February 23, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome into the fun astrology podcast. It’s hump day, Wednesday, February 23rd. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. We’re going to talk about what’s going on up in the sky. Obviously today, that’s going to be our focus. I do have the video out. It is on the fun astrology. Dot com website. And there is a special section there talking about it.

So you can click on that and the video is now available for download, but let’s talk about the sky today because the moon moves from Scorpio, where it was when this invasion began, go figure. Into Sagittarius, which is water to fire. But really a lot of people say Scorpio is kind of fiery water. You know, it’s like if there ever was a water fire sign, it’s Scorpio.

And then now we’re into Sagittarius, which of course is ruled by Jupiter, which is fire, fire sign, fire planet. So that takes place at 8 28 this morning. So. Think of expansion, think of fire. Think of getting things done. Think of Jupiter, sending you the blessings of expansion and good. If you want to go buy a lottery ticket today, do it before five 30, 2:00 PM Eastern time, because then the moon will square the sun.

So do it before that. But if you do win with that tip, then be sure to tie to your favorite podcast, astrologer who tipped you off as to what to do. Now. Now let’s talk about the other big aspect today. Mars sextiles Neptune at 2:11 PM. Eastern time. Now let’s think about the elements of this cause this one’s really cool.

And I’m setting that situation in the Ukraine and Russia aside here. All right, that’s over there. We’re going to talk about here because Mars is the power planet. Mars is the fire energy to move things forward and it is sextiling, which is a playfully fun aspect to Neptune, which we know is in its home sign in Pisces.

Which is sitting there waiting for two planets to come kiss it first, the son, and then Jupiter. Can you not just from that description alone, feel the emotion around Neptune sitting there in this favorable environment with Mars for today, that culminates to. Being blessed and kissed by its co-partner in rulership of that sign.

Jupiter and the sun with Mars just goosing the whole thing right now. I know a lot of us have, and I’ve heard you telling the stories on our Facebook page. Come join us. If you’re not on there, it’s on Facebook. It’s called the subconscious mind mastery podcast listeners. Oh, subconscious mind mastery and fun astrology podcast listeners on Facebook.

But some of you have been talking about how you’ve really been in tune with this energy. Well, here is another opportunity to really get one of those big direct spiritual hits. Now keep in mind, we’ve dancing between the two sides of Neptune in Pisces. So the shadow side goes very quickly to old fears.

That’s what I’ve been experiencing and I’ve been documenting the path on subconscious mind map. An old fear surfaced under this energy now is the time to work on it. Let it come up. This is the biggest gift in the world that we’re being given right now. This energy of Neptune and Jupiter and the sun all in Pisces and now Mars giving it this big old cheerleading push from the sidelines.

Here’s a classic example. I was talking to one of you, a listener two nights. Whose daughter lives in Australia who has been on an unconscious journey, has been trying to figure out life has a chart that talks about one of those that came to do soul spiritual work. And for it may be not to be so easy and has experienced that finally.

Reached out to her mom this past week, asking questions about this whole space and how to pursue contacting people who could help her explore getting in touch with her soul to start a healing. And this mom obviously was very. Cautiously optimistic, Mars, sextiling, Neptune. Do you get chill bumps there?

This is real stuff, folks. And it is showing up. So number one, if you are in the exploration and stuff is coming up and it is for a lot of us than just stay in the space and do the work hold through the uncomfortable moment. The force is with you. And then if you are close to someone like this situation where they are starting to go through the work, hold the space for them.

And by that, I mean, stand as a society. Energetically, send them success in the process connection with their soul. What is the most beautiful thing in the world you can possibly get? Who is it? Who said that the two most important days of your life are the day that you were born and the day you find out why this is that kind of energy.

So stand with them that they will be ultimately successful in digging things up and then be hands off of the process. Give them the referrals, but don’t tell them what to do. Think of Aquarian energy, even though we’re in Pisces, don’t tell them what to do, because I’ll tell you this, the universe doesn’t need our help.

Right now. It is well-equipped just be a resource. Be an encouragement. Stand with them. Stand in the energy of love and point them along the way when asked and then let the universe do. It’s brilliant. Uh, I’ll tell you what I love, where we are right now. I know there’s challenge, but wow. What an amazing time to be alive.

I hope that you are encouraged by this Mars Neptune aspect sitting here on hump day. Have a great one. We’ll definitely be back tomorrow. If anything breaks that warrants through this whole thing, we’ll just break in with specials. So you might get more than one episode like we did yesterday on the funniest ecology podcast.

Have a great day. See you tomorrow.