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Monday December 6, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast from the road. Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. Glad you’re here. We’re kicking off another week and we’ve got a doozy setting up a doozy followed by a doozy. So in other words, the next three weeks of astrology are really going to be something else. So just a quick little personal update.

I’m on the road now for the next couple of weeks, we’re going to be doing this from motel rooms across the country. I’m tearing up by 20 right now, heading toward Texas, where I’m going to beat my little granddaughter, new Lily, Kate who turned. One month yesterday. Now I got to tell you something. I am so super excited to hold that little girl and look in those beautiful eyes.

All right, let’s talk about some astrology for this week. I’ll tell you what let’s do. Let’s jump. Let’s run out to the parking lot. And jump in the fun astrology helicopter, and let’s zoom up to about 7,500 feet. Okay. We’ll take a quick look at the week and at least the month. So first of all, today, Mars sex tiles, Pluto that happens at 6 41 this morning.

Mars, of course, in the tail end of Scorpio, Pluto locked seemingly forever in Capricorn. So this is going to whatever it is, is going to be intense because Scorpio is. Mars is intense. Pluto is well, Robert Glasscock describes Pluto is about three times more powerful than Mars. So you couldn’t have really a more potent.

Astrological element and less Pluto and Mars we’re conjoining and Scorpio. Maybe that would be a little bit more intense. And I know you just got chills right then there didn’t you. Exactly. Wow. Uh, dual sign rulers in Scorpio. Yeah, that would be more intense. This one is secondary. But it is a sextile, so that at least is a more favorable energy.

I really don’t know what this one has in store, but we’ll see if anything shakes out. We are on the backside of a mega powerful eclipse. Okay. Okay. Okay. You go back. I said before the eclipse, ah, I don’t know if he clubs or that big of a, uh, I’ve changed in my tune right here. Right now. They are powerful events and whoa, have we had two that have just been incredible?

I think it’s signs of the times. I mean, are we not in incredible times right now? So why not have incredible eclipses? These are not just normal routine average eclipses. No more than these are routine average time. All right. So we’re on the backside of it. It has been intense for so many people. I got shaken up on Thursday and Friday in a big way.

We’ve had in our Facebook group, subconscious mind mastery podcast, listeners come join us. If you’re not in there. People in the hospital. One of our precious souls is a teacher in Michigan and was 30 minutes away. Her school is 30 minutes away from where the events happened last week. We’ve heard of relationship, challenges, moves just all kinds of shakeups and breakups and all kinds of things.

Okay. So we don’t run out of gas in the helicopter up here. Let’s, let’s take a look tomorrow. Speaking of. Tomorrow, Venus moves back inbounds. Now that happens two minutes before midnight Eastern time. That should help on that relationship front a little bit, at least, and perhaps on the money front too.

But boy, I’ll tell you. Now since Thanksgiving, I enjoyed what the markets were doing, but that may more normalize as well. Now, also tomorrow mercury squares Neptune. And I say that because mercury is squaring Neptune. And then if we jump all the way to next Sunday and the following. The sun squares Neptune.

So we have mercury doing it Tuesday, the sun doing it next Sunday. There is just a lot on the big picture of the world, of the country, where you live the country, where I live going on related to the sun, squaring Neptune. This could be my goodness. There are so many dominoes and we’ll talk about that later in the week, we have more time.

And again, I don’t want to run out of gas in our helicopter. That would be a bad deal. So keep talking. Thomas Mars squares, Jupiter on Wednesday. And then let’s hop to Saturday because that’s another big one when Venus conjoins or sits right on top of Pluto. The only thing I can say about that one is thank the gods and goddesses that Venus gets back in bounds late Tuesday night.

Uh Capricornia and Venus sitting on top of Pluto with Venus out of bounds would just be too much to handle too hot to try it, but at least it’s back in bounds. That’ll make a big difference. All right. Here’s one little party. I think what we all should focus on for this week really seriously, is self care.

Like we have all been through so much. Let’s not make it any kind of apologetic thing to use. The what sometimes is a curse word. Only has two letters in it. The word, no, let it be okay to say no. This one. No two requests from friends, no to opportunities to do this or that when you’d really rather just stay home, just let no be an okay thing.

And we can all get back on track later. And I know the holiday season is coming and all of that, but boy, those of us that are conscious with energy and attuned to energy have felt something really, really big. This past weekend. And I just think that it would be really good for all of us to honor ourselves first.

You know, like they say, on the airplanes, put the mask on your own self first, then you can worry about putting it on somebody else next to you, helping them. I think that’s good advice, right? Have a great day. I’ll see you back tomorrow from the road. Oh, I’m going to be in a really cool place tomorrow. Oh, I got to tell you about this.

We’ll do it tomorrow. Be a great place to pick back up. Have a great day.