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Thursday January 6, 2022 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the Thursday edition of the fun astrology podcast, Thursday, January 6th. Hope you’re doing well. Hope you’ve been having a good week. We have more that we are going to talk about. And if you’ve been following us through the week, this has been a really interesting week. So on Monday we did the 10,000 foot overview on Tuesday.

We talked about the three planets that are in Capricorn. This. Venus in retrograde and Pluto. If you missed Tuesday’s episode, I would really encourage you to go back and take a listen because that kind of sets the stage because those three themes are in essence, part of what we’re carrying right on through here now.

And then we talked yesterday about the two. Well, there were three. Now there are two, three planets in Aquarius because the moon was in there yesterday. Now there are two mercury and late leaving mercury and Saturn to hang out together for basically the whole month of January and into February and on to yesterday’s conversation.

Let me put this tag note, mercury rules, Venus, which rules the sixth house, which covers health. Keep that in mind, in context of what we were talking about yesterday and in what we’re talking about today, because I believe also that there is a direct tie with Neptune and health, particularly Neptune and viruses.

Pluto and Neptune are two elements that kind of work together and have been working together around this, uh, pandemic that we’ve been dealing with for now the last two years, this month as if any of us need to be reminded of that. So let’s talk just for a minute about what Jupiter in Pisces, ancient ruler of the.

Along with Neptune in Pisces, the modern ruler of the sign. Well, Jupiter wants to expand and we often say good luck. And that is true. If that’s the side of the coin that we are. But Jupiter wants to expand. It does want to bless. It wants to give aid and assistance to it will also make something far distorted and blow it out of proportion.

If that’s what’s going on with the greater Seoul based karmic energy Neptunes. Either wants to take you on a deep spiritual dive to the heart and depths of your soul, or it will be as though you rubbed your hands and butter before you put on your reading glasses and you can’t see a darn. It will fog your vision.

It will give you a lack of clarity, but yet it will lead you down a road of deception that you believe you are going in the right direction. And yet you are basically following the path of a lie and where addictions comes into the Neptunian picture is that all of that is so painful that you have to cover it all up.

In other words, you can’t be your true self. You have to mask yourself through an addiction to a sub. That’s another very real part of Neptune as well. So if you’re vibing on the other side of Neptune’s coin and you have that amplified accentuated, spiritual prowess about you, then you become like my buddy Hemet, when he, uh, is somebody says, oh, why aren’t you drinking?

He says, it’ll kill my buzz. You know, if you’re buzzing naturally and high on life, then why numb it up? There’s no reason. So if you’ve followed our little series this week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and now today, what we could focus on with Pisces is exactly that very conflict right there. Which side of Neptune are you going to be on?

Because Jupiter, Jupiter in Pisces is going to influence what side of Neptune in Pisces you choose or how it has influenced. So an interesting question would be, are you willing for this year where basically now it will take its little detour into areas later on in the year, but basically this is the year of Jupiter in Pisces.

Are you willing to now make a commitment for the rest of 2022, that your Neptunian work is going to be on the deep, spiritually committed side. In other words, how can you take wherever you are in your path? Whatever has happened in the past, whether you have had stodgy Capricornia and traditions that need to be shaken.

Or whether you have had some Aquarian rebellion that might’ve been shot at by others and, and some cases may have shot you down. Would you be willing to consider for a year while these energies are pressing? To take your life to spiritual depths that you never could have dreamed or imagined possible.

There’s another Neptunian Piscean characteristic, right? Dreaming dreams, and visions and realities, and working on manifesting them over the next 12 months that you may have never felt possible for you during this incarnation. Ever, how far could you go or in better Neptunian Piscean terminology? How deep could you go?

And the Jupiter piece of this too, by the way, remember Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces. Where does that fit? Because Jupiter also rules. What sign? You should roll that right off the tip of your tongue, especially if you’re in the 1 0 1 course Sagittarius. Absolutely. So what’s the connection between Sagittarius and Pisces.

See, it was already in place long before Neptune was discovered in 1846 in his energy had been there. We are talking about getting to the bottom of spiritual truth, spiritual reality, the spiritual purpose for our. And I think we have to have a balance here. And I’m going to tell you that this is a difficult balance for me personally, because I have such a strong Neptune in my chart.

It’s conjunct my sun and Mars. So for me, the whole perspective of life often revolves around the soul, the soul journey, the spiritual journey. However, we have to have both remember our little series here started in Capricorn, an earth sign. We have to have that earthy. The mountain goat climbing up the Rocky mountain, handling the challenges of life on earth as they are presented to us and mastering them and conquering them and getting to the top.

And yet here we have the total opposite of Lala land, Neptunian dreams, escapism, take it however far you want, but I would really encourage you for this year. To make a true commitment, whatever this looks like for you to your highest spiritual purpose, use the energy while it’s there. And yes, we’re going to be transforming things.

We’re going to be knocking down old structures. We’re going to be creating new rebellious, disruptive technologies, even in our own life. But the real focus of this energy for this year comes right here. Jupiter and Neptune. What are you going to do with that spiritual truth of your soul? And of course, we mentioned so many times the first place to look is what are you resisting?

What are you not willing to let go of? That’s the place to start. And then I would just tag this onto the end to say that if that becomes your commitment, might you also commit or consider abandoning substance says for the 12 months of this. And trying on just standing on your own intuition, healing, your own pain from within, not from, without on those days, when you feel dang, I need a cigarette or dang, I need a drink.

Can you go inside and find that same? Because the outer strength ain’t strength. Sorry to tell you. This is how we bring the chart into our lives. Folks is we take a look at the energies that are there. This energy is saying deep spiritual work. So I’m saying, in order to do that, one of the things you could do for this year is to release the crutches.

I could end this podcast being like a spiritual healer. Are you willing to stand on your own two feet? Are you willing to throw away the crutches? Are you willing to walk on your own? Throw away in the crutches and see what happens. That’s the energy of Jupiter and Neptune. Wow. This has been a lot of fun doing these three things.

All right. Back tomorrow, we’ll set up the weekend. We’ve got a sun Venus conjunction on Saturday. We’ll talk about that, quick little wrap of this week, and set up of next tomorrow. Have a great day! Sending you all kinds of love.