February 24, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome into the fun astrology podcast for Thursday, February 24th. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. We do have, I’m going to mention again then we’ll just kind of let you guys find it is the video that I created to show the Russian chart, the Ukrainian chart, the United States. And some significant astrology of what’s going on around this invasion.

And I’d say on the website for a cup of coffee donation, if you would to help keep the wheels on the bus around here, I know you appreciate the work and I appreciate the tip. So thank you for doing that. And those of you on iTunes. Thank you for great comments. I do appreciate it very much. It helps in all kinds of ways up in the sky today, we don’t have any lunar sign change that will happen just before noon tomorrow.

We’ll talk about that tomorrow, but today we have the parlay of what we talked about yesterday. Yesterday, we set up this conjunction. What I think is a very important conjunction. Mars, sextiling Neptune. Well today, Venus gets. Mars and Venus are almost to their conjunction. That will be on March 6th. And that’s actually going to be an interesting dance.

We’ll talk about that when we get there, but some retrogrades have that going back and forth, and it’s kind of an interesting little swing there, but they’re catching up with each other between now and March 6th, applying toward that conjunction. But today at 1103 Eastern Venus sextiles Neptune right on the heels of.

So, if you didn’t catch yesterday’s podcast, I would encourage you to catch that because that sets up the base. And then we’re going to add some flair because the ancients believed that Venus was one of the beneficence, Venus, and Jupiter, and they even slotted it. That Jupiter is the greater beneficence.

If you were born during the daytime, which is defined. Basically one astrological minute past the ascendant and one astrological minute prior to the descendant, if you were born after sunrise and before sunset, Jupiter is the greater, benefication your chart. If you’re born in the night time, like I am Venus is the greater beneficence.

And for all of us, they both lean more toward favoribility. You know, we think about Jupiter bringing blessings. We don’t think about Jupiter getting ready to whack you upside the head with a big stick, unless you get too full of yourself from those blessings. And then karma will take care of it. Now, what are some of the things that we think about when we think of Venus?

You might think of balance, right? You might think of beauty beautification. You might think of Libra and the scales or Taurus and the earth loving the earth, loving being outdoors in nature. Like I’m doing right now with my life van life is a Venetian characteristic for sure. But what’s the main thing we think about when we think of Venus.

I know you’re screaming it right. Love Thomas LA. Well, as we set up yesterday, here is this incredible powerful movement toward connecting with our spirituality, connecting with our intuition, connecting with our higher self or as my buddy him says the home office, man, that message line from earth to home office is wide open right now.

When we think about all of the energies that we could pursue in ourselves in order to connect with that inner. We can shortcut the list in one word. And of course that is love. I mean, even in the Bible, in the book of first Corinthians chapter 13, the big love chapter where Paul says there remains faith, hope and love.

And the greatest of these is love. So today on top of yesterday’s power today, we have the highest emotion of love. Connecting to our soul and it’s a sextile. It wants to bring us the benefits that if we will connect, if we will sit down and do that work to just be still enough to go deep within silence, our mind and focus on love.

If you’d like to have a little peek at my playlist on my apple music on my phone, you could see that I’ve been listening a lot to this song. I am loving awareness. It’s by Rahm Doss of all things. I didn’t realize that rom Doss did music, but this is a really cool song where he says, in order to get out of our mind, we can say, I am loving awareness.

You can look this up on YouTube. It’s on all the major, uh, music players, apple music, Spotify, YouTube. You can find it rom Doss. I am loving awareness. And he says that by saying that mantra, we can begin to love everything that we are aware of. In fact, I was listening to a couple of other programs from rom dosses music collection, where he was talking about his time with his guru named Karoli Baba.

This is all the way back in the late sixties and early 1970s in India. And the last thing that his guru named Karoli Baba told him to do was to love everybody. Just love everybody. And in fact, this group of people came from America over to India to sit with the great guru. And they said, oh great guru, tell us how to meditate.

And this Indian guru just wrapped in a blanket. That’s all he ever wore said, well, meditate the way Jesus. I mean, all these 1960s hippies were looking at each other, going what? We came over here to hear the Indian girl tell us to meditate like Jesus. So they asked, well, how did Jesus meditate? And the Baba said, He lost himself in love for everyone.

Do that, leave you with those words, Venus sextile, Neptune. I love you. Thanks for listening.