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Tuesday January 11, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Good morning. Good afternoon, whatever time you’re listening to this. It’s the fun astrology podcast. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us on Tuesday, January 11th. Glad you’re here. I don’t know why, but I’ve been watching the ascendant here these last few days and we’re at 21, almost 22 degrees as the sun is coming up, at least in the Eastern part of the United States this morning.

21 degrees in Capricorn. So there also is the sun, because that’s what the sunrise is. Is the sun crossing the ascendant, right? I put a connection, a link up to discord on the homepage of the fun astrology podcast. Some of you have been asking, how do we get to discord? It’s there now on the homepage? Sorry, I didn’t think of that sooner.

Hello, Thomas. But it must’ve been some aspect up there in the sky that got it done. So. We’ll take it, blame it on astrology, right? Blame it on astrology. Well, we can blame something on astrology today. How did you do yesterday with the sun sextiling Neptune? The reason I’m asking is today, Mars is squaring Neptune.

So bottom line, just stay really close to all of this Neptunian Piscean energy that’s floating around right now, tune into it and surf the waves because there are going to be several as we progress all through this whole year, but every day, Except for when Jupiter moves into Aries. And that will be June, July.

I haven’t looked up the dates, but six to eight weeks in there, like it just like, it was last year when we stuck its toe into Pisces, we will see what an area in Jupiter is going to look like. But except for that, we have this prevailing energy of Pisces, Neptune, and Jupiter expanding and growing. And, and grandizing as a guy I used to work with say all of.

Good thing to do right now would be to study Pisces study that energy study napkin. I love Liz Liz Green’s book on Neptune. Uh, talks about regeneration as the theme of Neptunian deep sea energy. It’s about bringing our soul back to. It’s about seeking out and following intuitive prompts instead of foggy glasses.

So a Mars square could basically confront kind of like we were talking about yesterday. Just confront an issue that needs to be dealt with that’s in the way it’s a block that needs to be cleared. Remember our Jinga block analogy that we were talking about from our healing convergence, and by the way, if you’d like to join.

It’s the subconscious mind mastery. And now I’ve added fun astrology podcast listeners group. Again, just go to the fun astrology homepage and click on the Facebook logo and come join us there. We do that on Sunday nights at 8:00 PM, but I was talking about the Jenga blocks. Think of the game Jenga, and you’ve got the Jenga tower and you start pulling those things out.

And what you realize is that as we work on these various things, that’s such a metaphor for life. We have all these Jenga blocks in our way of our soul’s progression. Some of it’s karma, some of it’s created in this lifetime. Some of it’s just the fears and angsts and nervousness that we’re dealing with every day right now.

And those are in our way. Those are blocks that keep us from living our full potential spiritually and even physically. Well, as we pull one of those blocks, one of those Jenga blocks of the soul, then we get to set it off to the side that one’s done. We’ve removed it from the stack complete. Well, Mars might make you face one of those Jenga blocks in your own soul today, or this week.

That’s a possible example of that kind of. It’s quick, you might miss it if you weren’t paying attention, but it could be there. And it could show up through your meditation, through your daily journaling, through your spiritual practice, through yoga, through a good hike. It could show up through a situation that you encounter over the next few hours or days, but you look back on it and you go, ah, there, it was.

Thank you, Mars. Thank you, Annette. And we have time for a quick cousin question about this very topic. Hi Thomas it’s Ann Marie. I know we spoke last week about the notable returns. And I had a question this week about, I have Jupiter squaring, the nodes in my birth chart. And since Jupiter is now squaring the nodes on the transiting chart, I wonder how that might impact me.

Love the podcast. Thank you so much. And Marie, thank you. She’s one of our newer course members. Glad you are there. She was on the discord group that we did this Thursday, this past Thursday with the, uh, with the course members, but Ann Marie basically amplified exactly what we’ve been talking about. When you have Jupiter on the bending of the nodes, like we’re talking about they’re at a square right?

90 degree angle to the nodes of the moon you are talking about, basically that you are going to be presented. All kinds of unique and wonderful opportunities to move your karma around, to pull Jinga blocks and with Jupiter there in that expansionary archetype. You’re not going to ever run out of opportunities to do your spiritual work.

Don’t ever think you’re going to have a dry moment. Now, the other side of that coin, if any of the rest of you have Jupiter squaring, your nodes would be that when you start to work with the energies and you start to actually do the work and you’re moving in a positive growing direction, then you will have opportunities and windows of great spiritual advanced.

You will move the needle. But again, this is not something to fear because the activation is extra strong. This is a window of opportunity, which way you’re going. Are you going to look at it? I mean, if you’re running from your Jenga blocks then okay. But if you’re running toward your Jinga blocks, if you’re trying to pull that pile down so that before you slip out of here that you got low, I don’t have much of a Jinga pile left.

Well, good for you. You did a great deal of work in this lifetime. And I think that is what the whole journey is really all about. That’s when life gets. You know, I, I mean, of course, I’m of an age now where this isn’t as prevalent, but you know, back in the day, how you spent time was going to the bar and entertaining yourself and all of that, you know, that you had to be entertained from external opportunities when you start to live from within.

You really don’t need all that stuff. And the journey itself becomes one of the biggest thrills of living every single day to its fullest. That you’re always looking for the new spiritual insights and spiritual opportunities, and you’re connected with your soul and that prevailing nagging question of what’s my purpose.

And why am I here? Kind of goes away because you know that you’re living your purpose. That’s the whole idea of following your astrological chart because it is the guide for that journey. Wow. Great stuff. Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday. We’ll be back tomorrow. We’ve got a fairly quiet Wednesday and Thursday, Friday mercury goes retrograde.

So we’ll see you back tomorrow. Have a wonderful day sending you off.