February 7, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast for Monday, February 7th, we’re going to kick off a fairly slow astrological week with a bang. Hi Thomas Miller. Thanks so much for stopping by. We don’t have just a whole lot happening up in the sky this week. There are no ingressives no sign changes until.

Valentine’s day, February 14th, we have one mercury moves into Aquarius. I was laughing about that when I, when I thought about that this morning, I thought, you know, okay, mercury moving into Aquarius. So you get up on Valentine’s morning, you kiss your partner. You tell them how precious they are in your life and how much you love them and say, have a wonderful day.

Uh, mercury has moved into Aquarius. They look at you and they say, Don’t tell me what to do. Hey, you gotta go with what we got. Right. And then of course, the sun moves into Pisces on February 18th. That is it. So the rest of the chart basically stays the same. So we still have this big four planet stellium and category.

That doesn’t change this week, but mercury is one of those four, so it will move out next week on Monday. But it, like we said, moves into Aquarius. So this whole theme that I think still is with us, this is what I think is the dominant theme of this chart. Right? Identifying the things that don’t serve, Capricorn, creating the things that will replace them in a revolutionary kind of life-changing Y faltering way Aquarius.

And then moving that into the expanding spiritual awareness of our infinite being Pisces. This is soul recreation at its best Capricorn, identifying the old stodgy doesn’t serve, use that side of Saturn for this, and then the innovator side of Aquarius. But that also side that says I am going to beat to my own drum.

I am going to follow my own path. In other words, you say, I am not going to go down that road anymore. I’m going to go down this road. Kind of whether anybody joins me or not. In other words, I’m ready to have my life. And then we move all of that physical stuff into the spiritual Pisces. And I think there’s one other piece of this, because we have two planets that are kind of co governing the, at least the first part of this process, Saturn Capricorn, and then Uranus, Aquarius.

That’s the Uranus like I’m going to go. Do I want you to get that picture? Think of Uranus, right? The change, the unexpected, the revolutionary, the technological, the advancement that. Forward new technology thinking I am going to retool my life in a way that aligns me with my path. That’s the energy in this chart right now, but what’s the ancient ruler of Aquarius Saturn.

So we have Capricorn Saturn, Aquarius, Saturn. Here’s the side of Saturn that I want us to focus on legacy one oft forgotten piece of sad. That I wish had more prominence in astrological circles is creating legacy. And remember, we’ve talked about this before. It doesn’t have to be a marble monument to yourself in some mausoleum or museum, the legacy can be.

Uh, think about this now, the legacy can be how you dial in those nodes for your next incarnation. In other words, Saturnian legacy can be you for your next life now. Yes, certainly. If you are contributing to people’s soul journey in some kind of way, whatever way that is. Legacy could certainly be a part of that as well.

What you leave behind for future generations to read? We just last week found out that learned that Bob Proctor, the great mentor teacher, uh, the secret, certainly I did a subconscious mind mastery podcast yesterday memorializing Bob Bob passed away on Thursday of last week. What a lifetime legacy of materials he left behind.

He certainly fulfilled that. But it doesn’t have to be like that. It can be that you just focus on what you’re going to do with your own self. Right. We have to change ourselves first, before we can change anything else. So we go through the process, very clear in the chart right now we identify what doesn’t.

We move it into that, which is going to radically unexpectedly rebelliously and full on. Don’t get, you know, like get out of my way, Aquarian change. We are going to redesign and retool, and then we are going to impress that upon our subconscious mind, as we move it into. And if we do that process, what a wonderful tribute that would be not only to ourselves, but to folks like Bob Proctor who have come along the path to show us the way now we haven’t done our keywords for quite a while.

I brought those back. I ran them for this whole week now. Pretty much expect without a lot of movement in the chart that the keywords would not move very much and they don’t, but here is basically what we’re looking at and it’s so fits exactly what we were just talking about. How about some top keywords for today?

The most significant energy as we begin the week illusions. That’s part of that Capricornia and discovery of what are we telling ourselves that simply doesn’t serve or isn’t true? What are we believing? Because we’ve been blinded to it because we’ve just accepted it all this time. Another one chance.

Another one change. Surprise. I mean, are we talking about what kinds of things have we talked about here? Happiness shows up quite a bit. So does creativity and crisis. So you see the tension we’re moving. This is so just perfectly paints this picture, that we’re moving from the crisis of the old, into the happiness of the new.

I’ll leave you with that. What a wonderful, beautiful picture. What a great way to start the week. I hope that you rock and roll this Monday and I’ll see you back tomorrow on the fun astrology podcast. Thanks for stopping by I’m Thomas Miller. have a great day.