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Monday January 10, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome to the fun astrology podcast for a new week. We are talking about January 10th through the 14th this week. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining. Coming to you from central Florida in the sprinter van, we’re going to disclose the name. I think later this week. Got a good name for it. You’ll appreciate it.

It’s going to be fun. Uh, let’s see. Couple of things today. First of all, we are waking up to a void. Of course, moon. It went void of course, at 2 23 this morning. The ascendant today as the sun is coming up over the horizon, we’ll be at about 20 degrees Capricorn. The moon as we’re waking up is in Aries where it is invoid of course, as I mentioned, but it will move into Taurus at 9 46.

This. We don’t have a super busy astrological week this week. There are a few things of note. We’re going to talk about one today. The sun is sextiling Neptune. That’s significant, but next week is boogie-woogie time. And on that note, just a couple of quick announcements, I’m going to be. On astrology hub next week.

You remember we had Amanda on here, back in December and we swapped podcasts. So I’m going to be on the astrology hub podcast later this week or early next week. I’m not sure when it will get released, but we’ll let you know, also a happy birthday to listener Jessica Robby. Her husband was so cool. Now I did on Saturday, by the way, a podcast on listener.

And her husband had called in on the speak pipe and said, would you mind wishing my wife happy birthday? It was yesterday, but Jessica, we hope you had a great day and you have a good honey. I also wanted to mention discord. We’ve got the channel on discord, fun astrology podcast. It’s on that discord app that a lot of people are using these days.

We have a podcast side and then we have the course, people gather in discord. So if you’d like to come join in that conversation, we are there and we would love to have. Now let’s talk about the sun sextiling Neptune, because wow, this is such a, it’s so thematic with where we are. And one of the things that I’m realizing that we are going to be grappling with for a good chunk of this year is that Neptunian element of confusion.

So it’s just kind of a get used to it. I mean, it’s going to be built in and baked in for all of us. And I, I kind of alluded to this on the Saturday episode, but basically a great asset that you can create for yourself for this year as a circle of friends who know you well, they know what you’re about.

They know your spiritual journey and they also know something about a struggle. And you can help each other out. You could actually swap services because it’s going to be there for all of us. And the thing is, is to have a few people in your life who you can go to for that third party advice. And you’re saying, well, what about if they’re foggy too?

Well? You’re, we’re all going to be foggy, but at least when we’re foggy, it’s always best. If somebody who is wise and has. Has a good perspective that they could at least shine on the situation. That would be a really good thing to put in place this year. Take it from someone who has Neptune parked on his son, not sextile to the sun, parked on his son and has had to deal with this all of his life.

And finally learned astrology enough to know, ah, I need to have a backup. When those times occur now, what does a sun sextiling Neptune look like? Well, it adds an interesting dimension. And if you have any kind of strong aspects with Neptune in your own chart, so let’s go down the list, conjunct, a major planet, like the sun, the moon, et cetera.

Also, if you have. The major aspects. So let’s just stay with the Ptolemaic aspects, conjunction, sextile, square, trine opposition. Let’s just stay with those, for this analogy that if you have any of those to a major planet in your chart, then water is a very important element for you. And I’m not talking about just the water element in astrology.

I’m talking about, go get yourself, buy some water. I heard somebody talking about this one time and they said, moving water is even better. And I would probably tend to agree. So that would be a river over a stagnant pond kind of thing. But for you to be near or around water soothes your soul. I’m still kind of playing with that one myself.

I spent almost a year in St. Augustine beach and I was very close to the. But it really didn’t kick in for me there. So we’re going to, uh, play with a few water relocations in the van here and see what happens of literally just being parked next to a lake next to a river next to a stream and see how those things work out.

Because I have, uh, like the ultimate sun conjunct, not only conjunct, but uh, basically the same degree. They were literally on top of each other that morning on October 30th, back in 1959. Now I would point back to Thursday’s podcast because that’s a lot where that’s going to be thematic here, because we were talking in Thursday’s episode about this whole spiritual activation and elevation.

So today is like a mini snack. Punch of that. So we’ve got the sun sextiling Neptune. We’ve got Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter, and Pisces, applying to Neptune for the exact conjunction in April. You see where this is going is you’ve got a window of time today when you can really spend some quality time in your meditation, your quiet time and tune in to.

That Neptunian sun activation because spirituality or things spiritual today, I mean, do some yoga, do some meditating, go on a hike or a walk today, get it in, work it into the schedule because that energy today is going to be super, super powerful. All right. Thanks so much for listening guys. I really appreciate you so much.

We’re going to have a great week of fantastic week. Next week. We got the true nodes changing signs next week. Stations direct. We’ve got a full moon on next Monday. So we’ve got a lot happening between now and then have a great day. Talk to you tomorrow.