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Tuesday December 7, 2021 – Fun Astrology Podcast

Welcome in to the fun astrology podcast for Tuesday, December 7th, Thomas Miller. Thanks for joining us. Glad you’re here coming to you from the road today and where is kind of significant. We left off yesterday where I was saying, oh, by the way, I’ve got a story to tell you guys. Well, let’s tell that real quick.

And then we’ll jump into one aspect today. We don’t have a whole. But I am in Monroe, Louisiana, till you say what? Huh? Well, it’s a road stop. It puts me in striking distance of Dallas where I’m going to be meeting my son and my granddaughter. We got all the schedule worked out where it works for everyone.

This afternoon, I am interviewing Amanda Pula Walch from astrology hub. You guys probably are familiar with astrology hub. If not, I would certainly point you to take a look at it. Astrology hub back in 2018 was where I found a course that basically got me pointed in the direction that I’m going. Well, I could not have been more honored when Amanda’s team reached out and asked if I would be interested in being interviewed for their podcast.

To which of course I said absolutely. And reciprocated and said, why not introduce you to Amanda? From my perspective of my own conversation with her. So we are exchanging interviews bottom line, and I’m going first. So the way the schedule worked out, she’ll be on this podcast Sunday. I’m also going to put it on subconscious mind mastery.

And it just depends on my schedule, but I’m betting that I will have it on subconscious mind mastery before the end of the week. And then I’ll have it here for you guys on Sunday because that’s what fits our schedule. So we’ll just roll it then. And it’ll be a nice little weekend bonus interview if you happen to just catch it here, but you can also check over there.

It doesn’t matter. It will be the same interview and I am so looking forward to first of all, really exploring Amanda’s story. Because I think it pretty similarly in a whole different context and a whole different place. Right. But it really parallels my own, which I think parallels a lot of yours. We’ve had just so many emails of people talking about connecting.

Dogmatic religious pasts and how astrology has illuminated our path. So I’m really interested in dissecting that with Amanda. So that’s going to be happening this afternoon. And I wanted to make sure that I was in a good spot with good internet. So I rented an Airbnb in a nice little area of Monroe, Louisiana.

So that’s where I’m going to do the interview. In fact, it’s in 105 year old house. So, uh, Amanda and Jamie, if you guys are listening, I don’t know if, uh, we’ll get some visitors during our little interview we could, who knows, but that’s, what’s going on there. All right. Where is the moon? Let’s find the moon it’s in Aquarius today.

Just slipped in there. So as we’re waking up this morning, it’s at one degree. Remember Saturn is sitting next door at nine degrees. When will it get there tonight at 10:42 PM Eastern, the other just direct aspect. The other perfecting aspect, if you will, that’s happening today is mercury squares. Neptune.

Somebody put a really great post on Twitter that I captured over the weekend about the nodes, which of course are exiting Gemini and Sagittarius in just a couple of weeks. So, this is really what has been with us for the last year and a half, but she had a really great comment talking about the nodal axis squares Neptune, and has for this whole past year and a half, basically.

So when you think about Neptune lies, deception, illusion, delusion. You think about Gemini ruled by what’s happening today? Mercury communication, the media, not only mass media, social media, worldwide communications, our own communications to each other, and then Sagittarius pursuing the truth, pursuing the soul of the truth.

You know, there’s been so much, if you put, if you kind of crank all of that together, there has been so much confusion. Deception illusion, delusion going on in the world. And it’s been communicated from all kinds of platforms in all kinds of ways. And I’m not taking sides here. Because any side of anything has been equally expressed, but I’ll tell you in my decades, on the planet, which have been several now, I’ve never seen such disharmony as we have had.

And today we get that punched again with mercury squaring. How could that affect you or me? Well, just on our individual lives, we could certainly look at our charts and see where those hotspots are. See where mercury is, see where Neptune is. See if there’s an aspect there and also kind of reflect back on the eclipse, because this has been waxing or applying.

Uh, during the eclipse heading toward today. So today is kind of the pinnacle right today is the culmination of this aspect, which has been in effect for about the past week is just go back and reflect on those very qualities, truth illumination. Let’s take the positive sides of Neptune, honesty, integrity, et cetera, or showing the way showing the path clarity, illumination, inspiration.

Has that been happening in your life or has it been along the lines of the square? Has the shadow that we talked about before shown up and if it has, is there anything to clean up then? The other thing we can do is zoom out and take a look at the collective and what I would say there as well. What we’ve seen.

Isn’t being supported or likely to improve by this aspect. So don’t be surprised of anything that you shake your head at on your news app over the next few days. Now, the other thing we’ve been talking about leading up to at 11:58 PM tonight two minutes before the stroke of midnight, Eastern time, venous returns and bounds, and the world size a collective sigh.

Ah, thank goodness because I have heard, I don’t know how many relationship related things that have been going on. Venus has been unruly. No doubt will that just instantly and at 11:58 PM. Oh no, no. You know, better than that, it will continue on probably for another week or so that it tapers on. But if you were wanting to do Venetian activities, in other words, and our relationships start a relationship, anything about home family, et cetera, that could very easily improve after tonight.

The other thing would be the money side. And we’ve talked about that too. The market has been crazy wild. Oh, LA LA. It has been fun. But the party’s probably over from that regard. Nah, it won’t be over, but you know what I mean? It won’t be quite as what it was and we have another aspect coming up tomorrow.

Mars squares, Jupiter. So we have plenty to be right back here to talk about. I will have interviewed Amanda. That will be fun. Maybe we can talk about that first. And I will see you guys tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday sending you love. Remember self healing week. That’s what we’re focusing on. Say no.

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