem.

And I would really love this pray rain from Gregg. Braden, praying for the Ukraine is not going to do anything, either shocking statement. Why? Because. All it does is amplify. What isn’t there. If you don’t know about that concept, look up, pray, rain, Gregg, Braden, and you’ll you can read about it, but it is not praying for something not spouting off words into space that go nowhere.

It’s a technique that you feel the emotion, you feel the reality of what it is that you are creating. He was talking about praying rain. During a significant drought. What did the man do? He felt the rain. He felt mud in between his toes. He felt standing out in the rain and his clothes being soaked. He felt the dry parched earth turning into mud.

And then he gave thanks for being a co-creator with the source of the universe. This is powerful stuff, folks. And I hope that you’ll sit with it today. Sit with the dance that’s going on between good and evil, right up over our heads right now. And as the headlines and graphics and videos that we see permeate and emphasize the shadow side, let’s you and me stand for the other side, that the world, and especially the media doesn’t even have the consciousness or the awareness to bring up and let’s share it out.

And let’s create from inside peace and harmony and an end to this. Oh, wow. What an amazing symbolism today is really a big day in the sky when you think about it. And I hope that you’ll bring it inside. Thanks so much for listening. Have a great Tuesday. I’ll see you back tomorrow for hump day and we get a new moon tomorrow in Pisces.

See you back then had a great day.