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Friday January 7, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome into the fun astrology podcast. We are wrapping up the week. It is TGI Friday, already. January 7th. Welcome back. Hope you’ve been having a great first week of 2022. This has been the first week of van life too, for me. And I’ll tell you, it has been an absolute blast spending it down here in central Florida and been working on an audio book this week and getting everything just dialed in and arranged and learning how to do this has been a pretty good learning experience for myself.

I’ll tell you a little van story here. If we have time. But first let’s obviously take a look at what’s going on in the sky. Not much for this weekend, we don’t have really anything substantial today of any sign changes or anything. The moon goes void. Of course, this evening, that will be at 5:23 PM Eastern time.

And it changes signs if you’re up so late or early at 12:25 AM tomorrow morning is when it changes from Pisces to air. But the big aspect will be tomorrow night, Saturday night at 7:47 PM. When the sun conjuncts Venus. Now we talked about the Capricorn big three on Tuesday. So if you missed Tuesday’s episode, in fact, Tuesday, Wednesday, and yesterday, we kind of did this three-part series about the three planets in Capricorn, the three in Aquarius, because the moon was in Aquarius on.

And then the three in Pisces, because the moon moved into Pisces on Wednesday gave us a great setup. And then we could actually talk about the four. No, we better not talk about the four or the three in areas because it will be Kira on the moon and Aras. So we’ll just leave that alone because I want you to have a great second weekend of 2022.

Ah, just stay in touch with your karma. That’s all I can say. You’ll be fine. So everything we talked about on Tuesday, Bring it all right in at home today is the day to do the work today and tomorrow let’s just say the sun Venus aspect, as I mentioned is at 7:47 PM. So you’ve got all today, all of tomorrow is it’s applying to that exact point tomorrow night.

That’s Eastern time is saying, take a look at these areas, these Venetian areas of retro. Right now is the time to do this work. That’s the urgency of that conjunction. It’s saying if you’ve got chips on the table, as far as money home family, where you are career changes that need to be made. And then certainly of course, that ultimate Venusian characteristic.

Broadly relationships. We’re talking about any kind of relationship where there is business being done. Basically that’s the characteristic it’s that you’ve formalized something. In other words, obviously, if it’s a couple, then you’ve formalized the relationship to say either we’re going to be exclusive, or if we’re dating or.

We’re going to, would you marry me? You get engaged. That’s the formality of it, but it could also be an employer, employee relationship. Well, when does that consummate, when the job offer is accepted, not during the interview process, you see the difference. It’s when something has been formalized into an official relationship, that’s when it comes under Venus and Venus is causing us to explore some of these things in retro.

And we’ve had such a busy week that I haven’t told you much about what’s been going on in the van, but let me go all the way back to last week, December 29th, this was on Wednesday. And, uh, tell you a little story of what happened. So I was moving some stuff to a storage unit and I was using a little small U haul trailer of four by eight trailer.

And I was towing it behind my Jeep and I got rear ended on interstate 40 outside of Hickory, north Caroline. I had signaled to make a lane change from the right lane to the left lane. I had looked in my rear view mirror. I saw that a car was back there. It looked very small. Like I had plenty of room to move over.

I did. And then it was about like this 1001, 1002, 1003. Boom. I mean just cabana the back end. To the point that I expected when I walked back there to see the whole back door of that trailer, fortunately was empty, but I just expected to see it crashed in. Do you know, there was not a scratch on the trailer?

My Jeep was fine. It just lunged forward the whole thing, but I mean, I was going forward anyway. It just pushed it. I went back, I felt like, wow, that’s what whiplash feels like, but I was okay. I checked. Can I move? Yes, I’m. Okay. The other guy was okay. His car spun around and hit the guardrail. He had much bigger problems with his vehicle tonight.

But then this was kind of interesting. Just proceeded to tell the truth, a complete fabricated lie of what happened. I do not understand a world where, you know, one thing about driving 1 0 1 is if you hit somebody in front of you, at least the world that I grew up in, it always was yours. Well, I guess somewhere along the way that changed, I don’t know, but it seems to be different now.

So we’re having to work through, uh, proving that up and because nothing happened to my vehicle, there’s no way or the trailer, even, there’s no way that you can look at it and say, ah, there it is. Uh, but anyway, looking at the chart when you throw the chart down and I did capture the moment that it happened, obviously.

And, you know, you would expect there to be some glaring aspect of like, aha, there it is. Uranus is whatever, or you know, this or that. And there’s really not, there’s not that big of a thing that I can see in the chart of what triggered this particularly to happen in astrology. The third house rules, transportation, so everything to deal with vehicles and that kind of thing comes under the third.

There are no major aspects to that. Transiting, Mars, transiting moon, neither, no big deal there, but it did have anything. It just put kind of a damper on the closing things out there. And, and, uh, I had to obviously shake it off for a couple of days, but nobody was injured and that’s the good part. And I think that’s a valuable lesson too, is astrology is a guide.

It’s not a puppet. Sometimes we want astrology to point to things in our life that it just isn’t geared to do. It shows us the way, but it doesn’t pull our strings. So that’s the, a good way to launch into this weekend is go pull your own strings and use the map as a guide. And the map is a guide is what we talked about.

All those things on Tuesday. This is the weekend to address them. As far as tomorrow, Stephanie is going to be here, I believe. And the reason I’m saying that is this was recorded before our time to record. And she has continued to kind of have a challenge bouncing back from. Chest sinus thing that she’s had not COVID, she hasn’t had COVID, but she has had just, I think the stress and strain of all that she’s been going through.

And yet we haven’t decided if she’s going to be here this weekend or not. Hopefully she is. And you can check that out tomorrow, but I had to record this a little bit in advance because of some of the other things that I had going on. All right. That’s the deal. Have a great time. We’ll see you back on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend.