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February 8, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast for Tuesday, February 8th. I’m Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. This episode goes out to my mom would have been her birthday today. Uh, but those of you who know my story know that mom would not be happy that I’m doing astrology. Just we’ll just leave it as, ah, happy birthday.

She hadn’t say much to me, by the way, if you can imagine. All right, let’s see what we’ve got on the chart today. We did the keywords yesterday. Some of you said that you really enjoyed having that back. So we have one of the top keywords today is emotionality bringing emotion back into the chart. So with that, we’d better look at where the moon is and the moon is still in Taurus.

So as I looked at the aspects today that the moon is making from its position in Taurus. We have, uh, well, we had at two this morning, a square to Saturn. So there’s that sat, Turney and energy. We’ve been having this sad Turney and energy because what was it last Friday, right? That the sun conjoined Saturn, that’s a big deal in and of itself.

We talked yesterday about the structure, moving through Capricorn into Aquarius, into Pisces and radically transforming our lives. So here again, Is the moon today punching that same theme with its square to the sun is it’s basically saying you got to get in there and do the digging. You got to do the work.

This is not a drive through hand it to me kind of process. Now that is at eight 50, the smart, I’m not going to lose all the times on these lunar aspects because there are too many, but here’s the emotionality. Here’s why the keywords say that. Starting at about 1230, the moon sextiles Neptune trines, Merck.

And trines Pluto. Now that was Eastern time, obviously, but it continues all the way to 1147 when the moon goes void. Of course. So it’s kind of like between just before noon, all the way to just before midnight Eastern time, you’ve got this energy floating around and that’s exactly what the keywords are.

Reflecting. Another couple of keywords, surprise failure, Joel. Chance energy and love. Now the other major aspect today, the non lunar aspect is Mars and Capricorn is training Uranus over in Taurus. And remember, the moon is fairly close to Uranus. So that’s again, why that emotionality is kind of coming into this now, what might that look like?

I’m going to stay with the theme that we created yesterday, that if you are really starting to do some Capricornia and digging the weeds in the garden, you’ve been looking at it. You realize that the sun conjoined Saturn last Friday, you’re serious. Using this energy to your advantage, you realize that this is a once in 160 year opportunity.

Why? Because of the two planets that co rule Pisces are in Pisces, you realize that the energy is subtle, but you’ve got your journal in hand. You are focusing, you are tuning out some of the world around you so that you can get in there with your. And you’re doing the work. Mars can help you dig with a bigger shovel.

It’s like a bigger hole you can till the garden more efficiently. Uranus is like you, you stick the shovel down in the soil of your life, garden, your soul garden, and you hit a. You wanna hear that again? You didn’t one of those tap, tap, tap, and the shovel won’t go any further and you go, ah, what is this?

And you dig up something unexpected. But you knew that it was something down in there. You didn’t know exactly what you knew. You had something that needed to be dealt with and now you have identified it and you know what it is, and you can move it in that direction. That’s what Mars training Uranus looks like.

It’s a favorable aspect to dig things up from the deep recesses that you might not have otherwise been looking at. There’s your energy for today. I’m going to keep it short. I’m in Hickory, North Carolina, digging through my storage unit. So it’s kind of like, uh, making a big swap of stuff and retooling the van for the next big adventure.

I’m not planning on coming through here again for a while, and I’m getting ready for a couple of things in February and March. And then we are going to head back south where it’s warm because it’s cold. One of the things I realized in the van is that I was sleep deprived. I was kind of at a home base for the week, last week and, oh my gosh, did I ever sleep, sleep, sleep?

So my own batteries needed to recharge just like Lord Jupiter’s do periodically. And we got them. So we are full of fuel and vigor and ready to rock and roll. So. I’m getting tooled up for that. Don’t forget the fun astrology 1 0 1 course is on sale. Mercury retrograde special 40%

Also our readers. We have three wonderful ladies who are doing readings now that is there as well. And if you missed Saturday, we answered some questions and told you about a really cool art and astrology thing that you could get for gifts and birthdays, or for yourself. Check that out. If you missed Saturday’s bonus special.

I hope you guys have a great day. We will keep you posted. If you’re not a member of our Facebook group, come on over there. It’s called the subconscious mind mastery and fun astrology podcast listeners group on Facebook. It’s private. You have to join just to answer the questions, let us know you’re a listener.

Thank you guys so much. Hope you have a wonderful day. See you back tomorrow for hump day.